We need a new system to deal with teamkilling

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Teegeeack, May 6, 2014.

  1. Archlyte

    The warpgate has become a hive of scum and villainy
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  2. Krayus_Korianis

    They should just make it so you come next to the warpgate of an enemy, you immediately get destroyed. No warning or anything, just destroyed as you step right into the pain field. Or go on top of your own warpgate.

    That was their primary reason for disabling the warpgate invulnerability.
  3. Ribero

    I thought at one stage, they made it so that you could Kill teamkillers without incurring a penalty of your own. I think the Dorito above them even changed colour...

    Or maybe I was just bugged, and the NC with Red Doritos (I run with Empire Colour Scheme) were just unlucky innocents...
  4. -Synapse-

    I've played steadily since release and have not once gotten my weapons locked. The closest I got was the final warning message when I first got the MCG, but then I learned to position myself near the front of my allies so they could see to not run in front of me.

    That said I would like an option to forgive your killer, it's gotta be better than the blind system used now.
  5. Trivikama

    Wow Joeski. You sound like a real arsehole. When someone shoot you you make sure to TK them back? No freaking WONDER you have trouble with TK'ers. Maybe you should just chill out, stop worrying about your lame K/D ratio like some Call of Duty playing, mountain dew fueled 12 year old, and play this awesome game knowing that sometimes in battles with hundreds of people, a stray friendly bullet might hit you?

    For REAL. You justify killing anyone who "puts a round in you" because you don't know if it was "an accident or they're going to carry on shooting". You know it's an accident when they STOP SHOOTING YOU, meaning that it is, in fact, YOU that are TKING if you shoot them after that. And you call a hypothetical teammate you just killed 5 times a troll? Hypocritical ***!
  6. Verviedi

    This could hurt a bit. My outfit uses dueling as a method of solving disputes, and I don't want one of my outfit mates to get weapon locked.
  7. Leftconsin

    There is a guy on Connery who follows people around team killing them until either he weapons locks or is on the verge of weapons lock. Then he goes and does something else for a while and waits for the cool down. Than he does it again to some other poor guy. Hes been at it for months. I report him every time he selects me as his target. Others in my outfit have done the same. Yet he still plays and he still teamkills intentionally every day. For months.

    I'm seriously thinking there is NO consequence for intentional team killing outside weapons lock.
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  8. TheStonehawk

    I love how this is like the 100th thread about this.
  9. Tar

  10. Krayus_Korianis

    That doesn't do a thing and they know it.
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  11. Tar

    what I mean is that naming names on the forums won't help either
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  12. Tar

    true. Let's bring it here as well. The PS2 squad/platoon UI is still awfully lacking, compared to PS1
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  13. BillBoBaggins

    Team killing would be reduced a lot if you lost 50 certs to the person you killed.Would make people think a lot more when unleashing a volley of fire.
  14. Tar

    yeah. That would be ********. **** happens, you can't go over the top on the punishment or people just stop playing.
  15. MonnyMoony

    50 certs is over the top - afterall accidental kills are kinda unavoidable - but you should get an XP penalty equal to what an enemy soldier would have got for killing them.

    I also think that this penalty should increase exponentially with each additional TK within a certain time limit (say 2 minutes for infantry and 10 minutes for vehicles)

    So for example - if you TK three friendlies within 2 minutes that are each worth 200XP to the enemy - you would incur the following XP penalties.

    First Infantry TK = -200 XP
    Second Infantry TK = -400 XP
    Third Infantry TK = -800 XP

    For vehicle TKs - i'd also ramp up the penalty faster because it's extremely difficult to accidentally TK a friendly vehicle. TKing three friendly vehicles worth 1000XP each within 10 minutes would incur the following penalties:

    First Vehicle TK = -1000 XP
    Second Vehicle TK = -5000 XP
    Third Vehicle TK = -25000 XP

    Doing it this way would not overly punish people who make mistakes (accidents happen afterall) - but would absolutely hammer intentional and persistent TKers.
  16. Jalek

    Those stats are clearly tracked, it would seem an easy thing to automatically disable a character if it had 50 total kills and 40 were TK's or something. It would have to be more than just a few to avoid catching new people that got a sunderer loaded up and found a cliff they hadn't encountered before or something.
  17. BengalTiger

    Here's a sample:

    Pedestrians generally do not have the right of way when:
    -They're not on a crosswalk (exception - crossing on the corner of an intersection)
    -They have a "don't walk" signal.

    Since there are no crosswalks in PS 2, please look both ways before crossing a road.
    It's also far easier for infantry not to walk into a tank than it is for a tank to stop.