We need a new system to deal with teamkilling

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  1. JorgeSarcos

    I never had weapons locks before, heres my first (and only) time though: a few days ago i put a MAX suit and went to this Biolab (on a Biolab Alert) and guess what, i got weapon locked 4 times in a row by people stepping in front of me because they were playing superman... in all honesty i guess the system is fine as it is, its people fault to be so noob and step in front of you, hell they will even step in front of a MANA turret firing... :confused:
  2. John_Aitc

    I have played for over 60 days and have never been weapons locked. When using my Engie Turret, MCG, or Mercy Max, I have definitely killed my share of teammates, but because I am not trying to intentionally grief people, it never rises to the level of a lock.

    I do not know if the intentional TK'er can ever be properly dealt with. It is a lot of logic to try and code. The best thing to do is look at his stats on Players and see if all he ever kills is his own faction and report him, and hope for the best.
  3. maudibe

    i have no problem with teamates shooting me as i do them when i see camo gear and am not sure if its friendly or not. And I shoot guys who burst into the A point room and stop when i see they are friendly. These are noted as warnings even tho i didn't kill the guys. The other day however i was C4'd in the spawn room directly after base take over by a battle rank 71 who should know not to detonate (i know it happend by accident sometimes) and then moments later same guy did it again to me. WOW.
    I think there should be a huge difference between actually killing the teamate as oppossed to just hitting them a few times cause continually shooting indicates intention rather than accident. Actually killing guys deserves weapons lock, except in cases of tank road kill, or veh launch pad road kills.
  4. LibertyRevolution

    I only do that if they run me over when I am not on a road, and they are not under fire...
    I had a prowler go full speed killing half our squad in the middle of a mountain range while not even taking fire..
    He was in a hurry to make it to the next hex for his free cap XP.. BOOOOOM, I hope it was worth that 250XP.

    If I am on the road.. meh, my fault.. I shouldn't be on the road as infantry.

    Had a guy come C4 my liberator on the pad in the warpgate.. hopped out, TK'ed him, then repped it.
    He came back with a friend, they both C4'ed the lib.. killing 2 of us in it waiting on our pilot that was AFK..
    We respawned, TK'ed them both..
    They TK'ed us..
    We TK'ed them.. final warning for weapons lock..
    I logged out... not getting weapons lock over these 2 schmucks.
  5. Eaderout

    the only time I team kill is when someone is running around killing my team. I have seen this only a few times. Or I just report them(if that does anything)
  6. MasterFancyPants

    No, it's lack of control over your vehicle. If you are in a place with lots of blind spots, you should slow down.
    Driving isn't some game. If you can't avoid running over people, you shouldn't be driving a car... Somehow, I feel that you don't drive.

    Anyway, I'm not going to derail this thread anymore.
  7. NinjaTurtle

    Yes I do and I have yet to have any form of accident in 6 years, however you can't go 5mph down a road under the assumption that some obscured person will run out literally at the last second.

    If negligence were involved such as texting behind the wheel then yes, not if you are however following the rules of the road, examples of which I have already mentioned.
  8. DK22

    There's a weapons lock for it? Hows that work?
    I've never got any kind of lock.
    Been guilty of a few, big battles, or guarding spots alone, so i thought, and a friendly runs in the room.
    it can get a little paranoid after awhile, with someone running around, cloak, cloak, cloak...
    Anyways, maybe 5 tks in about 9 months, only one of those on purpose to a very deserving individual.
    Had a squad leader tk me once, "not following orders", bam mg'd right in the face.
    was tempted to go back and get him, but I just left squad. losers anyways.
  9. GhostAvatar

    Equip a Lasher and go to a biolab farm. Then see how long it takes for you to get weapons locked.
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  10. z1967

    I am not apologizing to 20 something people because one random infil tripped my claymore and killed the defenders in the room. Its not my fault you:
    -ran into my line of fire
    -were standing next to my claymore
    -were standing on my tank mines
    -were bum humping that MAX when I C4'ed it.

    Guys, you die and respawn 15 secs later if you don't get revived by the hundred of medics running around. You get TK'ed, ran over, or accidentally splash damaged get over it. I am a racer lightning I don't slow down as easily as you might hope I can. Just look both ways like your mother told you and then cross the battlezone. Splash damage is unforgiving and chances are they are not trying to kill you over it.

    If it is intentional, like placing AT mines under a sundy, then yeah, blow their faces off.
  11. MongooseTwoFive

    The current system is pretty much fine for accidental TK'ing, it punishes excessive carelessness. What it does not address is intentional TK'ing (especially when vehicles are involved). I've had at the warpgate some guy on the pad try to take off, ended up flipping on top of my scythe, and then shooting me when I got out to attempt to repair mine. Thanks, now I'm out 350 resources and a vehicle respawn timer with no consequence for him other than a "you've been firing on friendly forces, exercise more caution in the future" message.

    What would be optimal is a system that can recognize whether it was an intentional TK or a derp TK like some guy running in front of an engie turret. It'd be very difficult to make this consistently accurate enough to make it worth it, but then again the flash seems to have tires with a coefficient of friction lower than any surface known to man.

    Perhaps have the severity of grief points recieved be dynamic depending on:
    • how many enemies in the area
    • how much of the damage came from that person
    • distance between you
    • what type of weapon/vehicle they were using/in
    • what type of weapon/vehicle you were using/in
    • did you damage/kill him first? (if so how severe was your grief penalty? if it was accidental then retribution could bring steep consequences, but if you intentionally teamkilled him first the penalty for him shooting you back would be minimal)
    • how many TK's recently have you committed?
    • how many TK's have they recently committed?
    Using information like this they could make a function that could "decide" whether a TK was intentional or not, and how "bad" of a TK it was with a relatively high degree of accuracy after much tuning. Some guy sprinting in front of a lasher won't cause much grief points, but someone C4'ing a friendly lib because it wouldn't let them in will be very severe (Yes, that's happened to me. They were upset that it was a squad-only vehicle, so they put two bricks on me and blew it up once I left the warpgate).

    TL : DR
    Accidental TK's will happen, and for those the current system is pretty good at giving you a warning for the occasional TK, ramping up to more painful consequences if you continue to be careless. It doesn't really help against vindictive players who are just being total conks, nor does it scale appropriately (They should be punished more severely if they blow up my vehicle over just some dude TK'ing me at the warpgate).
  12. Teegeeack

    I always love how teamkillers justify themselves. It's a joy to watch.
  13. JibbaJabba

    Sorry but it's been so many years...

    Didn't PS1 have a grief system where there was reeeeally harsh grief for TK but you had the option to forgive your killer?

    I thought it could persist between session too...like you could get locked for a day or something.

    found it: http://wiki.planetsidesyndicate.com/index.php?title=Grief_points

    I recall getting locked a couple times in PS1.

    I've been playing PS2 since beta and never weapon locked once. Mind you I'm a grown up and I know how to share the corner of some good cover with others firing from it.
  14. Prudentia

    so you placed a bunch of anti infantry explosives under your ally Infantry and it's ok. but if you place anti vehicle explosives under an ally vehicle it's bad.... oh boy, we still have a long way to go with you...

    I got weapon locked a single time: during some out fit shennanigans after 1 HOUR OF PURE FRIENDLY FIRE. yet for some reasons there are armies of people who cry that they get weapon locked all the time because allies ran in their way, while i sit happily with my Galaxy that rams more allies than enemies, spamming AV nades or non stop firing my Lasher for not a single Weaponlock.... hm... i guess the problem is between desk and chair.
  15. Arkenbrien

    I never had to TK until recently.

    Some random player claimed that I had pushed his lightning and it blew up, and 45 minutes later is trying to C4/AV Mana my lighting, despite me never actually seeing the guy before anywhere, and definitely not recalling pushing anyone over. In fact, with my Racer 3, I was far ahead of the pack when he allegedly said I pushed him. I was pretty much forced to TK about 3 times or be destroyed by some random irked idiot with an over-developed sense of petty revenge. Even after my lightning was destroyed by a Van (mostly because of my divided attention), he continued to stalk me and TK me, claiming he was trying to "even the score", even after I apologized for allegedly bumping his lightning.

    But even then, I didn't have a weapons lock, and he certainly didn't.

    I like this system, but it'll be abused by idiots (see above).
  16. IamDH

    Unrelated: Fairly certain the driver takes blame as well.
  17. z1967

    ok, I will bite the bait. Here is the dead simple fact. You hate dying to friendlies right? You likely got killed by a friendly and came here to whine about it because you either:
    -Stepped in to their firing line, which is a noob mistake and can be corrected
    -stood too close to an already laid explosive, which is a noob mistake that everyone does every once in awhile
    -was in the road instead of off to the side of it, again a noob mistake that can be corrected by standing off the road
    -was a victim of intentional tk'ing, in which case I say that it is hard to prevent without hampering normal play styles, so nobody can stop that from happening.

    Super simple things like seeing whether or not they are firing down a hallway or shelling a tower will keep you from getting killed. If you tell me exactly what killed you (provide a character since there are six "teegee" accounts and no "teegeeack" accounts that I could find), I can help you avoid it next time.

    On a sidenote, I was not justifying tks, I was either explaining why they happened or how they happen. TKing intentionally is a dick move. Regardless, at most you lose 15 secs of play time or maybe a killstreak. I don't get why people get so upset at getting TKed. COF in this game makes it so that random bullets will hit you, and sometimes a finger slips or they hold the trigger for too long. It happens and you should just ignore it unless it becomes repetitive (same guy killing you over and over again), in which case, report them or redeploy.
  18. z1967

    Nah, they end up sitting there when there are very clearly hazardous mines there that I placed a minute or so before and either a flash tries to run over all the my allies by the sunderer (I don't have maxed repair tool so I can't remove explosives, besides, they are usually fine as long as nobody shoots them.) or some poor sap was running across the road when a GSD comes crashing through.

    AI mines, set them up a few seconds before hand because I am usually on the point, and then 30 something people flood the room for no good reason. Gotta love excessive force on an empty room.

    But yeah, never on purpose and only by accident or coincidence to people end up getting killed by my stuff (for the kill to be credited to me an enemy has to set it off and a friendly be in the explosives radius).
  19. Arkenbrien

    In a game such as this, I don't think TK is an issue as long as it isn't intentional. In my case, I didn't instantly TK the guy who was trying to destroy my lightning, I went away, repaired, and came back, and he started trying to destroy my tank again. I do think that intentional TKing is okay if it is obvious that someone is trying to TK you, but if you're just irked at someone because of an imagined slight, you shouldn't be playing online games.
  20. The Rogue Wolf

    I've been weapons locked only once, and that was when I got in a TK war with some idiot in the warpgate so that other friendlies could get out unharassed. (I was only logging in to spend certs so I didn't care.) I have gotten close a few times, but they were either during really intense mixed battles or due to rendering issues (NC MAX + friendly infantry literally appearing in front of me just before I fire = lots of unhappiness). I actually pride myself on keeping TKs to a minimum.

    That being said, if there was a "forgiveness" system, I could tell you exactly what the percentage of responses would be in cases of honestly accidental TKs:

    3% "Yeah, that was probably an accident, no problem"
    2% "I'm a fiddler crab, what am I even doing in front of this computer"