We need a new system to deal with teamkilling

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Teegeeack, May 6, 2014.

  1. Teegeeack

    Instead of this stupid five minute weapon lock if you cause enough damage, introduce a system whereby victims of teamkilling can "forgive" their killers. Give the perpetrator five minutes to offer an apology (so no excuse for not doing it). If, on three occasions or more he does not offer an apology OR the victim does not accept the apology then he does not get a five minute weapon lock, but a whole day. Repeated offenses lead to longer and longer weapon locks - up to and possibly beyond a week.
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  2. BillBoBaggins

    Here is a tip...Stop shooting your team mates.
    I am yet to get a weapon lock in this game.Twenty seven days played.
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  3. Tar

    Or we could just go the Planetside way. If that's not too much to ask of course.
    No grief for shooting your own stuff and your teammates, i.e. squad/platoon/outfit members.
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  4. FateJH

    Sounds more like someone was teamkilling him.
  5. DrPapaPenguin

    Thanks but no thanks. I don't want some bugger diving into my line of fire to intentionally troll me with a weapons lock. I have enough trouble with people apparently oblivious to my tracer fire as it is.
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  6. BillBoBaggins

    It was aimed at people in general.
  7. doombro

    A whole day, for only three people? I don't think that's reasonable at all.

    I've been playing since launch, and I've only gotten weapon locked twice.

    One was when I and a friend were attacking each other just because, the other, I honestly can't remember, but I'm sure it happened.
  8. Teegeeack

    In the last two days, I've been headshotted twice, hit in the back with a Jackhammer in the spawn room, blasted by a Titan HEAT round and run over by a Vanguard in an open field where he could have gone in any direction he wanted but chose to drive through me. These are only the occasions where there was no immediate danger. It's not like these are accidental deaths in the midst of battle - I've gotten plenty of those too.
  9. Teegeeack

    It's perfectly reasonable. You don't offer an apology, you clearly show you have no scruples about killing teammates.
  10. NinjaTurtle

    I have never been weapon locked... ever.

    Been on final warnings all because people walk in front of you when you are suppressing a stair well or decide to all in a group stand behind my tank.
  11. Teegeeack

    Yeah it's never your fault, I'm sure.
  12. AshHill07

    Yeah, because letting people weapon lock me as revenge for them being stupid enough to dive under the treads of my Vangaurd sounds like a fantastic idea.

    To this date I have never been weapon locked, the only time I have damaged friendly's is because either:

    1. They decided to walk / drive / fly into my direct line of fire. (I have had a Reaver fly directly into an AP round I'd fired at a Prowler before, 1 shot it of course)

    2. They decided to stand directly in front / behind me whilst I was directly engaged with other hostiles. (Standing behind a Vangaurd on the front line, or walking across a road without even checking the mini map, are among the stupidest things you can do)

    3. I threw a grenade that happened to land at the feet of a friendly (I swear my frags have NC magnets in them, as they always seem to come back, that's why I've pretty much stopped using them)
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  13. NinjaTurtle

    If people are stupid enough to walk in front of a gun that is firing that is their fault.

    I have only ever TK'd a few people intentionally, the last was because they were running round shooting people in the WG, I think we can agree they deserved it.

    Sometimes the blame is not in the hands of the killer but in the hands of the apparent victim.

    If a kid runs out from behind a car, obscured from view into the path of another car keeping to the speed limit and the child is knocked over and killed, that is the fault of the childs NOT the drivers moral of the story don't out in front of things that are dangerous
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  14. MasterFancyPants

    Um... No. It's that's drivers fault. Pedestrians always ALWAYS have the right-of-way. That's why you go to jail.

    On topic, yeah we need a new team kill system. I think a point based system would be best.
    Driving over people = low points
    Shooting people as an infantry man = medium points
    Shelling people (Please, stop killing friendlies just to farm) = high points
  15. KnightCole

    My system for TKing, you so much as fire at me, you die till I feel like stopping...or I get wep locked.

    The infant players who think its cute to test fire their weapons in the spawn room or when its quiet is getting old. FIre just one round at me and hit...you get blasted.......

    Obviously in big *** fire fights its more understandable, but quiet spawn rooms.....no, just friggin NO!
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  16. smokemaker

    We need a new system to deal with teamkilling

    TK them back...
    TK wars are more personal and enjoyable then the standard zerg.
    I see no issues with current system.
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  17. NinjaTurtle

    No people go to jail because someone has got to be accountable, it is never the victims fault.

    Like I said in my scenario, they run out directly from an obscured location the driver simply can't see them, the driver was sticking to the speed limit and it was impossible to stop in time despite having a car that had a valid MOT to say brakes etc were n working order (so it can't be lack of maintenance).

    The driver has done nothing wrong, they should go to jail for doing nothing wrong?!?!?!?!?! They did everything right, the "victim" is at fault or are you saying in this scenario "YOU" as the driver are to blame and should be out in jail to rot?
  18. smokemaker

    When i get run over, EVEN if its my fault, I will C4 the offending vehicle.
    Every time.

    I sit in spawn rooms waiting for the dicks to TK so i can have fun killing them back.

    I find the TK war more enjoyable then the standard zerg.
  19. Canno

    Only weapon locks I've had has been having fights with outfit mates... IE: Goofing around.

    TK overall is very rare and I don't generally care - unless the person went out of their way to do it and it was very obviously intentional. Then I get them back a couple times and/or blow up their vehicle.

    I agree with Smokemaker, current system is fine. If you're getting weapons locked you really need to be more careful.
  20. joeski

    I am getting absolutely sick of TKers.
    It seems that every time I'm in the WG or a spawn room and I check out the map or open the chat dialogue (so I can't directly control my character) some nub TKs me. I now TK them back and log out because I CBA with looking over my shoulder all the time when I should be looking for Barnys or Elmos.
    If I'm lucky enough to not be in a position where I can't control my char I will TK anyone who puts a round in me because you can never tell if it was an accident or if they're going to carry on shooting. A quick 'sorry' emote would work though to let the other player know you're not going to carry on.
    The annoying thing is that when you get TK'd your K/D ratio suffers, friendly kills don't get counted but friendly deaths do...
    If friendly kills counted and you have a K/D of 5 then you could simply TK that troll 5 times to set things straight :D