We lost 20 plus % population in one month.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Captain Kid, Sep 27, 2014.

  1. Gallant

    Need more meta game. Directives aren't the grind I was looking for.
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  2. Axehilt

    (Wow this image ended up being ridiculously large. Apologies.)
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  3. Pootisman

    Always these excuses when player numbers decline ... During the summer, population is low because people go outside ... after the summer, population is low because school starts ... then population is low because people spend time with relatives and friends during Halloween, Thanksgiving and Chrismas holidays ...

    Last year we had an increase in september.

    There is a massive decline in player numbers. How many servers did we have at launch? 10? Now we have 4 1/2 and outside of primetime there are often 1-2 continents locked.
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  4. iller

    ....because needing 10,000 certs to **** out every single vehicle apparently wasn't enough "shooter" Grind for everyone.
    what the hell is wrong with this generation?
    It'd be like expecting people to build Attunement for Biolab Raiding...AND EVERYONE GOT ON BOARD WITH IT
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  5. lothbrook

    I've been playing Wasteland 2, but yeah school starting and Destiny coming out is going to murder your playerbase.
  6. TwwIX

    But of course! That glorified and poorly rated horde mode, Destiny, is to blame for this game's shortcomings. Yep. That's definitely the cause behind it. That and school. The population decline and server merges has nothing to do with the game's current state at all.
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  7. Yeahy

    Flappy bird was leaked again
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  8. xDesideratus

    Start of school and a bunch of big games always coming out in the fall; On top of that, like all games, it loses players over time. It's nothing to worry about, it'll spike right back up after the next big content or optimization patch.
  9. Captain Kid

    Do you practice selective reading or something?

    Last year in September there was NO population drop. In fact one of the two charts shows a population INCREASE.
    Perhaps last year September there was no school and no big games? Come on, something is going on and it must be either the crappy server performance (for the last few weeks/2 months) or the resource revamp. Or both.

    (Have played very little these last few weeks so I don't know if they improved the server performance already)
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  10. Pikachu

    We had 14 servers.
    Australia: Briggs
    Europe: LithCorp, Mallory, Cobalt, Ceres, Miller, Woodman
    USA east: Jaeger, Mattherson, Waterson, SolTech
    USA west: Genudine, Hekios, Connery

    In februrary 2013 LithCorp, Mallory, Jaeger and Genudine were removed.
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  11. Goretzu

    If you look at MMOs in general, there are points where populations do regularly surge or dip, this has nothing to do with the MMO itself as they occur across all MMOs at the same time.

    Of course a specific issue within an MMO can make any surge or dip stronger of counteract it.

    As for MMOs losing players, basically since WoW's release you've got WoW and that is pretty much it for increasing players, pretty much every other MMO has lost players from an initial peak (EVE is about the only other one, of course, that was actually released before WoW), with the most "successful" MMOs managing to maintain rather than grow.

    Never mind that the MMO market itself seems to be shrinking:


    So I dunno, I think PS2 is doing ok population-wise.
  12. Sghignifiss


    I'm having a quite long break from Planetside 2 due to these incomplete features. The ideas are there, they started to get a shape but nothing more. After they made "phase 1" of everything they just continue to leave it at "phase 1". I'm honestly quite bored of it. I plan to come back if and when at least ONE of all these begun features (mission system, resource revamp, cont lock&link...) is completely done, finished, no more work at it. I'm quite astonished because these are KEY features that DEFINE the game, I just cannot understand how the devs could keep postponing them in favor of absolutely useless upgrades such as the valk. No one needed that vehicle, nor all those new weapons. We already have weapons! We can keep them for a while without being bored using them. Why the hell do you keep releasing new ones?? Weapons do not improve my gaming experience, clear and involving gameplay features do!

    After two years of "testing" I'm quite done with it. Bring something you begun to an end and maybe I'll come back.
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  13. Pootisman

    Yea, it feels like PS2 is still in Beta. PS2 is a good game, if you ignore the laggy servers and the bugs, but all the features that would make PS2 unique are still in the start phase ("phase 1").

    PS2 on PC is probably just a big Beta for PS4 version.
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  14. iller

    And before anyone has a chance to yell "That makes no sense!" .... here's the actual reason why it makes $$$ sense:

    ...Designers or probably more likely: Marketing MBA jagoffs who call themselves designers have learned to use "Metrics" to single out the trends that make the Whales spend more cash. Then they have the designers fine tune all mechanics, and AESTHETICS & BALANCE especially around the Whales. *(aka: Redditors and a few choice Twitter demographics) to the exclusion of everyone else

    In other words: it was self fulfilling prophecy that they'd continually lose players....b/c they all gave up on developing around a core longterm storyline & meta with the addictive challenge, action, and replayability we used to have in 90s titles.
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  15. Champagon


    September -> April: Milk the money mode

    Thus the cycle is complete. No offense SOE, i understand business
  16. Paragon Exile

    Why do these threads exist? What is the point of them?

    I've seen hundreds of these across dozens of games, and nearly always these end up being full of **** and brushed under the rug when the subject is brought up again. You'd think people would learn, but nope; Human beings continue to disappoint.

    The only time population is an issue is when the lack of players interferes with gameplay, which is currently only an issue on Briggs.
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  17. MorganM

    It's funny though cuz you'll here people whining about how they want long "epic" battles. They want to be stuck at some base or bouncing between two bases for hours or even days! This has essentially happened ... and it's frustrating a lot of people.

    I contended that people want to see progress. They want to feel like stuff is happening. By pushing through base after base or even falling back base after base the game seems more dynamic. They want to see the fruits of their labor and feel like their actions have consequences. Most don't want to grind out for half a day at one base only to repeat at the next base.
  18. Liquidrider

    I am one of those people that left. My reasons for leaving
    • Complete disregard to air game with no assurance it will be improved.
      • Constant nerfs to anything Air related.
      • A2AM shouldn't even exist, given the amount of Anti Air already.
      • The Valkyrie was is a joke, and SOE didn't listen to anyone's suggestion on how to improve it.
    • Finished my auxicom for the Reaver and moved on.
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  19. Champagon

    1. You guys wanted to keep reverse flying so something had to be taken from elsewhere
    2. A2A makes sense in dog fights, use flares
    3. The Valk is fine where it is, stop trying to poor man lib with it.
  20. Scataloni

    Continent locking claimed another player today, I uninstalled.