We always here how weak NC is. Is NC good on any server?

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  1. Twign

    When your faction stops wearing those ugly goggles, I'll stop shooting you in the face to make it prettier.
  2. CBCronin

    The NC on Waterson used to be really good (I play VS there) and was able to take all three conts previously, but the TR pop ratio has driven many away me thinks. Recently been playing NC on Mattherson, bad... all I can really say is bad.

    (It may be that because I'm used to being an underdog on Waterson that I frequently see what the best players can accomplish.)
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  3. TheAirbornePosterior

    Go get a couple thousand kills and come back. Making a new character and playing for 30 minutes proves nothing other than you got into a chokepoint defense. After a few thousand it starts to average out. I jumped on a VS alt and got an 11:1 KDR! OMG VS IS OP BECAUSE HE ONLY GOT 5:1 KDR AS NC!
  4. Idono

    So true :D

    Anyway. NC aren't really doing great on any server. Are we op? Not really. We are. It's easy to jump to the other factions to try out their guns. But onyl really spending maybe 20 hours of gameplay on each faction and class and show if there's a difference. I personally have a much easier time hitting people at close range and long range with the VS and TR weapons. Some of them are insanly better. But otherwise the difference is slightly to the TR and VS advantage. VS clearly have the best ESF and TANK in the game and overall the best infantry on their medic and HA.

    NC though have the worse positions on all 3 continents, while the TR have the best. The VS have 1 good spot and that's on esamir.
  5. Jadith

    NC on Matherson can be alright. Half the time, it is just playing cat and mouse with them, though. Successfully attack a biolab/amp station/ tech plant, and the NC just flees to cap the nearest empty one. Every now and then, they will put up a real fight, but mostly they are crybaby cowards.

    Matherson TR and NC are so easy to predict, too. Just read the latest forum fotm qq to find out what their latest tactics and strategy are, then rub their faces in it. Those two spend most of their time trying to back cap Esamir and Amerish while VS has held Indar for about two weeks solid. Every now and again they get a good push going, but once they get Allatum or the Crown, half their army stops marching, leading to an easy hold on Indar.
  6. Dulu


  7. Meh.

    Before u start saying ****** things, Nc was my first faction when I was medic. Saw noting wrong back then, I see noting wrong now. What you gonna blame your own faction and say u need a buff ?
  8. MeowMix986367

    NC pretty much dominates Mattherson. Usually cont locks 2 a night, sometimes all three. Only time we havent done all three is when people do the exploit on us and we just dont bother at that point.
  9. Cull58

    We VS did take Indar last night but the TR neutralised it while we were sleeping lol
  10. Cull58

    On Ceres the NC generally have Amerish, but only because nobody else ever goes there. On Indar where most of the fighting is, we VS are constantly bemoaning the NC tactics. They very very rarely ever push north against the TR (who dominate the continent), they always wait for us to push north then they push west. If I was NC I would be pushing up to Mao tech plant all the time. It is because of this that TR has such a stranglehold on Indar, it's like they are afraid of fighting of them.
  11. PoopMaster

    You neglected to post a picture of 70 percent of the rest of the day where TR has a population advantage.
  12. kill

    NC has the worst weapons (especially starter weapons) and the worst warp gate locations. NC has the lowest population in general. This leads to NC being outnumbered and outgunned which further things out its numbers and makes the problem worse.

    There are of course exceptions to this on some servers where there are big NC outfits. NC also seem to have the least organized efforts, no doubt since those outfits recognized how weak NC was at the end of beta and therefore opted to play TS/VS. Let's remember that at the beginning of beta NC was the most popular faction, and probably, the most powerful one. After that it was nerfed and its population dropped considerably.The masses will flock to the best/easiest factions. That always happens.

    NC can also do well, of course, if there are an organized effort. I'm talking from a meta perspective.

    Honestly, if you wanna see how well an empire does on a server look who's dominating Indar. That's the continent that matters right now.
  13. CommodoreFrank

    What Mattherson are you playing on? We haven't had a single continent during primetime in days. If we had one, it was off hours and short lived.