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  1. palto1826

    there is also a kown bug right now where player models are invisible without the player knowing...ive been killed a couple times by these people...i just send them a tell to let them know their model is invisible and to relog to fix it...i have yet to be killed a second time by the same invisible person but thats when i start reporting...the last known hacker i ran into single handedly held off a 2 squad invasion getting all headshots...when i went to check out his stats and killfeed the weapon he was using said he had no kills with it, so it didnt look like he was hacking (dont know if this is a new way to hack where you somehow get the weapon to not register kills so your stats wont look so hackerish)
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  2. Rogueghost

    The API can take a while to update if you tried checking out his stats shortly after it happened, from what i can tell it takes anywhere from 10minutes to a few hours depending on how nice the servers are feeling.
  3. zombielores

    It's possible to achieve 30%. Average accuracy on full auto sits around 25% with a standard deviation of 3-4%, but that includes everyone that fires a bullet and is mostly that low because of ranged engagements. But any monkey can shoot at terminals and turrets to pad their accuracy and maintain 50% +.

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  4. Bl4ckVoid

    And they are not even banned. I just saw one guy who is an obvious cheater. At level 100 and playing merrily.
  5. uhlan

    I'm not a top player by any means, but my accuracy across three characters (one in each faction) ranges from 22 to 34 on various carbines. The better avg with a character made within the last year and adoption of certain mouse control/settings suggested by VonicVS. The lower avg with a character I've used since early 2013 and well before I knew what I was doing.

    The lower score will "heal" over time since I'm much better than I use to be with weapon dicipline. My highest BR character is just 60 since I'm a very casual player with no membership and no boosts. If I reach BR 100 before the game disappears, I'm sure all my scores will get into the 30's... or maybe higher!?!? Probably not.

    Getting good results with an LMG is far more difficult since there is a tendency for players to shoot targets a bit too far away or way too close for their skill level.

    Once you learn how to judge distance and become comfortable with the weapon things get better quickly. Unfortunately, your accuracy avg is trashed as you learn the ropes. This will repair itself eventually.

    Another thing is that many players have high accuracy because they fight exclusively at close range minimizing shot-loss, but many of those same folks have K/DR's around 1-4 or perhaps lower.

    I tend to play mid to close range and have a higher lifetime K/DR, but lower accuracy.

    In fact, my primary character (BR60 NC) is probably considered "low-skill" by the DA site, but it's my first character loaded on the front end with learning curve based stats.

    It's the price you pay I guess.

    Some folks have "magical" abilities in this game and are far beyond my simple comprehension. I would never call anyone out for hacking in this game, however, and prefer to think some of those folks are just that good.

    This is not to say there aren't hackers in this game and my suspicion is that the numbers might be as high as 5% in an extreme scenario. Latency is the primary cause of most angst in this game though.
  6. palto1826

    yeah i would like to think that but with the amount of headshots he had on me and the other members in the squad i would imagine the the other weapons that show usage would have a much MUCH higher accuracy...after going back and looking today at his stats, he did have numbers for that weapon at 33% accuracy...to state what im thinking...its almost like there is a way to error out the weapon so nothing registers, then they go in and edit them afterwards because all accounts that day he did not miss...eh either way im ok with one hacker every so often...they always exist but i do not run into the blatant ones often and maybe a total of 10 in the span of the life of the game
  7. Klypto

    Hardly anyone in this game is suspicious yet alone worthy of attention.
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  8. Onhil

    You suspect 40% of the people who kilss you are hacking? Thats funny.

    There are indeed people who hack in this game, but it's probably at a low precentage of 2% or less. Most of the kills on you that you belive is hacks is in truth just lag.

    High Acc and High KDR is very easy to pad, but it takes a long time
  9. MrJoske

    It isn't at all :|
    It's not even hard to do...

    me (on the once I happen to have screenshots on) and I'm not great by my standards (better than most of the people playing this game => but that's extremely easy to be , but worse than most people I play with)


  10. Klypto

    Bwahahaha, I guess you would have a problem with me then, and I'm not even that good.

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  11. Jawarisin

    Then again... Snipers are supposed to have way higher accuracy.
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  12. AlterEgo

    That is a very good point; however, player stats could be looked at as well. If someone has only played as Infiltrator for 12 minutes and HA for 13 days, coupled with an accuracy value of anything above 50%, you'd start to look at things very...
  13. Jawarisin

    or or or or it's not their first character?
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  14. LibertyRevolution

    ... "I'm not even that good" says the guy with S grade HSR, LOL. Give yourself some credit man..

    For those that don't know...
    DA grade chart: http://stats.dasanfall.com/ps2/grades.php

    S (Suspicious, Δ = 4.01) - Less than 1 out of 10,000 players could have this rating.
    M** (MLG Ready T5, Δ = 3.5) - Top 0.025% of players.
    M* (MLG Ready T4, Δ = 3.25) - Top 0.05% of all players.
    M++ (MLG Ready T3, Δ = 3) - Top 0.125% of all players.
    M+ (MLG Ready T2, Δ = 2.8) - Top 0.25% of all players.
    M (MLG Ready T1, Δ = 2.6) - Top 0.5% of all players. Highly competent.
    A** (Very Good T2, Δ = 2.4) - Top 1% of all players.
    A* (Very Good T1, Δ = 2) - Top 2.5% of all players.
    A++ (Good T3, Δ = 1.65) - Top 5% of all players.
  15. vanu123

    Can't tell with my 50003567978 ping
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  16. x7xBillyDaKidx7x

    Why am i having to waste my time to look at stats of hackers ? Get real if you believe no one is hacking then u must believe in the tooth fairy as well. Thats what happens when you make a free to play game. Hopefully Daybreak will pull there head out there *** and get rid of all the free leachin hackers in this game !! Im sure servers have more problems running hacker code than normal code for a game. If you pay to play you wont wanna waste your time getting caught cheating. Im a payed member and expect to have a fair game . Days of playing games for free should be over !! Get a job and a membership to play one of the best games ever !!!
  17. Serviceman

    I agree with you.
    Reason to hack the game sometimes - not to kill someone, but avoid death.
    Few weeks ago i play as infil and found enemy NC infil captured our turret(dont remember his nickname, BR>60). I sneak closer and hack turret and begin to shoot them from artemis VX-26. He didnt suspect such turn and was confused for a second (base was unoccupied, exept me), after figure out - he didnt try to kill me or something - just fall down, like rediploy. I have no messages for kill, assist and etc. - nothing! How it possible to rediploy for 1 sec taking damage???
    I see such things 2-3 times, does any have explanation??? :confused:
  18. Problem Officer

    Lag, lag switching, exploits, those are everywhere on a daily basis.
    I know of terrain holes for some reason left unpatched and there's the new invisibility glitch, as well as recurring invincibility ones.
    Aimbots are rare by contrast but still around. Good luck spotting any that aren't super obvious, as lowering one's own stats is easy.
    On special occasions there's the guy warping everywhere, may or may not be attacking. Rarest, though don't write it off as "lag".
    These are all "cheats". Type "/report" ingame, especially for high-profile BS that multiple players observe.
    Type "/bug" to report glitches, exploits, map holes.
  19. Whatdayisit

    Plenty of things that make me go hmmmmm :/ but then there are those you sit there for a few seconds and you just have to go nooooooo way. I just report them in game and let the planetside gods decide.
  20. Klypto

    Oh people do hack, there's no doubt there.

    The rarity is so astronomical though you would have better luck at being correct suspecting people you meet of being serial killers than of a player being a hacker.

    I just don't see why you would wast time worrying about it.

    Activate continent queue. Do not accept transfer when it's your turn, keep playing and wait for a bad situation. (you have like 5-10 minutes) Press Y to be instantly whisked away to safety no matter what is happening. The menus can sometimes mess you up though.

    I've done this about a dozen times to people.
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