We need this: A spear.

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  1. No0T

    Agree with you... even if it is not the spear... A lesser nc max shield could be so sweet... or harpoon or a wip... I suggested all of those lol
  2. No0T

    Except if you knew anything about physics you would know that the difference of the force applied between any knife and a spear is abysmal, and since all characters not using carapace have an energy shield that can stop bullets and normal knives trespassing it make no sense whatsoever though a spear... Does have the necessary force.
  3. Lamat

    If infantry can survive a tank round they can survive a spear.
  4. adamts01

    This is what I have a problem with. It's just a terrible combination. Especially considering some of our new implants, this would be arguably too powerful for a primary slot, let alone a secondary. We know you want this for your Stalker, and you should know that it would be too powerful.
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  5. Droid15.24.3

    Yeah, it'd have to be a primary, though why someone would use it over a shotgun or any gun at all is the issue; that and you'd have almost no reason to use your knife at that point. Perhaps if they were swung slower and made a distinct hum so you'd know one was nearby? But again, why not just use a silenced gun at that point?
  6. adamts01

    You have to be point blank to have a chance at a OHK with a shotgun anyway, and this would be a guaranteed OHK to the body. Look at how many Stalkers use a knife over a secondary, it's effective, especially with the lag in this game.
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  7. Droid15.24.3

    That's exactly what I'm afraid of. It being a primary would at least prevent a Stalker from using it, the hum might help you locate the person wielding it (even if cloaked). Maybe if they had a glowing blade and reduced damage after a kill for x seconds?
  8. LordKrelas

    Doesn't prevent the cloaked infil, or shielded heavy from swinging it, instantly killing a target from the corner near a doorway, or outside the room itself.
    As well, you try to locate a humming weapon in a battle, it also doesn't need to be always out nor set to prime like a power-knife, you won't keep it out, unless about to kill.
    In which case, you have a sound, possibly blaring in the gunfire, to hear a weapon that instantly kills on contact.
    While cloak, is a temporary thing without stalkers, and isn't likely to lead you to them more than the cloak's sound itself.

    Any lag, and that means someone has an easier time just swinging around till it kills.
    Not to mention, with the longer reach, indoors it'll be flat out better than a knife, or shotgun.

    When you have to have a literal glowing blade, and reduced damage just to not have it exceedingly powerful...
    It says a lot.
    As well, this is countered by... swinging the actual knife or sidearm after the hit.
    This is done with the Xbow.
    Or just by using the range, to live long enough for the timer to expire, or simply disengage groups.

    The power of Secondaries mean, the user isn't sacrificing much, since the spear of one-shotting, is the best close-range weapon - No ammo, longer-range than a knife, so no possibly of that, no RNG, likely-dead-silent, and easily spam-able.

    Making it glow, be not an one-hit kill after such a kill, doesn't really subtract from the power of it.
    A shotgun is useless against a reliable weapon, let alone one that needs one scratch to kill.

    Now if it was a Max's weapon, and had to be duel-wielded.
    Then, it's a lot more manageable - not exactly practical, but it beats shotguns. As those aren't practical either.
    Maxes don't have cloaks, no jet-packs, no sidearms, no launchers, just an ability & their arms.
    No ADS either.

    As well, even in a loud battle, a bloody Max is hard to miss in every possible way.
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  9. adamts01

    I really think it would be fine in the primary slot. Let the equip time be that of an LMG or AR so you don't rush an Emissary user and then have a OHK battle Axe appear out of thin air. Shotguns are already so limited in engagement range that I'm sure this won't become the meta, it would just give players a new way to play. What if ADS blocked other melee attacks, or maybe even 25% of bullets? The single concern I have is Hunter Infils, but with the low ttk of plenty of our Infil rifles, I think the extremely limited range would balance it.
  10. CMDante

    Right, jump jetting and cloaking MAX. You're an imbecile.

    It is plain to be seen that MAX need some attention, but copying predator isn't the way forward.
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  11. Lucidius134

    Hell yes,so long as they don't use the same code as debris
  12. Oleker2

    Yes... Let me ambush jet through the air and space joust other LA's!
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  13. No0T

    Not a nano tech one my friend...
  14. No0T

    this isn't about maxes you maggot... this is about melee weapons... but, imbecile, you and I want the same about maxes so stop barking at me and if you going to insult me have some imagination! and good taste..
  15. No0T

    You two are funny fearing something that is already there... The punching knife is there and a spear wouldn't be so much more... I want it because it would be more effective when people knows you are there and come suicidal to try to kill the infiltrator...

    You really need to try stalkers to learn you are fearing something REALLY NERFED.
  16. No0T

    Oh and maxes should have already something better than a punch in the melee... they should have a wide area hook punch if you ask me... that should kill more than 1 guy if they are close enough together. And maybe with blades coming out from the wrists to make it more like it should...

    In fact if every class would have a unique melee weapon would be nice... And all maxes should have NS shield.
  17. T.A.94

    So we should expect that the Power Strike Implant is all your idea again.
  18. No0T

    Haven't read what that power strike does my undoubtedly mistaken sarcastic friend...
  19. LordKrelas

    The Spear is a Spear.
    A spear is long enough to strike a target far past a knife, and that bloody dark-light.
    So no, it is a lot more.
    As well, depending on if it's a stab or swing, the difference becomes greater.
    After all, What's the difference between a knife and a Spear?
    Oh I don't know, the Roman army's spear isn't the size of a Knife, nor anyone's spear for that matter.
    So a longer-ranged infinite ammo, one-hit body kill melee weapon, on a infinite cloaking infantry unit.

    No Stalker needs a longer-ranged One-hit kill.
    Let alone one capable of reaching past doorways, from the corner of the room.

    Really Nerfed? Only if a moron is using it.
  20. No0T

    you don't even really know the distance dark light works don't you? why do I always get this morons that don't even play this game commenting tsk tsk tsk... (face-palm)