We always here how weak NC is. Is NC good on any server?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Kimble, Jan 7, 2013.

  1. Kimble

    I heard they are good on helios, true or false?
  2. Dis

    Where did you "here" this? Was it here?
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  3. NCf00

    Unsure. NC require around 10% extra population to overrun TR or VS infantry. Vehicularly, it is on even-footing i'd say; however once the TRAC/Carver and Solstice/Orion infantry emerge, NC get wasted at any range.

    -- On Lithcorp
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  4. NightFall

    LOL. Troll post.

    NC is ALWAYS the biggest population on connery

    6PM today
  5. Gumbo

    NC are pretty well represented on Woodman EU.
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  6. Rusky

    On Ceres NC is usually in a pretty bad shape.
    We do often seem to take Amerish, but I think that's just because after TR sweeps across it they all leave so now it's pretty much just constantly changing hands between the NC and TR, but little actual fighting is going on.
    On Emeris the VS are usually in control of most of the continent, and Indar is never really captured by anyone (I blame the Crown for that).
  7. Boomschtick

    Apparently on Genudine VS and TR have to team up to take down NC. ;)
  8. VSDerp

    NC is pretty good on Mattherson....jk jk lol
  9. Smaisteri

    What are you talking about, man? I'd say we're doing surprisingly good on Ceres, at least compared to many other servers.
    We're usually holding 25-30% on Indar, 10-15% on Vanumir and most of the time Amerish is fully conquered by the NC. Most of the fights are on Indar and some on Esamir but Amerish is deserted. Well, today has been quite a bad day and the VS are overgrowing by the day. But there are some good moments when we have captured half of Indar, mostly going against TR.
  10. Birdrock

    Shouting the same thing repeatedly doesn't make it true. You are factually incorrect about your assertion.
  11. TommyDanger

    We've actually been kicking some *** on SolTech lately.
  12. anaverageguy

    NC sometimes take over both Esamir and Amerish on Helios. Else it's the VS that do. Not sure if it's whether it's actually due to the NC being decent or whether others aren't as willing to fight on those two continents.
  13. Arsinek

    What does that even mean, "good"? Why do you need your faction to be "good"? I see nothing in the game that would require your faction to be "good".
  14. FigM

    I played VS for first several months, then switched to NC just to see if it's really that hard. The infantry guns seem to be on par, I don't feel any special disadvantages. Flying Reaver is more frustrating than flying Scythe, but you can still kill with it more or less the same

    The key difference in balance of power seems to be the organization of each team. Some people are really good at organizing and pushing people to work as a team, those tend to succeed more
  15. Dulu

    How about instead of switching servers/sides like a scrub, you help your current team win?

    Carry them.

    Genudine carries a good pop at time. NEVER a territory control though.

    Although we always have all 3 continent bonuses. I hear theres a group of NC that log in late at night and take any cont that was lost during the lull.
  17. Littleman

    NC's success seems directly tied to how many slack jaws are on the field at any given time on Mattherson. I can't count the number of times I've run by obviously AFK soldiers in the middle of the field in the middle of an assault as an NC. Sometimes I think they believe hitting escape actually pauses the game or something.

    Likewise, TR being on site when the enemy actually shows some form of resistance is a coin toss. Typically, if I see a bunch of [TE] tags, I know the zerg will disappear the second there's a snag in the momentum.
  18. Messaiga

    Just today on Jaeger, we pretty much had Indar and Amerish under full control, but mainly cause the VS and TR were duking it out on esamir.
  19. Dulu

    Please don't advertise stuff like this.

    We don't want more noobs coming to our server.
  20. JojoTheSlayer

    We choosed to play NC, not because it was easy, but because it was hard.
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