Weapons from other games you'd wish too see in PS2

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  1. asmodraxus

    How about a vaguely inaccurate weapon that lightly damages enemies if they get within 5m of each projectile some kind of 'lash' effect a bit like the Lasher from planetside 1 would be nice...
  2. Pikachu

    I too would like more beams in the sky. :D

    Water droplets and ice crystals suspended in air can do wonders. :3
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  3. dharok21

    the VS underbarrel attachment should work like the spinfuser from tribes "fires a projectile like the charged shot from the aphellion with no bullet drop and med splash radius" the splash dmg would be less that the grenade variant but direct hits would be more.

  4. QQmore

    I'd like to see some secondary weapon systems on more of the vehicles. I'm not just talking about co-axial machine guns. Where's the grenade rack for the lightning with various rounds such as smoke, or HE.

    Valkyrie could have some kind of pilot weapon, such as aTg rockets mounted on the wing.

    It would be easy to balance these by limiting their ammo pools severely so they are more of an ability and less of a consistent dps weapon and make some of the weaker vehicles more useful/fun.
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  5. Crisiss

    EMP mines and PK-74 AR-Rocket attachment from Battlefield 2142, btw granades luncher are sux in PS2 I never saw worst in others games than here ;O. Typhoon and K-Volt from Crysis 3, Gatling laser from fallout series.
  6. Pelojian

    why not rig them as utility abilities? give them a certain number of shots(ammo displayed on the vehicle UI) and when expended the ability goes on cooldown?

    I think vehicles could use multi zoom optics to use for different ranges (i.e 1.5x&2.0x or 1.25x&1.75x)
  7. ColonelChingles

    Heavy self-propelled artillery mounted on a MBT chassis from Wargame:


    Heavy SAMs from Wargame as well (probably for Sunderers):


    Thermobaric weapons with threatening splash damage (for Lightnings or MBTs):


    Napalm for aircraft:


    Recon/EW support turret for Harassers:


    We need to move vehicles out of WWI and into the 29th century!
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  8. DarkJackal

    Why would you want something like the BUK in the game when you can essentially sit at your warp gate and fire the missile to the other end of the map? Same for artillery.
  9. Archard

    I miss my Pilum Anti-Vehicle rifle from Battlefield 2142. That thing was half of why I played with the Engineer kit so much.
  10. Alkasirn

    Since Planetside 2 was announced, I always wondered what would happen if these weapons were put into the game:

    Chromehound's M99 for VS: Something like a super-sundy that allows players to spawn vehicles freely while inside the spawn I suppose?

    Chromehound's MSK-X0 for NC: All I can imagine is liberators, prowlers, magriders, and probably vanguards getting one-shot by this thing from 1km away regularly.

    Chromehound's Ghalib for TR: Well I mean just look at it. Since the other weapons would probably be OP, guess it's only fair if it would have severely buffed coyote missiles or something.
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  11. Turekson

    Those light pillars like in the top picture are absolutely mesmerizing to witness when they properly manifest. Every single light source around you will have have a straight beam of light shooting from it both down- and upwards, and these columns not just visible at a distances, but at close ranges from the light source even 5-10m+. They are really sharp too, indeed like beams of light. The whole world seems to have turned into a dreamlike fairy tale and you get this extremely unreal experience. Truly breathtaking sight.

    Also we had this thing happening a few days ago near the city my other side of family is from, where the distinctive town map with all it's lights was projected straight into the sky. Didn't have the luck to be there to see them irl, but it was all over the news. Must have been a spectacle.
    Here is more information for those interested;
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  12. Turekson

    To return to topic - I'm surprised no one has mentioned boltguns yet.

    For TR, obviously.
  13. DeltaUMi

    You're going way ahead of yourself here. We need to wait until Daybreak implements tanks into this game before we can have self-propelled artillery.
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  14. Pikachu

    A few days ago in early morning for the first time, I witnessed ice fog, created by the low temp and car exhaust water vapor. Street lights made light pillars and the air itself was sparkling like a frosty street and I could feel ice crystals on my face. :3
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  15. QQmore

    This could certainly work as well but may be trickier to implement from a coding perspective. Idk though, but I like the idea.
  16. ColonelChingles

    While it would be totally amusing to give them actual ranges, I admit that range compression is a thing in PS2, so it should apply to "long range" weapons. There's also a technical problem that if it doesn't render for you then you can't hit it, so even if you had a real BUK sitting in the warpgate you wouldn't be able to hit anything.

    It really should just be a 1HK for ESFs and 2HK for Liberators/Galaxies that can lock on at 1,000 or render range. The counter to this would be sending in small ground teams to knock out AA, or to hit them with artillery or something.

    As for artillery, artillery is a necessary addition because it breaks up stale fights. Think about pre-artillery warfare, which centered around boring sieges. No one wants to fight in and around flavourless buildings all day. Artillery forces both the offense and defense to adopt aggressive, mobile tactics.

    In PS2 right now you might spend so much time fighting in a base. But with artillery, fighting inside a base would be suicide as the artillery would already be zeroed in on a static target. Hence forces would need to utilize air and armour to attack and control the surrounding area. This would elevate PS2 to a true combined arms game, instead of the current Infantryside/Redeployside thing that it is now.


    True, although with artillery it means that infantry will no longer dominate combat. This gives purpose to tanks (to hunt down or defend artillery), which in turn would lead to the introduction of tanks to the game!
  17. SarahM

    The Tunguska from ARMA.

    Then again, any other AA weapon from any other game would do.
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  18. Pikachu

  19. Peebuddy

    The Cerberus Phantoms' sword
    Can't tell you how many times I've peed myself seeing that ***** decloak and stab me
  20. The Rogue Wolf

    The Rock-It Launcher from Fallout 3. Because I want to shoot Planetmans with teddy bears, coffee pots and garden gnomes.