Weird Bug - Easamir kills my internet connection

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Canaris, Dec 19, 2012.

  1. Canaris

    Been having the strangest bug while fighting on Easamir, usually everything starts out fine but after a while of running around battling and chatting on mumble suddenly everything goes crazy. My internet dies and needs to be reset at the modem.
    Now I was thinking it was a problem with the modem but it doesn't happen at any other time or running any other program except PS2 while on that particular continent unless it's the biggest coincidence ever.

    I can play on Indar & Amerish just fine all night but when we go to Easamir after a short while boom kills the internet.

    Has anyone else experienced this strange phenomenon?
  2. Mansen

    Planetside 2 is known to punish "poor" routers and modems - to be sure, could you find out what model you are using?
  3. Madman983

    your not the only one, this happened to me too.
    its a pain in the unmentionables and another black mark (and they are legion) on SOE and PS2.
    i remmber battlefield 1942 having better joystick support, redalert 3 having a better beta and NOTHING ever braking my internet bar my own meddling
  4. Canaris

    It's a brand new cisco system modem

    model EPC3925 DOCSIS 3.0, wired to the PC via Ethernet cable

    150mb down and 10mb upload
  5. Rockit

    Shaw cable?
  6. Mansen

    A Cisco? Yeah i doubt the issue is with the hardware itself then. :eek:
  7. Canaris

    UPC (which having gone on to the is a very similar company setup)
    < from Ireland ;)
  8. Rockit

    LOL Oh. Reason I asked was some guy last night had connection issues and he tracked it back to a firmware upgrade Shaw did to his Cisco modem. He had them roll it back and all is well now.