Weapon of choice for Vanu Medic

Discussion in 'Combat Medic' started by Veri, Feb 11, 2013.

  1. robo

    I see a lot of people suggesting ADS with the HV45, which is fine, but I also want to point out that it's the medic gun with the Advanced Laser Sight (two upgrades) and it's COF is INSANELY SMALL if you hipfire. Thing's a best from both hip and sights. I know PS2 is increasingly an ADS game but I've been experimenting with hipfire and the HV45 excels at this, too.
  2. JonConnor

    HV45 for close up, with advnced laser. Hipfire.

    Corvus for distance. Put a compensator and foregrip and burst fire.
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  3. Anubis77


    I use the Hydra V45 with HSNV and no other attachments (100 for a laser sight is... stupid. The mechanic that it decreases COF from the hip is a carry over from a 12-year old's mind after playing COD) for medium-close range work or when I'm not sure what to expect. It's effective in extended bursts (15rds or more even) and stays pretty accurate though seems to lack enough power at longer ranges (like all VS weapons I suppose). Up close I hip fire it and the sheer fire rate helps me beat most non-heavies, but it usually blows a whole magazine per kill like that so it's good to be close to resupply and make sure you aren't clustered by several enemies, you can't beat them all like that.

    I use the Corvus with the 4x CSZ scope (I like chevrons) and no attachments, but I'd imagine the compensator could be nice to have. It already excels so well at medium range that I find it difficult to believe it could be any better. Actually, it's my favorite weapon right now, absolutely love it. One thing though, don't use semi-auto mode. Not sure if it's a glitch or not, but in automatic single firing hits dead center and barely drops, but in semi-auto (press B) the bullet trail is yellow instead of purple, is slower, and drops like crazy. Something wrong there.

    I am also fond of the Nova shotgun, though now that they've nerfed slugs I might recommend the Pandora instead. I use it as medic every once in a while in a biolab type situation where we're more on the retreat side, it's good for a quick two-three shot kill on unsuspecting people trying to run by spawn doors and such.
  4. Maarvy

    Long range out of base , NS-11

    Mid range Base fighting , inside + outside ( amp stations , tech plants ) - HV-45

    Short range (towers/biolabs) - Pandora

    If I had to choose just 1 to unlock HV-45 all the way
  5. Cynosure

    I trialed the HV45 today, but I didn't really notice much of an increase from the starting weapon. I actually had a much harder time killing with it.

    They need to increase the trial time so I actually have a chance to use the damned thing!
  6. Grotpar

    General Purpose, I use the NS11A with 2x reflex sight and forward grip.

    For Long Range, I use the Corvus, with 2x reflex sight, and forward grip

    For short range, I use the H-V45 with 1x reflex sight and advanced laser sight.
    Or when I'm feeling stupid, I use the Eridani with 1x reflex sight and extended magazine.
  7. MrEclectic

    One more vote for H-V45. The gun is amazing. Great CoF, either ADS or hipfirng, 0.75 movement multiplier, highest RoF. And especially with Advanced Laser Sight, you can hip-fire at targets up to 20+ meters away. But it is even great at mid range, if you burst fire. Most versatile weapon in the game, IMHO. Really makes the CM shine.
  8. Cynosure

    Which type of scope/additions would you guys recommend for someone that doesn't want to hip-fire the HV-45?

    I'm going to go purchase it now with my 500SC and have about 250 credits to spend on additions. I hip-fire quite a bit now, but I'm trying to change my tactics so that I aim down sight and burst instead of just spraying and praying (hip-firing has worked well, but I'd like to be more efficient and not use a full clip to kill someone).
  9. Vortok

    For an ADS focused style, Foregrip is obvious. If you don't like the iron sights, the 1x rail mounted sight (holographic display) as it's really clear and doesn't block your view like other optics might. As the weapon's strength is CQC you don't really want zoom, and if an enemy is far enough away that you'd need zoom to hit him accurately you're probably shooting past the HV's effective range.

    Soft Point is a personal taste thing. It's minorly beneficial at close ranges (bit extra distance before damage dropoff kicks in) but ends up causing you to do poorly at range both because of increased damage drop off and due to the slower bullet speed. You could try a Silencer instead with the remaining certs. Also has reduced bullet speed though, so not entirely a no brainer either.
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  10. Selerox

    I don't play Medic, but a few guys I know do, and they don't have a bad word to say about the HV45. It seems like a very solid choice, and if I start playing medic more it'll probably be what I choose.
  11. M4L4CH1TE

    I've run the Thanatos shotgun with slugs, extended magazine, and X4 site. I snipe with it (no bullet drop), I run biolab with it and everything in between. It and all of it's add-ons are accessible for every class but infiltrator. Three taps and everything but a Max or a shielded heavy go down - at any distance. You just have to be aware of the long bullet time. I've swapped to regular shells for CQC and soon switch back to the slugs. They're just so effective. Last night three LAs dropped down on a sundy I spawned in and all 3 were dead before I had to reload. I was a bit suprised myself. (Too bad it was followed up by a Prowler that hosed me and the sundy.)
  12. M4L4CH1TE

    Good review of all the weapons:
  13. JonConnor

    To answer you question I would go 1x reflex if you aren't going to hip fire, but I would still advise against it. Add the adanced laser to an HV45 and you can hip fire at decent range without using a full clip. You can land all your shots out to 20m or so.
  14. kukuman

    hv 45

    adv laser

    infrared , soft bullets , aim for head
  15. Cynosure

    Ack. I ended up making the 1x Reflex Sight purchase before returning to this thread. So far, I'm not sure how I feel. I also shelled out for the forward grip (as someone recommended it to me via message), but honestly I didn't notice much difference. If anything, my K/D ratio has gone down since upgrading to this weapon! LOL

    I've gotta save up a bit, but my next purchase will be soft point ammunition.
  16. Cynosure

    Ah, just got the soft point ammunition. I highly recommend it. There is a noticeable difference in the damage you deal. I'm doing quite well with this addition.

    Unsure as to what I should get next. =D
  17. Predatorv2

    HV4-5 with grip and infrared for close combat.

    Corvus with grip and 1/2 reflex for ranged combat.
  18. Dictatorfish

    Nova with extended magazines for extreme CQC (e.g. tower clearance)
    Hydra (H-V45) with foregrip for close-to-medium range engagements
    Equinox with underslung smoke grenade launcher for tactical squad play

    I don't do ranged combat, so either I'm burst firing my Hydra or using the Equinox's smoke grenades to cover my squad's advance until we're within effective range. Even without the bullet drop, Vanu weapons in general just aren't as effective in ranged combat as the TR nor NC due to the larger damage drop off and slower bullet velocity, and I don't like being caught up in a prolonged fight where I have the disadvantage.
  19. tdawgz

    NS-11A = beast
  20. Shiaari

    I use H-V45 with:
    • Suppressor
    • Advanced Laser Dot
    • Soft-Point Ammunition
    • IRNV scope
    It's a beast in any situation. Don't let the low bullet velocity get to you, just lead'em a bit more. In surprise CQC be careful not to go full auto unless your aim is impeccable. You're more likely to exhaust that tiny magazine and find yourself naked in an empty reload. The rate of fire is high enough that with controlled bursts you are still dishing out plenty of damage.

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