We need more explosive spam

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Kulantan, Jan 4, 2014.

  1. Kulantan

    I'm sure at this point that half the population of forumside is going to shout (or at least capslock) at me, but we honestly do.

    I should clarify that I mean infantry explosives. HE might need a buff (or not) but that is not what this thread is about.

    At the moment the only ways of breaching a room defense is numbers, MAXs and occasionally concs. People defending a room aren't afraid of explosives. When you throw a grenade the enemy has to stand on top of the damn glowing grenade indicator for the long fuse time or they'll be fine. This is a problem because grenades are supposed to disrupt entrenched defenses. Instead they occasionally kill people who aren't paying attention.

    Now how do I propose that this should be solved? Well lets look at what the requirements are:
    • Indirect fire- Infantry need some option to kill or seriously disrupt defenders/campers behind cover/corners
    • Avoidable- Explosive need to be avoidable, either entirely or at least so they don't OHK
    • Effective- People need to be afraid of explosives
    • Not Overpowered or Frustrating- People shouldn't die of explosives spam the whole time.

    So I think that grenades need a buff. I'm thinking a larger explosion radius and a second or two off the fuse time rather than increased damage. I'd also like the MAX grenade launcher arms that were tested on PTS way back to make a return. Don't make them do 1000 damage (more like 500 inner and 250 outer). Give them 3 rounds per clip per arm. Give them as long a fuse as current grenades and don't make them impact explosives. Make them an area denial weapon so that people reconsider standing there. Give us tools to disrupt defenses but not to farm.
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  2. Thardus

    Nanite Systems Thumper, anyone?
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  3. jiggu

    That's pretty much the UBGL
  4. Rasui

    Protip: Grenade bandolier+ AV grenades

    Get 2-3 people with that. Dead room full of anything.
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  5. Dis

    I just rocket primaried in my pants.
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  6. Thardus

    That's not even remotely the UGBL. That's like saying the Jackhammer is pretty much the Underbarrel Shotgun.
    A Thumper, some Plasma Grenades, a Radiator, and a Maelstrom would do everything the OP is asking for, and would be fun as hell to boot.
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  7. hawken is better

    You can get out of my thread now.
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  8. Kulantan

    I want area denial (low damage + high area) so you suggest high damage + low area explosives?

    The UBGL is exactly the opposite of what I want to be added to the game. It is a contact explosive, which means you can't avoid it and you can't use it for indirect fire (most of the time, I realise that there is that one teleporter in biolabs).
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  9. jiggu

    What I meant is that a typical "Thumper" weapon would essentially be the UGBL, minus the deadzone.
  10. Utrooperx

    Most of the time I pitch a grenade...it bounces back to my feet...

    Weird physics with those things.
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  11. eldarfalcongravtank

    we need more area-denial devices, like incendiary grenades with a longlasting burning effect but low alpha damage upon exploding or gas grenades that lockdown an area and if a person passes the gas cloud he gets blurred vision (like from a concussion grenade)
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  12. Recel

    It would also help if we would get a much more reliable throwing mechanic. Grenades rarely go where you want them, above the damage/splash problems mentioned in the OP, you can't really aim a throw.

    For one, from time to time the grenade will decide to not go out a big wide window, or bounces of in an illogical manner (did you ever see a grenade bounce back uphill, while you threw it down? I have.), or simply doesn't goes where you aim it, or bounces and slides around a ridiculous amount.
    Than there is the time until detonation. You throw a grenade, and everyone can bug out of the whole continent by the time it explodes.

    Combined with what is mentioned in the OP, that they have small range, and only do significant damage if someone is really close to it makes regular grenades really worthless. EMP and smoke grenades have it better due to them not having to do damage and there isn't really any drop off of effectiveness, but those too suffer from the unreliable throwing mechanics.
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  13. CrashB111

    Pretty sure the wonky throws come from how the grenade originates.

    It gets tossed from below the middle of the screen, instead of where you see your hand throwing it. So any cover that is like waist height will block the throw even if visibly you can see and shoot over it.

    On topic: Yes, some means of breaching rooms is necessary Conc Grenades and Flash Grenades aren't enough, we need some means to break door camps that doesn't involve attacking with massive numbers of MAX suits or waves of normal Infantry, what is this, trench warfare from World War I?.
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  14. Monkeydmomo

    You can wipe your butt hole now.
  15. Thardus

    Once again, we need the Thumper, with Plasma Grenades. Don't know why they left Plasma Grenades out of Planetside 2. They didn't actually do all that much damage, but they were great for making people run around and panic.
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  16. Thardus

    I'm talking about the Thumper from Planetside 1. What are you thinking of?
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  17. jiggu

    Sorry, wasn't aware there was one in PS1. I thought you meant a typical fps thumper.
  18. Takoita

    +1 to all points in OP.

    Bad base layout and damage bleeding through spawnroom shields do not justify castrating the explosives. Frag grenade damage radius reduction and those two personal nerfs UBGL got hit with since launch should really be rolled back too.
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  19. Greywolf

    To start off, Planetside 1 Thumper.. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

    There is a reasson why we vets called PS1 for years Spamside, basicly any and all fights which lasted longer than 60 minutes eventualy degraded into who can throw more plasma and who can thumper spam better around 5 corners and up 2 levels (perfectly doable in PS1 if you knew what your doing).
    Combined with Plasma and HE grenate spam and 2 or 3 people knowing what they are doing with a thumper = farmfest from hell.

    And i admit i am one of thos who perfected the thumper, but only pulled it out to break up such combined farmfests from NC / TR back in the day, Some TR outfits even had Pounder maxes locked down around corners spamming like mad along with the thumpers creating a 100% killzone which nothing not even maxes could break unless you managed to personal shild / second winde suicide halfe a platoon downstairs with Decis to break up that.

    Believe me you guys do not want the same kind of Thumper spam in PS2, specialy not with these horrible physics we have to deal with. Not to mention the 10 times lower TTK what Planetside had.
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  20. Rasui

    Please no...

    What part of turning an entire biolab into a painfield sounds like fun exactly? This game doesn't need more spammy annoying death mechanics.
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