We knew it was coming :(

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by HadesR, Feb 11, 2015.

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  1. HadesR

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  2. Atis

    Final countdown before massive "revenue increasing" changes in games.

    Fresh gloom and doom trend starts in 3...2...1...
  3. S0LAR15

    "director of global community relations"

    The kind of job that should never have ******* existed in the first place.
  4. omfgweeee

  5. Xind

    Do we know if anyone directly related to Planetside is being released back into the wild?
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  6. MikeyGeeMan

    No doom and gloom yet.

    Step one after a takeover. Cut staff and hire people or subcons to replace them at lower cost.

    Step 2 implement to ur corporate procedures

    Step 3 set up your kpis and measure.

    No matter the eventual outocme this was going to happen regardless.

    This also opens up spending for other games. Like ps2. so in essence its good that it happened so fast. So that the other steps can happen.

    Step away from the ledge.
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  7. BiggggBRIM

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  8. PurpleOtter

    Was this the same person who ran the Official SOE forums with such a draconian hand that the PS2 'devs resorted to using Reddit and PSU to interact with the player base? If it was, then good riddance!
  9. HadesR

    Yeah I don't believe anyone was stupid to think that it wouldn't be happening .. But ofc that doesn't make it easier for those affected ..

    Wouldn't surprise me if some of the older IP's go closed to .. Planetside 1 servers for example
  10. CapperDeluxe

    Quoted tweet from the article:

    True, but what company has ever had "humane" layoffs?

    Corporations aren't people (no matter what the supreme court says), so of course they have zero humanity. It's a business, and that's one of the things they tend to do from time to time. I used to work for IBM and they layed off constantly, so everyone pretty much always started looking for another job while working there if they had even a whiff that the job could be made redundant.

    Now back to what it means to us, the gamers. Probably not much, not yet anyway. Perhaps it means we won't be getting new content as quickly, or patches even. But it doesn't exactly mean the game is going to be gone in a month or anything, after all what company would buy them just to sack the whole game later? It's all about the Benjamins.
  11. TwwIX

    The investors should do some "restructuring" at the highest tier of the company.
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  12. Ribero


    Seriously though, my condolences to those unfortunate folk.
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  13. Pfundi

    2 weeks. Than we should know.
  14. Rager

    To give a little feedback. Two core members of eq team, was laid off.

    The eq team talked a lot more to the players than the ps one. They got tons of feedback, and listen. Even played the game with us (landmark) and core members of that team left.

    This company already losing fast. The future is looking dim, and I wonder what is going to happen to ps2.
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  15. Rraymondo316

    RIP Planetside :(
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  16. Auzor

    Best wishes to the fired folk of course,
    wonder what the current stand is on "this move (being bought over) could bring us extra resources to further develop yadayadayada".
    That said, I just looked up when everquest 2 was launched: 2004.
    I mean, besides WoW, how many games of the type can boast remotely the success of having a 10-year game? With updates, with expansions every year?
    For reference, Star wars Galaxies (Star Wars!!!) ran from 2003 to 2011.

    I would be extremely surprised if updates for PS2 continued for 8 years.
    -> Overall, the people of EQ2 probably did good work. You don't give out shoddy updates and still keep a game running for 10 years. They should look back with pride on that.
    But, at some point, games tend to die.
    Maybe it was time to pull the plug on some development for EQ2.
    The business question, which I can't answer, is whether the "EQ2 people" couldn't be 'recuperated' for working on other titles, like PS2, and H1Z1.
  17. NoctD

    EQ seems to have lost their equivalent of Luperza.

    PS2 has never been the same without Luperza. :(
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  18. Rraymondo316

  19. FnkyTwn

  20. Shanther

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