Weapons from other games you'd wish too see in PS2

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  1. PKSpark

    Pick 3 favorite guns among all the games you know, name it, its source game,
    which faction it will belong to and how it will function in PS2

    Mine are:
    Shock Rifle, from unreal series, for VS. An alternative to the Lancer: you can charge the shot up to a level 3 large, very slow travelling ball of plasma (slower than ppa) that can be exploded by any form of damages

    Gluon gun, half life 1, for the TR. A hitscan beam its damage increase exponentially as you keep the beam on the target; not very effective against infantry (they'll jump or crouch, cutting the beam hence the dmg factor), very against light armored vehicle (esf, harasser)

    XM29, Ghost recon 2, for NC. A rifle to shoot around corners, it will be balanced to have that Phoenix risk-reward usage. Alt fire to shoot straight, LMB to go in digital-camera mode, to mouse aim the tip of the gun around corners. While in camera mode you can't move!
  2. AxiomInsanity87

    The bfg Doom 95 edition because it would be the most skillful lol.
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  3. AxiomInsanity87

    That's a bit op actually.

    How about UT99 Instagib or Rocket launcher hehe
  4. AxiomInsanity87

    Nah I'm joking. Those would clearly be op.

    Either the orbital strike from bf2142 or the mech from bf2142
  5. DooDooBreff

  6. Moridin6

    more beams in the sky(mechwarrior)
  7. AxiomInsanity87

    How about that secret weapon in some games that kills everyone on the server but the user and then ddos the dead players after?

    Never been able to find it lol.
  8. PKSpark

    How many years could you get your weapons locked if you misfire that in your spawnroom..!
  9. TheSunlikeOne

    Since I've just recently started VS char and don't even have TR char I can speak only for thr NC:
    1) Gauss version AUG A3 + M26 MASS (BF3) - Long range assault rifle with good hipfire and 6-roundish underbarrel shotgun. Side rails of the weapon would look even cooler if styled like coils.
    2) Glock 18 (BF3) but with stock. Already has NC style in it.
    3) Type 7 Particle weapon (FEAR). Can't say much - it's powerful railgun with actually good fire sound.
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  10. Azawarau

    Grinlok from warframe because low tier goodness battle rifles <'3

    That pistol whos name i cant remember from Army of Two with pathetic damage but amazing accuracy and low detection

    The Pistol from the original Halo

    Enough said
  11. Sulsa

    The Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device for my Infil. :D
  12. f0d

    thumper from planetside 1

    radiator from planetside 1

    spinfusor from tribes 2

    the thumper was loved by all even those receiving its plasma love
    the radiator was an interesting weapon you could actually kill people inside a vehicle with it and just take the vehicle for yourself
    the spinfusor is already well known i think and doesnt need any explanation
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  13. PKSpark

    Sounds like a joke weapon, but the sight of some griefers putting an outward portal under a 700 meters-high galaxy just to watch their teammates suicide themselves is fascinating
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  14. AxiomInsanity87

    This is an amazing idea actually lol.
  15. CNR4806

    The modded explosive Norfleet (Normal ones come with the elemental paper-scissor-rock system and have lower base damage).

    Instant awesome, just press fire.
  16. Bu11ish

    Any bullpup design small arms weapon pls! Not just on rocket launchers.
  17. Hammerlock

    the spartan laser from halo
  18. Abraham with Cheese

    For VS, I've like to see a tank-only secondary weapon with a continuous laser-like beam that does increased damage the longer it is on the target, like the ones from the Republic and Imperial hover tanks from Star Wars Battlefront 1 and 2 (do not speak of the new one). High overall damage, high accuracy, low ammo count and inaccurate against infantry at range.

    For TR, I'd like to see a something similar that fires a dozen little rockets per shot that swarm all over the place like angry bees. Low total damage, high area of effect.

    For NC, I'd like a railgun main (or secondary) weapon for the Vanguard. Make it have a long reload and large charge-up, but when it shoots, it SHOOTS PURE POWER and makes an impact that TEARS the certs from the enemy character's tank (okay, not literally, but it should be beastly).
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  19. KaletheQuick

    6 shot infantry grenade launcher for the TR HA.

    The lasher is too useful and kickass for nobody else to have that kind of thing. But I like having faction diversity. So I was all like "How would the TR make an AOE suppression weapon?" Something like the Milkor MGL seemed like something that would be in the TR's inventory. It is similar in some ways, but still different enough to provide a new experience for the wielder and the victims. Give it a punishing reload, or otherwise balance it for team play. Best part is you can just recycle the code from the UBGL. Same ****, but with a magazine and 5 sec reload (or a per shot reload).

    Thinking in the same vein for the NC, (how can we get them in on the AOE supression mechanic without just copy-pasting weapons), I came up with the idea of yet another shotgun. Except not. I can't really think of anything new or unique for them. I suppose you could make a shotgun grenade launcher hybrid thing that would fire 'slugs' that burst into a shotgun pellet cone in proximity to an enemy. So essentially a normal airbursting grenade. But this would not really allow the NC to do the same as the Lasher of damaging people around corners.

    Link gun from Unreal. Low damage and velocity assault rifle with underbarrel nanite heal, or it just heals (or regens shields) of allies you hit.

    Anything that does more/less damage to shields/health

    Shape charges: C4 that does more vehicle damage, less AOE, but cannot be thrown. Takes x seconds to place.

    Sticky mines: Mines that stick to enemy vehicles, and detonate when they are near infantry. Throw them down, and they get picked up on tires and tracks, and taken into enemy turf.

    General mine changes: Double the number of mines that can be carried, triple the placeable number, and reduce the damage by a third. And make it so they cannot be placed so close together. Wound the enemy, make a field they can't just run through, so you can pick them off with guns. Maybe also have a 'minefield' sign or detector. Minimap or hud thing that lets you know there are mines in the area. This would make the effect of mines more in like with their IRL counterpart.

    Cloaked mines: Mines that do ~50 damage, that are invisible or otherwise harder to detect.
    Anti Cloak Mines: Mines that do 5 damage every second for 5 seconds to the one who set them off. Only set off by cloaked people.

    I'm going to stop now.
  20. Archard

    The Cerebral Bore from Turok 2. Fires a small hooked sphere that homes in on brain waves and drills into the victim's skull before exploding.

    Give it to the NC so they'd have a weapon they can't teamkill with. ;)
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