We need a new system to deal with teamkilling

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  1. KnightCole

    THe increase in TKing and other ******** is evidence of the increase in CoD kiddies finding their way to PS2. Seeing how alot of kiddies play on the Console and im sure somewhere along the lines those kiddies have heard of PS2 coming to the PS4, they try it out on a PC somewhere.....and start their cute little TK and other ******** they try in CoD and the like.
  2. Zorlox

    i've wanted this since day 1. even if people were to 'punish' instead of 'forgive' it would end up with the same penalty. but the vast majority of the time when I get TK'd i'd be forgiving. especially when I fall onto a vehicle and die, or not paying attention and run in front of one, or tickle a tank with a harasser and it blows up instantly. things like that it would definitely help.

    this system is supposed to be there to deter people purposely tk'ing not punish people for accidental tks. on a side not, i've never been weapons locked.
  3. Udnknome

    Same here... been playing since beta. Even when the grief was "strict" I never got locked.

    Watch where you are driving, pedestrians have the right of way and don't set up a turret in a doorway.

    in fact, I wish it would go back to a 60 min lock. We need more sundy/Gal drivers.
  4. Thardus

    Only time I've ever been weapon locked was in a massive biolab fight, when I stood in one place, and fired my lasher at one spot, for as long as it took for the gen to blow, shutting down the doorway with half a dozen other lasher users. I killed scores of NC infantry and MAX's over that time, as well as about half a dozen VS who were stupid enough to walk into the massive aura of death at the doorway.

    The team-killing system really needs to take into account just how much damage I was doing to NC over that time.
  5. Thardus

    On a related note, I want ADAD to be nerfed to where it actually gives you a disadvantage, so allies will stop polka-dancing all over my previously clear lines of fire whenever an enemy appears during a defence.
  6. Goden

    I've been playing PS2 since the closed beta and I have never been weapons locked for accidental team damage/kills. Not even once. Not even when using a splash-damage weapon like the Lasher or rocket launchers.

    I honestly think you have to be extremely careless in order to get weapons locked - and if that is the case and you do get locked then weapons lock is doing its job. Stop shooting at teammates.
  7. Ivalician

    If aggressor TKs from a safe area ( spawn room ), victim gets notification requesting to weapon lock. If yes, aggressor gets weapon locked for five minutes. Second weapon lock in this manner within two hours, aggressor gets ten minute weapon lock. Third weapon lock within two hours of second weapon lock, weapon lock for two hours. Every subsequent weapon lock in this manner within two hours of weapon lock expiring nets another two hours.

    Out in the open? Well, **** happens. Maybe have first two get waived before first punishment option, then following, one waived before subsequent punishments are offered, unless the victim is the same; chain victims are always given opportunity to punish.

    All standard weapon lock conditions still apply.

    I've gotten weapon locked once; it wasn't a good day. Several people ran into my fire, but that was probably only half way. What I got weapon locked from was when I was in some kinda tank, don't remember if it was a prowler or lightning; an ally rammed me, probably accidentally, and I shifted enough to slide down into the ravine next to the outpost north of Rashnu. Squished several dudes; this was back in the day when exhaust from a vehicle would kill infantry. That warranted my first and only weapon lock.
  8. JibbaJabba

    Something ACTIONABLE FOR SONY that would help in some measure with TK:

    Make the BLUE Doritos appear on distant targets when I Q them!!!!

    On very distant targets where I can't make out the faction I'll hit Q before firing.
    Red Dorito = fire.
    Blue Dorito = not fire.
    No Dorito = hit the Q button a couple more times, assume it's not working right or I've hit my "Q spam" limit (feature introduced many patches ago that stupidly applies to friendlies), then Fire. Hit the friendly, cease firing, curse at sony.

    I've definitely killed some folks this way before (oneshot with a tank gun for example), but it takes all of 5 seconds to bring up chat and send a "my bad" over to them.
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  9. JibbaJabba

    Another suggestion for sony:

    Leave team damage penalty as is.
    Massively raise the penalty for an actual kill of a teammate.
    Send a "Forgive Yes/No" message to the person griefed. If forgiven then make there be zero penalty for a TK.

    I think you guys might be surprised at the maturity of players out there. You'll get a lot of forgives if it was a "stuff happens" sort of moment.

    I'm standing next to an enemy sundy and a teammate kills me with C4. Forgive Yes/No? Heck Yes!!! Do it again man!

    Been playing this game for a good while and have never had a weapons lock nor have I had a problem with getting TKd intentionally except by maybe one or two guys in the last few months.
  11. Teegeeack

    I said in a previous post how I got killed. I was sniped twice by allies - headshots in areas where there was no combat. I have been jackhammered in the spawn room while aiming a lock-on launcher at a liberator, and I was run over in the middle of a field - not in the road - but in a big open Indar field where the tank driver could have gone in any direction he wanted. If I make a mistake that leads to me getting teamkilled, I accept responsibility for it, as I do if I teamkill other people. The TKs I'm talking about are either intentional or such ridiculous errors that they demand an apology, and they are by medium/high BR players.
  12. bPostal

    We would need a way to 'ban' people from the platoon as well otherwise the SL is going to spend the next half hour kicking some knobhead.
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  13. Tito

    best options

    3-team kill 10 min shoot disable
  14. z1967

    Well, how would the apology system be based? Would you be required to send a /tell or would there be an automatic system?

    I will say that the current system is a bit lenient (especially with vehicles), but your system is far too harsh to be reasonable.
  15. Archlyte

    I think TK'ing a friendly vehicle that costs over 100 resources should be an offense that can result in account action. If I get TK'd on foot its no big deal, but when some idiot purposely kills my vehicle at the warpgate then I think a more intense lock or worse should befall them.

    They cost me resources plus how ever much time I lost waiting for the timer on that vehicle, essentially 10 minutes until I can play how I wanted.
  16. MonnyMoony

    Negative XP and/or resources is the way to go - and should scale exponentially for multiple kills or for vehicle kills.

    It's easy to kill the odd team mate by accident - but consistently killing many can only be done intentionally (or vary carelessly) - either case should be punished. Accidental vehicle kills are very difficult and it's virtually impossible to get a few on the run.

    Negative XP would reduce intentional TKs for XP gain - since the negative XP resulting from the TK will remove the XP gain from whatever activity you were trying to gain XP from.

    Negative XP + resources would discourage (or at least minimise the damage caused) by 4th faction TKs - it would make it difficult for such people to upgrade their weapons or pull multiple C4 due to lack of resources.

    It makes sense - you gain XP for helping your faction by killing the enemy, taking facilities etc. Why shouldn't your XP be reduced for hindering your team. Best of all - this uses the existing XP system - and doesn't really need to introduce any new functionality. Weapon lock would remain for people who still take the piss.
  17. p10k56

    Not team killing peoples are suspicious at best.
    But those who do it intentionally are morons at least.
    But sometimes revenge is sweat:)
  18. Tar

    Not really. I've never seen this being a problem in PS1.
    The current state is far worse, i.e. getting grief points for something that's not griefing.
  19. bPostal

    I've seen this being a problem in PS2 and if I recall in Planetside you could list your squad, but require the SL to manually accept or decline a potential squad member from joining. (I could go test that theory but I cba)

    I also don't see this system as that much worse with the notable exception that you get weapons locked faster and you can't heal/revive/repair to get rid of your grief faster. Most of the time it's no worse than using a thumper in a stairwell fight.
  20. Krayus_Korianis

    Deliberate and intentional team killing is for the emotionally stunted children.

    Had someone Team Kill me today while I was at a terminal changing my loadout. LuttyKillerx. They logged out afterwards and haven't been on since. All I did was put in Region Chat, LuttyKillerx is a TK'er, beware them.

    They're BR1 and I'm pretty sure they're an alt of an NC.

    Friendly Fire needs to either be turned off or there needs to be some outrageous rules put in place to discourage team killing.