we need creative thoughts on dealing with hacking in this game

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by runtt, Jun 10, 2014.

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  1. Vikarius

    I guess reading isn't your strong suit.

    For your information I actually do have some evidence, which was posted on these forums like 3 months after launch and I was temp banned for over a month and the thread I made was deleted right away. I also made a ticket with support and gave them the video..... and the user still posts vids and uses these forums a lot to this day.

    Now that SOE has officially said on reddit that they don't perma ban on video evidence lol..... it is like hanging a huge "Please come in" sign for hackers everywhere. Because of this I don't record anymore.
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  2. KoS-1

    I know that...and I do go on. I don't witch hunt. Nor let them ruin my day. ESFs ruin my day, not hackers.

    I do keep a mental list of people I think are questionable. And those I know who do or have, I really don't trust them, period.

    I'll use the example of the guy I know who did hack and got caught. I have to take him at his word he doesn't now. But guess what, when I'm on the other faction and I come across him. It's always in the back of mind, can he see me or know where I'm at, at all times. Kinda defeats the purpose of stealth, retreating out of line of site and such in a vehicle fight.

    I rarely infantry fight, usually all the time vehicle fighting.
  3. Hegeteus

    Well as you may have noticed, people on this thread have come mainly to post instead of reading.
  4. Silver Fox

    Honest question here, as I'm not entirely sure what you mean. Are you saying that if someone kills you more than three times, they are hacking?
  5. Paragon Exile

    Okay, let me rephrase that;

    Do you have any evidence from this year? It's easy to say things.
  6. dstock

    I've only seen, ..., 3 blatant hackers, playing since release.

    Guy in an ESF going 3x faster than every other plane, shooting infantry with his nose gun without turning? Almost definitely cheating.

    There was a guy on Jaeger/Waterson (forget exactly how long ago) who played NC and had a lock-on default launcher. It got to the point where everyone knew his name, and you'd even get tells from VS/TR (talking cross-faction) telling you where he was, and to stay away. I'm pretty sure he was banned eventually, but when even his own faction starts warning you, something is up, lol.

    Last guy was a TR HA no-clipping around Amerish. He would appear in the sky, disappear, than reappear several hundred meters away and shoot rockets at our planes. He didn't seem to actually want to kill us, though (I don't think he managed to kill anyone, thought he got some hits), but it did make me laugh.

    There are definitely people using ESP in this game, though. I know one prominent 'Dalton AA players don't hack' poster got banned because he posted an SS of himself, with his ESP map up. oops? That said, I don't feel that's terribly widespread, at least on Waterson.
  7. Vikarius

    Rinse and Repeat what I said about not reading. did you actually read what I wrote?......

    You Can't name and shame.... you can't post videos ..... or post in peoples threads where they have posted a video and call them out on hacking (sometimes in the very video).....SOE doesn't ban on video evidence.... same hackers since launch (only ones I have ever seen get banned are the fly/speed hackers and obviously the ones that admit to doing it). I consider the same as SOE saying it is okay to hack, as long as you don't make it too obvious.
  8. Llamar

    I've seen people exploit bugs but never a hacker.
  9. Paragon Exile

    You know, asking for evidence of things is typically a good way to go about the day-to-day, don't you think? Would you prefer if I just believe you for no reason than your say-so even though my experience directly contradicts it?

    I know for a fact that SOE has banned people I and others have reported (The flying MAX guy), and I know certain sites that coded and distributed hacks for the game folded. Do you have something, anything, that backs up what you're saying and contradicts this?
  10. PromptCritical Developer

    There are publicly available cheats for Planetside 2. Every day, a handful of people buy these cheats, have fun for a few hours, and then get banned.

    Map hack? ESP hack? Wall hack? Aimbot? Banned.

    Long time customer? Spent lots of money? First offense? Banned.

    We take cheating and cheat detection very seriously. We have banned thousands of accounts, and will continue to do so.
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  11. Udnknome

    Without requiring monitoring of connected clients, and a constant monitor of connectivity/verification of response from said monitor, this will never work. They would also have to require the ability to scan your system for hacking signatures (much like enterprise level anti-virus). I can't see SOE requiring admin/ enterprise level access to all connected clients ever.

    I believe they do the best they can with the limitations they have.

    If they could figure out a way to market it, perhaps they could create this type of network and link it to MLG ratings. The required overhead (VPN and people there 8-12 hours a day to review scans/ admin) would have to be profitable though.. say 30$ a month on top of the current microtransactions. --Unfortunately, the game would be empty. Less than 10% of players right now are subscribers, given the higher price point, I'd say even less would be willing to join the new network with the only reward being MLG renown. I don't believe even the opportunity to enter cash contests would bring in enough people for it to be competitive/ profitable. Even at the higher price point it may not pay for itself.

    Say a server admin makes $75k a year. Discounting what an employer has to pay for any other benefits (time off, SSI, taxes, ect.), ~210 people would have to subscribe @ 30$/mo just to pay 1 guy's salary. This is before profit.
  12. BoomBoom4You

    As someone who has spent a fair amount of money on the game, I would hope I'd be banned permanently if I used a third-party cheat. It just ruins the experience for other people, some of whom are paying customers and some who are not, doesn't matter. I fully support an aggressive and harsh anti-cheat policy! Once word gets out that a gaming company doesn't screw around, it makes people think twice before trying out the newest cheat programs. In the short-run you might be losing a few subscriptions, but you'll be preserving the gaming experience for all the other paying customers, so over the long-run it's value-enhancing.
  13. unsinnsschmierer

    I think I have around 1000 hours in this game and the obvious cheaters I have seen is maybe 6 or 7. I remember once a guy hidding under the ground at a capture point in the old crown, I started yelling to everyone not to go to the point and he/she teleported to the spawnroom where I was and killed me from behind.

    Anyway that was during the first few months after the game came out. This type of cheaters is not interested in playing a game for a long time, certing a characters, play with team mates, etc, so when the game loses its novelty the move to the next one. Cheater websites also know this and focus on newer games. So probably PS2 cheats don't evolve so fast now and SOE is catching them very quickly. Either way this is just my speculation, what I can say is that I haven't noticed any cheater recently.

    Then there's the subtle cheaters people keeps talking about. I don't know if this is based on fact or it's just a myth. I prefer not to think about it, because otherwise I will just get paranoic and stop enjoying the game.
  14. PromptCritical Developer

    First off, please do not call out individual players on these forums.

    Stat padders are handled differently than cheaters, as they do not affect the gameplay of others. First time offenders typically receive a suspension and a warning, as well as a removal of all earned certification points.
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  15. minhalexus

    Why would anyone use cheats in Planetside 2? This is not Runescape.

    If you want to have everything, then play on TS.
    Honestly, weapons lose value when you dont have to work hard for it, or pay for it.
  16. OldCuban

    So Paragon, is an official response from an SOE Dev enough proof that they do exist?


    Some people......

    Thank you PromptCritical, keep up the good fight!
  17. Key Pusher

    Seen an interesting hack on Mattherson. Got a kill, he was alive and well not 2 seconds later with no medics in sight. Res hack. Asked around in /region, verified by another player.
  18. Frostbitten

    Well, you got me there on "guidelines violation" part. Sorry about that.

    I only wanted to show system which detects stats padding obviously is not working in this pretty much extreme case.

    It's good that they are punished either way because it is very much like a cheat since power leveling where you actually accumulate something (in this game - certs) you use to improve yourself over others. Or at least improve your odds.
  19. ThisSideOfThePlanet

    Ditto here. Saw a MAX getting killed, stand up and walk away a couple of seconds later without a medic around. A team mate also confirmed having seen the same thing!
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  20. GreatWhiteYeti

    Calling anyone using cheat program in this game a "hacker", or referring to their activities as "hacking", is an insult to true hackers. The things they're doing requires no skill, no computer knowledge, nothing. They simply buy a program, activate cheats, and lol their way to victory.

    There are FAR more cheaters in this game than I think people seem to realize. As others have said, the vast majority of these are using "subtle" cheats, like enemy box indicators, skeletons, and "map hacks". These are huge advantages in a game where the TTK is so short, and with lag factors where you can run around a corner without showing up on someone's screen for half a second after you've started shooting at them.

    I personally just report anything that looks suspicious. If someone seemed to know exactly where I was hiding, I report them. If someone goes on a headshot spree from long distance with a carbine, I report them. Would it be nice if everyone was playing on the same level? Sure. Whatever the case, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't tempted to go pick up a cheat program just to make sure I was on the same level.
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