Weapon/Playstyle Suggestion Regarding Explosives

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  1. RenardSilver

    I believe the following suggestions will complete this playstyle [demolition/explosive-based], allow for more fun with explosives, not create game balance issues, introduce a potential revenue stream, and also allow for some more strategic interplay when breaching or defending rooms.
    4 parts to the suggestion:
    1) Devs, please add a tactical slot ability or similar to be able to replace your secondary weapon with more explosives.
    2) Allow for the carrying of more than one type of explosive (e.g. c4 + prox mines).
    3) Create an implant ["demolition expert"] that at rank 4 allows for 50% or 100% faster grenade throwing animation, and at rank 5 could allow for 50% faster c4 detonation animation.
    4) Create a thermobaric grenade, which has a smaller explosion radius than a frag, but creates a vacuum in its wake, which makes a slight impulse towards the grenade area after the explosion.

    I've been playing this game for several years now, and enjoy many different play-styles within the game. I've done most everything, from sweatlord heavy loadouts to extreme-long-distance sniping to construction to vehicular combat of all types.
    The one playstyle that I have enjoyed greatly, yet found lacking in full capability is the demolition style. While I can carry 4 grenades, or have that juicy c4 on the hesh lightning, part of the playstyle or "fantasy" of the build, if you will, is missing.
    I believe the above suggestions will complete this playstyle, allow for more fun with explosives, not create game balance issues, and also allow for some more strategic interplay when breaching or defending rooms.

    Here are my reasons:
    1) Replacing weapons is a power trade already seen with the infiltrator, which would not allow for use of all parts of a kit AND more explosives. This would also take up a tactical slot, which would be a tradeoff the player would be have to make to carry all the explosives. This could be shown visually as a bag or backpack of some form that would indicate the player had more explosives.
    2) carrying more than one type of explosive is a must for this playstyle, where the pleasure comes from having an explosive for multiple types of situation, and having a more tactical/trap style. To have an enemy infantry trigger a prox mine of yours while you are detonating a c4 on an incoming max; the demolitions expert rejoices in this and gains much glee. In addition, this is already possible with a trip back to a sundy, so it is not breaking any mechanics that aren't already in place, merely making it more convenient and better for the players and their enjoyment.
    3) Both grenades and c4 suffer greatly from lag and stutters, and it can be quite irritating to see the animation of the c4 bring pressed, hear the audio "beep", yet die before anything explodes. Being able to throw a grenade successfully instead of seeing it fly from your hand and then dying with nothing happening...you can imagine how much better this implant would make life. In addition, the implant would take up a slot that couldn't then be devoted to other things, and the faster animation would not break balance (the grenade would still need to detonate at the end of the timer, so it would not impact skilled play) , but it would significantly reduce frustration and create more adrenaline spikes and blood-pumping moments laced with the satisfaction of the "boom!" that we all love to see.
    4) Thermobaric grenades are a part of current warfare, and would make lots of sense to be introduced into planetside's warfare. Granted, the real life "vacuum" effect is so small it's almost a misnomer, but this is a sci-fi combat would, so having a decent impulse effect would add flavor and amusement to the weapon.
    In addition, this is a highly tactical and interesting weapon to use in stalemates, where two groups fire repeatedly at each other from behind cover, without any progress on either side. This grenade would allow for "pulling" defenders or attackers into line of fire so they can be dispatched, and progress made into the enemy ranks, instead of never being able to progress due to everyone shelling each other from behind cover. This would not break balance, since teams could reposition or be aware of these grenades, but could still allow for interplay and being caught off guard. This is also a system that is already in the game with impulse grenades, so neither new programming-wise or gameplay-wise. I would suggest that this grenade be given to heavies and engies.

    I hope my reasoning makes sense, and I truly hope that my words have an impact. I very much love playing this game and would love to be able to make one of my favorite playstyles come to life in a new and awesome way.

    Thank you for your consideration.
  2. RenardSilver

    I forgot to write this in the OP, but I think that it has a potential revenue stream in the form of Nanite Boosts. These are currently, to the best of my knowledge and friends, almost never used, especially compared to exp boosts. They are needed even less when one reaches A.S.P. and needs less nanites for vehicles.
    However, implementing the above changes into the game will have many more people using explosives, more varied explosives and more frequent explosives, which necessitates nanite boosts to cover the significant increase in usage of nanites.
    I hope this brings another point in favor of these suggested improvements. Thank you!