We always here how weak NC is. Is NC good on any server?

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    we definitely have our moments on genudine. it really comes down to population though. because only when our population exceeds TR or VS by at least five percent (5%) do we really start to romp on indar.
  2. Brutus

    NC on Briggs are no joke.
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  3. Arsinek

    What the hell are you guys talking about? You dont even need territory. Every time I log on I have plenty of resources to pull whatever I want. Even if were backed all the way to our warpgate. Territory doesnt even do anything.
  4. Skadi

    Sol'Tech revolves around who owns the crown, if you have it your gonna blow.
  5. Swoll

    LOL complete denial "Its harder to do it on this faction but you can win just the same". You cant be serious that is the definition of not the same. Please think a little bit in the future.
  6. Linedan

    Eh, I do wonder sometimes if we've got some sort of portable derp field that comes along with our zergs, but I think all factions and all zergs (other than outfit ones) are like that.

    I'd say NC on Mattherson is third place by a tiny amount. The population's balanced, or at least, the same side doesn't dominate all the time; and we do all right. We have our moments.
  7. Peacemaker012

    To answer your question OP, no. If there's any server the NC are actually feared on it's Connery from what I've heard. Us Helios NC have only recently gone from being the whipping boy of the server to being pretty competent, though. We used to to look at the TR's and VS's airforce bomb us from the sky like turkeys in the rain but apparently people are now discovering we have anti-air weapons. We're pretty much just the standard NC stereotype, though Helios NC have a particularly weak, but continually growing air force from what I'm seeing lately.
  8. Darkzero

    Has something to do with 666th Devil Dogs I suppose? ;)
  9. Meh.

    Nc is good people just bad, made a new NC just because I was bored for 30min trial of the gd-22s on heavy. 5.1 ratio, it be better but I kinda kill myself with my own rocket at CQC.. lol ?
    People want good KDR can't get it so they find the closest thing to blame, SoE or the other faction ofc it can't be them. If someone else can get a good KDR so can I, everyone is the same and should all be good ;].
  10. VoidMagic

    Wish the Dogs were on Matherson... that'd give us all the largest outfits. :D Might even get the Enclaves attention off the VS for a bit.
  11. Snow Sheltie

    The NC's doing pretty good on Jaeger server. With Easy Company and Phoenix Batallion, they can deal some major damage to either faction of their choosing. NC managed to capture Indar yesterday which is usually a Terran stronghold in that server. Lately the biggest TR and NC outfits on Jaeger's been in an all-out war between each other and largely ignoring the vanu.
  12. Deadrat

    NC on Woodman are not bad but not good either. Usually Esamir and Amerish is a no go those thend to be dominated by VS and TR with NC cramped in the corner. On Indar its more of a back and forth battle tbh. Nc Manage to cap continents from time to time but most time is spent trying not to make anyone ellse cap Indar.

    Problem with NC as i see it is that they are to hard to play in the begining, If you are not able to learn how to use the wepons you will be screwed forever, If you learn to use them they are pretty ok. Some minor buffs might be needed but they are not as bad as some make them out to be. No as i said the problem is to learn how to use the wepons, NC is by far the faction that is least newbie friendly and has the steepest learning curve. Im far from a pro but i do okey using NC weps, ofc i do better with TR and VS but i still do good enough with NC to want to stick with them. Allot of people never get the hang of the NC wepons but by the time they realice that they are stuck spending to much time on NC to want to change to another faction. Leaving NC with some good people and some not so good who will probably never improve sadly because of the learning requirements. The problem on woodman as i see it is not the lack of population (even though tr is usually the largest faction) the problem is many of those who manage to use the inf weps never get on par with the other factions, There are exeptions ofc but we have a large playerbase on Woodman who are doing okey but would probably do allot better on another faction meaning that the other factions will allways have the advantage.

    When it comes to vehicles NC is not at such a disadvantage as they are on the infantry side.
  13. Ayabe

    Dunno things have seemed pretty dire to me on Jaeger lately, most of the platoons are full of silent pugs doing their own thing. The organized platoons I've been in have been caught in a TR/VS gangbang and we've been more or less facerolled by their zergs.

    I haven't played much in primetime over the past couple weeks but I get the see the aftermath in the afternoons when I get home from work, it's pretty ugly.
  14. GroundPounder

    Its fun to push back and forth with the DevilDogs on Connery, even if it is DD's quantity vs. quality ;)
  15. Chestor

    Genudine. Never left wanting for a big and/or good fight. And the alleged TR/VS cooperation seems to only make the NC there fight harder (honestly, from the beginning there seemed to be very sparse TR vs VS fighting). You'll have lots of practice as an NC there, enough that for most players, you can't help but get better, it's either that or die a million deaths lol.
  16. Brutality1138

    on Genudine, the population advantage fluctuates between the Vanu and NC quite a bit. Even when the vanu have 50% server pop and they push us back close to our warp gate, we always manage to keep a few territories to keep our bonus on indar. Always good fights. :)
  17. Nacasatu

    SeaNanners NC and Tobuscus VS are currently playing on Helios and have a load of their fans with them, TB is on Waterson with TR.
    Apparently they were all meant to be on Waterson.
    I play NC on Helios and enjoy it there a lot. NC's weapons are also harder to master but more rewarding imo, always the underdog, poor Barneys...
  18. Highway_Star

    When the NC capture bases, they don't get resources - they get some of this; [IMG]

    When your weapons and vehicles stop one-shot-killing me then I'll change my mind.
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  19. UrMom306

    Aside from the pops being totally lopsided on all the continents, indar being tr, esamir being vs, and amerish being nc...nc usually always has more territory on Jaegar..VS makes really good pushes with less. Fact of the matter is tr on jaegar are complete morons, all zerg all day, or constantly warpgated....so if your looking for good nc presence....please don't come to jaegar :D
  20. Twign

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