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  1. WhiteFang

    so 1st tier 10 kills per firearms, 2nd tier is 50 kills, 3rd tier is 160 kill and then 4th is 1000 kills each, that is insane,
    i personally liked this game but now this is to much of a grind to get a good reward out off it, i think a game should be fun not become a pain in the back side and only be rewarding for does that have mebersships or all the time in the world under normal circumstances.

    am i the only one who thinks this?
    and for those that think that i should stop whining and quit the game, dont worry if this keeps up and everything turn back to normal i will.
  2. strove

    Youre complaint about achievements is that they take time and effort to achieve? Yeah getting 1160 kills with a gun is tough but not impossible, nor does membership come into it what so ever, nor are achievements the main focus of the game... You dont have to do that and the whole point is that its tough. Though there is some validity to saying that auraxiuming some weapons like the archer, sticky grenades and some of the other more niche weapons is a little OTT
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  3. Liewec123

    its best not to grind for the directive weapons and just play the game.
    most of the directive weapons are bad anyway its pretty much only Betelgeuse that is a notable upgrade.
    and perhaps Godsaw if you want to tickle vehicles (on a class with a big damn rocket launcher in your pocket)

    i grinded for Brawler and now i never even use it,
    because other than the prestige factor it is an obvious downgrade to other available options.

    so don't bother grinding for directives, just play what you want.
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  4. strove

    Ive been going for them because its an extra thing to work on in the background but i dont tend to change up too much about my play style, just switch guns when ive got the aurax for it, you get them over time anyway
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  5. TRspy007

    Most things in Planetside 2 are a grind. I don't like that new players have a lot to grind before they can actually start playing vehicles, and I understand getting kills is harder for them.

    Here's the thing though. Statistically, I am a below average player. Despite that, it usually takes me below 24 hours to aurax a weapon, start to finish. On good days with nice fights, I've done some in under 12 hours.

    Now that's not to say it's easy to do, or that some directives (like launchers) aren't going to take me 2 weeks or more to do, but it generally takes a reasonable amount of time for less than decent players to aurax a weapon. And then we realize there's hardcore masters of the game that take maybe 3 hours do a weapon aurax.

    For new players, it's harder to do; yes. But you'l get them over time anyways.

    Besides, many of the directive weapons are lesser versions of the default. Only lmgs and maybe the darkstar would actually feel like a little reward. Yeah some look cool, but if you find them a pain to grind for, don't - it's not worth it anyways.

    Just play the game, get your kills, have fun, and as you get better, you'll start auraxing weapons faster and less passively.

    People have actually asked for more medals past the auraxium, if I can remember some suggestions for a 10 000 kills medal.

    In the end, you shouldn't be focused on directives if you're not having fun with them, and i'd hate to see you leave because of that.

    If you really want to play with a certain directive weapon, you can dm me and I will grind the weapon(s) you want for you on your account or a new one. But you can take our word for it - they're not "good" rewards. You can even try them out on the test server if you have an account there, and discover it yourself. Just play the game, you'll get them eventually passively, and you'll have more fun with other weapons anyways.
  6. strove

    I was going to say, how in the hell do you aurax a weapon in half a day but i only play for a few hours and tend to miss peak times. Im thinking if you found a good fight going at peak time you can rack up a good 100-200 kills per hour if your focusing on it.
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  7. ZDarkShadowsZ

    I understand your issue, and I think when you're new to the game (I'm under the assumption you are) it can certainly seem like a huge deal. When you're new, it is. You need certs, and you want to get rewards. However, just remember that auraxium rewards, camo's and other cosmetics, they're all rewards for a reason. Players have spent an inordinate amount of time working towards them. They worked hard for them, and to be honest, the grind hasn't always been worth it.

    When directives were first released, some people had already unlocked directive LMG's, carbines, infantry armour. I hadn't even unlocked a single thing. It didn't make me feel good. I started to grind hard for the Trac-SHOT and it was absolutely miserable. I started to hate a lot of the carbines I was trying to aurax because I was focusing more on trying to get kills than actually play the game and enjoy it. Not to mention my ability to play was already pretty bad. My aim was terrible. I couldn't headshot or tap fire. I couldn't even compensate for recoil properly. I'd already been playing for a long time even then and I still couldn't do all these things.

    The reason why I auraxed the Trac-SHOT wasn't because I entirely enjoyed the weapon, but it taught me a valuable lesson in playing the game for what it is. A game, not a chore. Plus I'd worked hard to get that weapon so I felt it best that I aurax it too.

    My advice to you is to learn to get better at playing the game first. Once you get your first few auraxium medals, you honestly do get better at playing. Each medal you earn you will have learnt something new about the game and how to play it. There's always something new to learn in this game.

    If you want to get those aurax medals, learn how that weapon works and learn how to make it work for you. Some weapons you'll just outright hate auraxing. Learn the game mechanics. When should you fire your weapon? When should you disengage from a fight? When should you activate your class ability? These things are learnt with time, just like in any FPS game.

    I assure you, you will get better at the game if you put some time in to try. And if you get stuck, you can always ask for help. :)
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  8. blackboemmel

    How many hours of "grind" (aka "using the same wepon") before switching to another weapon would be perfect in your eyes?
  9. Campagne

    I always thought it was a little dumb to have the medals be at X + Y and not just at the respective totals.

    Why 1160 kills? Why not just a clean 1000?
  10. Hegeteus

    It's tedious, but if someone has done that with mag-scatter 86 times over, then auraxiuming any single gun doesn't sound like too big of a stretch
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  11. That_One_Kane_Guy

    10 kills to Bronze, 50 to Silver, 100 to Gold, 1000 to Platinum. 1160 total.
  12. Campagne

    Yes, I know literally why. I'm saying it's stupid.

    Many other games with similar milestones follow the logical route of going by totals. 1160 is an unclean number when the player is rewarded for getting 1000 kills at that point.
  13. That_One_Kane_Guy

    Meh, it's unique and at the end of the day it's maybe a couple hours more playtime which isn't such a big deal. I do wonder if the reason for it was some rookie's programming error that they decided to go along with 'just because'.
  14. NotziMad

    wait until you try the rocket launcher hahaha
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  15. IceSavage

    Funny, how much less of a grind the game has become in my eyes. I played at release and just returned after about a 6 year away, and i am amazed at the exp amounts. My old main is a Vanu at now rank 46, he was rank 42 when i returned. He has 5300 kills. I have a TR he was rank 21 and is now rank 42. He has 1500 kills. My playstyle isnt really different between the two.
  16. JibbaJabba

    It's a common concern among new players. Getting 1000 kills as a new player is HARD. Like how can it even be done right? For veterans it's about two weeks of gameplay. (19hrs at 1kpm)

    Again, seems like some insurmountable mountain if you just started playing the game. That's because you haven't gotten good at it yet. You will, and you'll start tearing through "Auraxiums" (1160 kills). Having a membership doesn't change this.

    This is just one of many aspects that seem to give this game a learning "Cliff". No doubt, it's hard on new players but I can tell you it doesn't last forever. You'll hit critical mass on game knowledge really fast. Once you have a clue what you're doing the game becomes an absolute blast. You'll become something greater than the sum of it's parts with your teammates.

    Don't give up.
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  17. JibbaJabba

    Is there a more broken achievement in the game than the Kraken? lol
  18. BrbImAFK

    Errr.... no? The only way the Betelgeuse is an upgrade is if you think infinite ammo is better than being able to equip attachments! Personally, I'd *way* rather have a Laser Sight than unlimited ammo!
  19. NotziMad

    yeah, but at the same time, you didn't grind to BR 200 back then ;)