Weapons you'll never Araxium

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Udnknome, May 19, 2014.

  1. Udnknome

    Frag Grenades
    Tank Mines

    What are some weapons you'll never bother to Araxium?
  2. Leftconsin

    Heartstring. Because I didn't buy one.
  3. Prudentia

    It just takes way to long to wait for a bunch of TR/NC to kill themselves after i shot at them.
    tough i'm already past bronze on Bouncing betties.
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  4. Hibiki54

    Pretty much any weapon that I currently do not have in my infantry inventory, I will not Auraxium.

    If it is not an MBT or Lightning main gun, I will not attempt to Auraxium it.
  5. Bonom Denej

    The weapon I had one kill with, on my sig.
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  6. Bl4ckVoid

    I do not care about Auraxium, except if the weapon is one of my favorites.
  7. Itzhaki

    The crossbow, I promised my friends to auraxium it, got 3 kills on it, and left it.
    Not any MAX weapon, at least not any time soon. 1950 hours playing, only 2 in a MAX unit. I hate it.
  8. SSRemly

    Beamer & lasher
  9. Maelthra

    No way. Once you get 1 kill with the concussion grenade you just have to get the other 1159!
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  10. johnway

    I will never kill anything with any ESF weapon. I can't fly and i use my ESF as a means for transport then actually fighting. The same goes for the flash and other vehicles. If anything its a steel coffin to ride in one and thats been my mentality since BF days. Yeah, i could sit around long ranges and spam explosive shells and net some kills, but that rarely happens.
  11. Prudentia

    even if you tried you couldn't because AFAIK special nades do not have a medal system. as do vehicles themselves.
    i want roadkill auraxiums :(
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  12. Whatupwidat

    Bolt Driver...or any bolt-action rifle. Been playing since beta and only up to 200ish. Meh, didn't want the stupid medal anyway!

    *sits and cries about lack of skill, charm, and charisma*
  13. BillHaverchuck

    I want to master all infiltrator primaries and auraxium them. I fear even trying the GAUSS SPR. Automatic sniper with no less than x6 zoom, means you have to press Shift and kill with two headshots or 4 body shots....
  14. Fenrisk

    Skyguard, Ranger, Walker. <-- All AA guns

    Weapons you will Araxium in 2 days. All Lib guns lol
  15. DJPenguin

    Fireworks launcher
  16. lilleAllan

    • EM1. It's the worst LMG I have ever used and completely inferior to the EM6. Supposedly a CQC weapon, but it's terrible at CQC and mediocre at mid range engagements. I tried to auraxium it and gave up at around 3-400 kills. Waste of certs.
    • Railjack. I don't know why I even bother trying. It reloads slow, rechambers slow, has only 4 shots in the mag and then there's that terrible fire delay. For the life of me I can't consistently headshot moving targets. Longshot >>>>>>>>>> this garbage.
    • Desperado. Not a bad weapon, but I keep using the Commissioner instead.
  17. sindz


    Think im 500 kills away from it, and its just so rage inducing since you lose every 1vs1 unless your enemy plays with his pants on his head.

    And if you use it correctly aka boring suppression, you get assists only as no one is stupid enough to be standing in splash zone for more than 1-2 hits.
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  18. WaRadius

    Dual Photon Pods
  19. Bush82

    every single weapon in the game. have 6 charactor slots and use them all. i delete the ones that are on the over populated factions (4th faction of the month times). and repeat the cycle. have no interest in reaching BR100 or farming weapon kills.

    a thousand hours played and not a single weapon with more than 500 kills.
  20. Danath

    Lock-on RLs, C4, mines, MAX weapons, any secondary, grenades, knife...
    The NOT-SNIPER rifle 99SV... let me attach a x3 or x4 scope to that! :mad:
    Skyguard... 300 to go!