Welcome to the 69th Republic Strike Force!

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    Hello and welcome to the 69th Republic Strike Force. We hope you enjoy your visit and think about signing up.


    The 69th Republic Strike Force was founded on 2/12/2023 by DieterSiegreichJohan, Asgbaine, Khornequistador, CrispyChile, and IamGrod.

    A simple squad playing together tired of having to pull a lot of the weight during battles. As soon as we would need to take a break from heavy fighting the momentum of the battle would start working in our enemies favor so we would have to put the pressure back on. Sick of this we decided to start our own outfit in hopes to amass our own army of skilled and dedicated soldiers.

    The 69th RSF is a casual group of players that move with the flow of battle and do what needs done. If we see that we need more supplies than we will aid with logistics, if we are losing air superiority than we will aid with AA or our own planes, etc, etc. We support teamwork within the battle to accomplish something greater than a single soldier or even squad can accomplish alone.

    Why should I join?
    If you are new we have no problem teaching you how to play or give tips and tricks for loadouts and combat.

    Team up with some of the best gamers to completely destroy the New Conglomerate and Vanu Sovereignty!

    Take control of Auraxis for the Terran Republic!

    Sign up for the 69th Republic Strike force!

    We hope to see you on the battlefield soldier, and in the right uniform.

    "Loyalty Until Death, Strength in Unity!"