Weapons from other games you'd wish too see in PS2

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  1. Carl1879

    The mass driver from Dust, apart from a few times where CCP did their usual over nerf/buff to it, it was a surprisingly well balanced grenade launcher. Could give it to Light assaults as up high they would be devastating but could be off set like it was in dust by having a low ammo pool and a couple of variants a large raidus low damage one, a mid tier ok damage ok radius and the tiny radius massive splash damage version. A LA up high with it would be effective but prone to sniping, other LA's (1v1s with MD's weren't great unless you had loads of practice) and unless they got a spawn beacon up there they would have to retreat for ammo periodically.

    Second and also from dust the laser rifle. A good concept but apart from the time they accidentally buffed one version to be godlike quite underused, it did tiny damage at close range and did more damage the further away the target was and did more damage the longer it was fired (continuous fire weapon) with the risk of overheating which would lock the gun forcing a cool down and doing damage to the player firing it.

    Lastly obvously a joke but this shall demonstrate its raw power.
  2. EPIC389

  3. MikSchultzy

    F0d on the first page suggested the spinfusor from Tribes. Specifically, Tribes 2 (which I think had the best looking version)

    I can get behind this.
  4. Cyropaedia

    Golden Gun from Nintendo 64's Goldeneye 007.
  5. St0mpy

    Devs said that kind of light beam effect is very costly graphic wise, multiply it by platoons using them etc etc and anyway beams are more a VS thing.

    TR > Fractures > 8 Ball Gun ... solving all problems with the weapon :D
  6. Demigan

    nooo that's for the LA! Why would the infil get a movement-oriented weapon?

    UT shockrifle is a good idea.
    UT flak canon: not necessarily the flak-canon itself, but the ability to bounce bullets around corners is good for a bunch of weapons/new ammo type.
    UT teleport gun: For the LA to get around. Needs some restrictions such as no farther than 300m and probably a teleport delay of 3 seconds or so after activation. Would be a great device for getting around and ambushing people. Maybe add some light display+sound and a short delay between switching weapons to give players enough time to react (namely tank users who fear C4 attacks).
    UT Biorifle: Would need a high damage falloff after it hits the ground to prevent easy abuse by groups, but I think it could fit.

    Renegade-X: airstrike designator. Renegade-X allows you to call airstrikes on enemies (after buying them with in-game money), either some A-10's come in and bomb the place or an AC-130 Spectre flies circles and keeps a long barrage of mortar shells on the area. Since such support aircraft are actually already available in PS2, it would more likely be a light orbital bombardment tool.
    Renegade/Renegade-x: Superweapon beacon. You have the option to place an expensive superweapon beacon, after about a minute the superweapon arrives and annihilates a building or stragetic object along with everyone nearby. You can disarm the beacon however. It would be great if you could place these next to Spawnrooms for instance and "destroy" them as if you destroyed the SCU. Other important structures could be invented later, for instance replacing the current bridges with health-based one's that are resistant against almost everything but a super-weapon (although this would be one hell of a rework of the continents). This allows players to destroy the bridge, you could tie it in with ANT's and allow those to re-build the bridge.

    Firefall: Plasma Canon. Fires long-range explosives (not necessarily plasma) at enemies. I would think it could easily be reworked to have a 2 or 3 shot kill on infantry, has a relatively large AOE (for a 4-5 shot kill) but a slow ROF so that it's not that good in 1v1's. The main goal would be to deal light but constant damage against vehicles.

    Any game: Grenade launcher.

    Not sure what game, but bombs for ESF, Liberators and Galaxies to drop.

    Galaxy rebuild to the Spectre of C&C Generals, or just this one:[IMG]
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  7. Goretzu


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  8. oberchingus

    Orbital Strike from BF2142 and SCUD Missile from Battlefield Desert Combat.
  9. Hegeteus

    Damn that game had all kind of amazing weapons. I bet if you gave any of the late game weapons to NC, teamkilling would be significant. I'd love to have the scorpion rocket launcher(or what was it called)
  10. Armcross

    = BFR, i love that.
  11. Zeborah76

    i love to see bows with special arrows from poison to explosion arrows
  12. Abraham with Cheese

    I'd like to see a new air vehicle (similar in design to the one from Planetside 1) that delivers vehicles, or barring that, serves as a vehicle spawn pad when deployed. Problem is, it cannot spawn sundies or main battle tanks. Only flashes, harassers and lightnings. That way, we don't have one drop on top of a mountain range and all of a sudden have fifteen main battle tanks shelling us from places not even a magrider could get to, and we won't have a dozen repair sundies on top of some plateau, impossible to take out.
  13. Armcross

  14. Carl1879

    Oh god, they had these in Dust they were RDV's and until they got fixed they were so hilarious you would call in a vehicle and you had about a 50/50 chance of shennanigans occuring such as. It dropping the vehicle upsidedown, it dropping the vehicle from 1000m or so above causing it to explode instantly, it pretending to drop the vehicle you run forward and it either A teleports back up then drops for real landing on you or B it just keeps yoyoing between the ground and the RDV trolling you without mercy, the RDV would narrowly avoid scraping its bottom on a building unfortunately your vehicle was attached to said bottom so it would either destroy it before delivery or deliver it on fire, circle where you requested the vehicle refusing to drop it or the good old drop it no where near where you requested it.
  15. chevyowner

  16. Hipshot27

    Sidewinder micro-missile launcher from Titanfall. In this game it could be used as an anti-MAX for fights that aren't ranged enough to use an Archer effectively. High rate of fire, high damage per second, but also very inaccurate and unpredictable, especially at longer ranges, and has little effect on infantry and rockets fizzle out and disarm after a short distance. Alternative to the Archer (meaning engineer only), TR exclusive.

    Mag launcher, also from Titanfall. Another anti-Max weapon and a close range alternative to the Archer. Fires magnetic grenades that latch onto metal and explode when they make contact, short belts of grenades, high damage, and moderate reloads. For spamming abuse reasons, grenades disarm after a certain period of time if not triggered by a large metallic object. NC exclusive.

    Particle rifle (can't think of a game, but I can't leave a faction out). Fires an unidentified destructive particle contained inside a magnetic field. Concerns about safety and stability of the particle mean that only one round is loaded in the gun at a time and that the velocity is rather low. Weapon does more damage than the other weapons listed against MAX's and armor, but does no damage to personnel or vehicles with energy shields.

    If I can make comments about vehicles, I'd like to see Valkyries function similar to Republic gunships from the Star Wars Clone Wars era, and multiple variants of Galaxies: Troop transport (current Gal), bombardment (extra hardpoints on the bottom with reduced troop capacity), and tank transport (carries a lightning underneath, looses a gun and troop carrying capcity).
  17. Khrin

    I want the TR and VS to have babiez so I can get the plasma gun from doom :) A beautiful merger of dakkadakka meets pew pew
  18. Khrin

    Oh no she didn't <3
  19. DeltaUMi

    The Leopard 2, M1A2, T-90, and Challenger II tanks would be nice, but unfortunately Planetside 2 is not a combined arms game. And such additions will have infantry crying because they can't kill it with RPGs and C4. That won't do, Planetside 2 must always remain an infantry only game.
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  20. FieldMarshall

    Hammer from PS1.
    It would be great to show people that just because its a shotgun, it doesent have to be bad at range and cant damage vehicles.
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