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  1. adamts01

    ... But you permanently buy guns, upgrades and implants with certs/iso... That's as permanent as any award weapon, which you also unlock by locking the continent/working as a team.
  2. DarkStarAnubis

    It is different. Anything you do (even tossing an ammo pack) brings you certs (hence iso indirectly, I routinely convert 750 certs into iso by buying implant packs) so there is nothing special in working as part of a team to lock a continent or win an alarm.

    Instead, killing as many other players are possible will reward you with special/directive/prized weapons which cannot be obtained in any other way, on top of increasing your KDR/SPM.

    The PS2 designers got this all wrong. This is a massive multiplayer game, on large maps, organized in outfits and teams, with clear strategic goals and ... the best prizes are awarded to players killing individually as much as possible.

    Heck, even the most simple and basic form of cooperation (killing together an enemy) is not rewarded because only one gets the kill and the other get an assist (xp) not counting toward any directive.
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    You guys clearly dont do random murder collumns when you have no established objective. Make your own. Have a race, go specialized squads.

    Its easy to find something to do if you simply find the best fight you can provide for you and your squadmates. Even if that means going deep behind enemy lines to say hello when they are ignoring you and theres only ghost caps to be had.

    There's so many things you can do in this game...

    Of course if there's an alert, having that in mind while you keep the fight going..

    Next time you lead, try starting from the warp gate with your squad and try not redeploying great distances but only if you are completely wiped as a squad. The thing about having one lifeline and trying to stay alive, it already sets the goals of keeping your k/d positive as well as the value of making off the fly decisions that usually end up very entertaining. Especially when the enemy starts hunting you right out
  4. OldMaster80

    There are tons of things one can do in ps2.
    Unfortunately it is often just personal goals or achievements: directives, stats, ribbons.

    What is lacking is common long term objectives, something bringing people together. The problem is there is a blatant divergence between personal goals and faction goals, so many players totally ignore what other comrades do. Among the consequences this mashes leading platoons a real pain.
  5. Demigan

    Individuals benefit from alerts, squads and platoons benefit from alerts. Being in a squad can get you your individual goals too and if the squad/platoon lead would get better tools they would be able to find and sustain fights to get you those rewards much better.

    In other words, individuals and squad/platoons benefit from the exact same advantages. Oh wait, the Squad/platoon lead benefits from their charges by having their directives filled while the people who help them achieve it don't get anything for that. Great system right there.

    The problem with all these individual goals is that they don't promote playing the game, they promote farming. And teamwork starts and ends with the individual, not the group. If the individual in a group doesn't do what the individual at the top asks of him then bye bye teamwork regardless of them still being in the same squad/platoon.

    I have yet to hear a good argument as to why anything that can be applied to both individuals and squads/platoons should only be applied to squads/platoons. If anything you should start with the individuals. I would love a buddy system to work your way up to squads/platoons. Most of my teamwork happens when I see some dude who seems to know what he's doing and follow him around, support him and soon he'll support me too. That is the moment I would want to be able to find him again to buddy up once more but if I join a squad with him then I constantly have to look through several blips on the radar to find him again, and doing a squad of 2 is just not the same.

    Everything should be focused more on playing the game. Directives should be based on assists and the unaltered XP gain as much as on kills. You should be rewarded more for trying to take the point. It would be better for the game if deaths weren't even recorded anymore so that people will be willing to be as creative and suicidal as possible throwing their lives away several dozen times just to achieve an objective. That way you get the individuals already focused more on playing together, and once they join a squad or platoon they will have a larger focus on what the group tries to achieve rather than what the group can provide them in terms of their individual achievements.
  6. OneShadowWarrior

    One of the biggest missing aspects of PS is the lore. Something to tie it all in, why we battle so much.

    TR get’s no law.
    NC get’s no corporate kickbacks
    VS see’s no aliens
  7. FateJH

    That fact that it's a good joke remains.
    The TR's strong military regimentation is collapsed. The Auraxian branch will never recover it, not matter how hard it tries.

    The corporate aspect of the NC was never played up very well, much like the NC lore in Classic. It was always "spend a good while time outlining the Terran Republic prior to the split, and now group some individuals who are nothing like that; they pay each other other to fight for them. That's the NC."

    And the VS never saw their alien divines. Frankly, I don't even think they were half as good scientists as they claimed. All they built was a creaky floaty tank, and that was pretty borderline common pool technology before they started tinkering.
  8. OneShadowWarrior

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