We need more teamplay oriented options.

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  1. Kumaro

    Teamplay is getting better lately. I see more cooperation between players when i play. And people are starting to learn the value of flanking and taking side objectives that makes other things easier like taking a main base. Simply people are starting to learn the balance of the game as it is currently. But they are held back by a few things i will address one of them.

    Another friend on here has a similar thread somewhere to lazy to find it. So maybe you will see something you recognize. (edit: found it : http://forums.station.sony.com/ps2/index.php?threads/att-ui-team-need-an-improved-squad-hud.59174/ :edit)

    Outfit/squad team play options
    1 - A strategical map for commanders focusing more on their outfit/Platoon should be a choice when bringing up the world map. Where they can see the status of each squad and if they are engaging or not.
    2 - More orders and ability to put out several way points as a route to the objective should also be possible.
    3 - Ability handle squads one by one. To click on a squad chose an order and place where they are to perform it.
    4 - Squad ability to request orders, Transportation, Backup or signal mission complete to the commander. etc
    5 - Ability for squad leaders to organise their squads more with small icons and such of specific roles on squad
    6 - Squad commands such as "On Me" "defend that position" "attack that position" etc.

    XP to commander for giving orders and for when squads complete objectives.

    More outfit/ squad specific options and tools to use. Examples Engineer placed shield boosters, Infiltrator placed scrambler the prevents radar signatures and spotting. etc

    General teamplay options.
    Ability for Sunderers and Galaxies to show that they want passengers like an Icon. Ability to show where they are heading. Not all want randoms in their vehicle when they move out.

    Base commanders: to be able to set objectives and priorities in a base you are currently defending. If a Base commander is bad vote him out. These things tend to balance out by them self after a few days.

    Ability for Engineers and Sunderers to deploy and show them self on the map as a support place for repairs and resupplies for troops in need. Something similar to a field base or forward operations post.

    Voice/text chat option that only speaks to people in the current vehicle.
    Oh and give us back the Emotes. you know ability to salute or dance and so on would be fun to have. :p

    Some things might not be good and some might be bad come up with more ideas for the Teamplay that makes these kind of games fun. What do you guys think any other ideas??
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  2. FateJH

    Need backup. Get in position. Cover me. I'll take the point. Go go go!
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  3. DarkNeuron

    Good stuff
  4. Greataxe

    I would also like to be able to form larger units, like companies and battalions. I would like such units to have a separate headquarters squad that is not part of the four regular squads. Otherwise these are all great ideas and must-haves if this game is to continue to be interesting. Ultimately players will have to provide the content here and they can only provide interesting content in my eyes, if organised groups, not neccesarily large, are pitted against each other.
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  5. Kumaro

    Of course its a must have everything i included in my post is pretty much standard in any battlefield oriented game that relies on teamplay. Im still feeling surprise when logging in and not seeing this implemented. I hoped it would be there from the start o_O
  6. Chanfan

    I'd be happier of they added the ability to (temporarily or in an ongoing fashion) have a meta-outfit. As part of TTA (The Terran Alliance) on Connery, we have to co-ordinate several outfits. It sure would be handy if squads/platoons could be restricted to a meta-outfit, or a list of outfits.
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  7. IamDH

    You r the man
    Good ideas
  8. Nocturnal7x

    There is a lot of stuff this game needs to help platoons and platoon/squad leaders.
  9. WyrdHarper

    I would really like some way to have a more permanent and better way to communicate with officers from other outfits than leaderchat. Some kind of secondary outfit or metaoutfit would be nice for this. Leaderchat has a lot of restrictions, and it would be great to have a way to discuss strategies or other interoutfit ops or coordination, or other faction issues. A few Mattherson TR officers joined up in a squad to talk about that kind of stuff; it was very fun and helpful, and really helped us get to know each other better, which is critical in a team game where you rely on other outfits and team members for support and assistance, and where working together can improve the gameplay for that faction to increase player retention and fun factor at large. It would be nice if the game facilitated these kinds of things better.
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