We lost 20 plus % population in one month.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Captain Kid, Sep 27, 2014.

  1. Snicklefritzll

    Personally, I blame Destiny. I havent played planetside in a good month, but I needed a good hiatus, and also Destiny's getting boring

    As for the others, I hope its the same and everyone else is getting just as bored as killing Sekrion everynight as I am
  2. NC_agent00kevin

    Its likely a number of factors. Ill be taking a break myself when Borderland TPS comes out. I dont often get excited about new games and tend to choose a single title to play for years, but there are breaks in between. I did a Minecraft break for a while too, once for a few months and once for a couple months. Borderlands will have its turn and then eventually Ill probably come back around to Lightning Tanks and Vandals.
  3. Goretzu

    That is another issue, PS2's population dipped when ESO launched, again MMO populations ofter do after a big game launch (even a non-MMO one).
  4. Tuco

    World of tanks
    World of planes
    Every single lobby FPS in existence auto balances teams, and players will scream bloody murder if just 1 player out of 16 DC's, but oh MMOFPS are different, players will suddenly be the sportsman and not win at all costs. No they won't, they'll cheat, grief, and cheese their way to victory if you give them enough rope. You can't just supersize a lobby game and call it a day, it hasn't worked since WWIIONLINE tried it 14 years ago. Is someone gonna get a clue?
  5. Tuco

    Once you've killed your 10,000th diseased sewer rat, it gets a little old.
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  6. Goretzu

    Maybe, but also I guess the MMO scene has stagnated since at least 2005..... arguably since 2000ish in fact (WoW brought very little that wasn't already in EQ1 [and lost somethings] and PS1 was way ahead of its time, and EVE is kinda UO in space).
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  7. Nogrim313

    what we need is a more interesting base capture mechanic that shows us that progress. it wouldn't be so bad bouncing between two bases if there was some more meaningful progress steps involved. im not really sure why they moved so far away from the PS1 base style, i think that shift has caused the great majority of the problems between infantry and vehicle balance. not to mention the lack of any meaningful role for infiltrators.
  8. nehylen

    I wonder how the charts would look without WoW. As far as i'm concerned all other MMOs are competing for the favors of an MMO audience, while WoW is only competing against itself, except maybe in Eastern Asia.

    As a former DAOC player, i've always perceived WoW as a product sold on the Blizzard hype (2004 felt like WoW advertorials were all over the press), which is a sort of impenetrable mystique to me really as i like their lores, yet dislike playing their games.
    Stil it worked, and all big attempts(Age of Conan, WAR, SWTOR...) at the king have failed miserably short of their expectations in just a few months.
    It feels as if Blizzard is a bit like the Apple Inc. of the video game edition to me.
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  9. JonboyX

    1 The game isn't new. You always get attrition
    2 There has been no real development since the performance patch, PU01 - and no, in my mind a few vehicles and new map isn't a significant addition. They've just never addressed the meta game issues leading to linear fights at every base.
    3 Changes, seemingly in readiness for a PS4 port, have caused some major bugs. e.g. for me; a minute to load after every spawn unless I alt-tab (!)
    4 The server merges, I feel, have over-populated the servers. Where you used to have some fights that were 48 a side which suited my playstyle, now every non-ghost hack just gets blobbed by >100 players on each side. Not everyone feels this way I'm sure, but for those of us that do it's very discouraging. Instant spawn option for lone player = works fine. Roll it out to the empire and it's whack-a-mole.
    5 Resource changes have made the game spammy as hell. It was pretty bad anyway, but now it's even worse. For every fight I lose to a more skilled player, I probably lose three times as many to a random grenade throw, rocket, or friendly fire. It is part of the game: it's just that it's now MORE than part of the game than it was 3-4 months ago. If I want large chunks of 'random' in my gaming experience I'll go play roulette.
  10. St0mpy

    im not leaving but ive noticed its all suddenly become messy in the past couple of months with all this code merging pita and the (already hardworking) devs just arent getting the bugs squashed as fast as they used to.

    ok most of its not that major, as we know its just a mix of small but annoying bugs just theyre ranging across the whole experience, performance to gameplay to UI, i see it annoying people daily here and on reddit and I can see why some might be giving it a break at this time - SOE need to hurry with patching the leaks in the ship asap.
  11. MonnyMoony

    Hit detection is one of the biggest things turning me off the game right now. I went though months of playing this game and being crap - but I turned a corner and started to be competitive.

    The last few months though I have had numerous examples of hit detection issues. I have started running HA packing an Orion - and the times I have got the jump on somebody - landing pretty much every shot - yet they turn round and I hear THUD, THUD and I die - with the death screen showing I hadn't even removed half of their over shield. I unloaded a whole mag into an enemy a at close range a couple of weeks back and didn't score a single hit! I also run sniper - and took about 6 or 7 shots at a guy a few nights back - shots I usually land with my eyes shut - yet didn't register a single hit.

    When I die because the game isn't registering legitimate hits as opposed to the fact that i'm playing like a spanner - the time comes to start looking elsewhere. There are a few games on the horizon that have piqued my interest (Elite Dangerous, No Mans Sky and the next Elder Scrolls) and since generally only have time to play one game......I may be making room on my hard drive very soon unless things improve.

    Shame - this game is probably one of the longest I have stuck with - but you expect a game to get better over time as the bugs are worked out - not worse.
  12. Goretzu

    Without WoW I think it is basically EVE that has grown for a sustained period (and a few that have gained more numbers with F2P like LOTRO, but those numbers aren't directly comparable).
  13. Pikachu

    I don't encounter any game breaking bugs. I don't have any of these CTD and issues with hit detection that people keep talking about everyday here. o_O I remember some really bad bugs like invisible rockets, unable to refill rockets, splash through shield etc.
  14. leo4444

    I still like the game but I do play less now for the following reasons.
    1. Resource Revamp (Territory capture matters even less now and it's easier to spam vehicles)
    2. Tank/launcher nerf unnecessary
    3. Burnout(not enough improvement in the game and even less to look forward too, directives are cool though)
    4. Performance has taken a step backwards, it is now worse than before pu1 and physx is still not in the game.
  15. Tuco

    "We need to redesign bases like in PS1 cause nobody ever camped bases in PS1 and PS1 is perfect without any flaws and we all love PS1 bases"

  16. John_Aitc

    That is a fair comment on the new Resource System. It is half done and therefore broken in its current state. I think it is the same about Continent Locking. We are missing the second half of that which is the Battle Islands. The incomplete system implementations can only harm not help the precious "new player experience".
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  17. Spectre 694

    Yeah, I'm fed up with current performance, way worse than before PU01, I'll be taking a possibly permanent break. Rather than making the game better optimized or finishing a dozen of half implemented features, they add more ridiculous looking hats and cosmetics.
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  18. Liquidrider

    Reverse maneuver is 2 years ago.
    Reverse maneuver isn't OP
    Reverse maneuver isn't a weapon it's a skill / ability

    Flares have a 40-25 second cool down time.
    Fun question... how long does it take to reload a coyotee?

    I am still laughing about your Valkyrie comment so I am ignoring it.

    Me - 182 hours in a Reaver, 104 hours in a mosquito ( I know, I took a break on life)
    NC : https://www.planetside2.com/players/#!/5428021759071362897/vehicles
    TR: https://www.planetside2.com/players/#!/5428021759072789121/vehicles

    You? - 9 hours in sycthe?
    VS : https://www.planetside2.com/players/#!/5428010618038609233/vehicles

    If you can't agree to why I quit a lopsided air game, that's fine, I respect that; however do not argue with me about Air unless you actually have the stats to back it up.

    Call me a Cocky Elitist PRO MLG Air Pilot Sky God if you want, but I have played enough to know what I am talking about.
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  19. Champagon

    Way to go calling out individuals on the forums BTW, that is against forum policy.

    Secondly, why do you assume i only play on this one character?
  20. Liquidrider

    If you have other stats I'd like to see them. I am sure you play multiple, but if that is your main and that is the only amount of hours you have in a ESF, I don't expect much on the others.

    As far as me calling you out. I am only responding your response. And modifying my quote is sad.