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  1. Bortasz

    No, defense must me the best reward. If attack will be more rewarded, ore equal to attack, people will form a zergs.
    Simple example:
    Amp station. You can protect it for hours not getting people to the point. If people will not have the point that you take back, there is no deffens point.
    Tech plant is another example. One point, that big zerg take and it's hard to take back from them. Big base means lot's of points. So big zerg will be form.
    We must have system that:
    A) Discurage creating big zergs like 150+ people on one side.
    B) Incentives defending territory of you faction to prevent ghost cap.

    Maybe ekstr reward for having a continent control?
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  2. Atenson

    It has become apparent that the players who enjoy the game, accept their will always be imbalances & create strategies accordingly, are off playing PS2 or doing some other awesome stuff because I just read through 6+ pages of people crying because "SOE didn't do exactly what I suggested last time."

    I hate to tell you, but ZERGs will always exist as this is a game designed around large scale battles. The way I see it you have 2 options: join a ZERG or sneak around looking for evenly matched battles until the ZERG joins/finds you.

    The populations will never be completely balanced, because in order to do that, SOE would have to restrict people from choosing the side they want & that translates into more dissatisfied customers than the people complaining here. There will always be "Band-wagon players" following the "faction of the month." It sucks getting stomped but 3 to 1 numbers but it is an empty victory to win w/ 15%+ population advantage.

    Until SOE comes up w/ some means of preventing or handicapping the 4th faction turn-coats, we need to start getting our factions to work together. Even if leader chat is filled w/ trolls, there are usually outfits/platoons willing to coordinate especially if you offer assistance rather than demanding it.
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  3. Amarsir

    The award boxes are generally fine. I personally have boosts laid out through December on my main char so another 1hr is completely unexciting. (Unless you introduce stacking. Or transferring. Or make boosts account-wide as they should have been in the first place.) But it doesn't bother me that they're being given out, and I can't expect the reward system to know that. It shouldn't be giving 1-hour camos to people who have the full version, but that might be a technical difficulty too.

    The only real problem with awards is their inconsistency. Gamers are getting tired of the Skinner Box treatment to rewards, and giving some people Gold weapons while others get (yet more) boosts just makes the latter group uphappy with what should be a reward. They don't all have to be top-tier; I'd be thrilled to receive a 100c weapon I don't have yet.

    The much bigger problem is that your reward system mismatches player motivation with faction motivation. And it's not just the WDS, though that really highlighted the issue. Players are openly encouraged to form bigger and bigger groups as the counter to things. Just last week I said I didn't like the Gal changes because they oppressed casuals at the expense of organized squads. And I was told to "come back with 11 friends".

    So if that's what the mechanics reward - bigger groups and winning - then zergs and ghostcaps are the logical conclusion and you need to give a serious think whether that's what you want.
  4. VaIhall

    NC pop is usually around 45% you complain about Vanu overpop when NC is the real problem? sure VS maybe got overpop during some weird hours when no one barely plays ...

    You wont deny the overpop problem but you wont accept that your faction NC is the biggest problem.
  5. HadesR

    You miss the point .. It doesn't matter WHO is the problem or at what hours .. It needs addressing .. If you don't understand that then I'm sorry.

    In regards to the topic of the thread ( WDS ) the time of day is a moot point ..
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    this for me was a big waste of time, tier 1, I got 4 1 time use camos, tiers 2 I got 3 1 hour exp boosts, and tier 3 I got TEN OF THE SAME DAMN CAMOS I GOT IN TIER 1!
  7. ncDieseL

    A quick fix could be to lose the capture points entirely. You could reduce them, but I've seen people zerging for 3-4 point captures. Holding should be the main method for earning WDS points, and I guess defending makes sense for the personal points. Capturing makes sense on paper, but in practice its being abused.
  8. ArmedGoose

    What Battle?
    All I saw this last weekend was huge zergs ghostcapping the highest points bases. There were no battles.
    100+ ppl camping maybe a halve squad of defenders aint no "battle"...
    But credit where credit is due... SOE managed to reintroduce the mindless zerging-only planetside big time - even on lattice continents.
    Good stuff! Or not.
  9. Kinan Eldari

    Fairly certain this has all been mentioned somewhere in the thread, but defense needs to reap more rewards than attacking does. Then people will have to find a balance between zerging across the continent and trying to defend what points they have.
    Secondly, make territories worth less during off-peak hours to discourage people sticking around to cap the continent(s) behind the other factions' backs. That ought to discourage all the ghostcapping that happens before (and I'm guesstimating these hours immensely) 6PM and after 11PM (server time), when I'm assuming most people from that timezone will be playing on the server.
    Thirdly, perhaps bring in a point contribution nerf for a faction that zergs much smaller defense forces. Don't simply implement a server-wide nerf for having the most populated faction at that time. What with the Lattice system in place, that ought to divide some zergs up nicely and across continents.
  10. chrisarn94

    It's kinda depressing knowing that I'll never get to tier three since every time I log on the situation is completely hopeless. :/
  11. BetaGuru

    Problem 1: The system incentivizes avoiding fights. Since protracted battles are timewasters and provide zero WDS points, those who are interested in gaining the points avoid them. This creates a snowball effect, where even the people who wan't good fights can't have them, because there's not enough, so they go after the WDS stuff instead because why not, its that or watch TV, and the problem gets worse for the next guy who logs in.

    Solution: WDS points are gained only for bases that are contested and the more contested the base, the more points. Defenders make more than attackers, incentivizing defense.

    Problem 2: The rewards suck. For a moment I'm going to ignore the fact that people are getting things they already own: clearly a bug. However, boosts are lame. I'm sorry. A boost is basically just "An hour of slightly more profitable gameplay on your long and inexorable march towards BR100. Underwhelming, to say the least.

    Solution: Guns and gear. Give people guns and gear. Not camos. I mean things like helmets or armor aesthetic improvements. Or resources! Give them more resources. Give them consumables that instantly replenish resources, for example. Boosts are a bummer.
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  12. Scatterblak

    Try logging on as NC.
  13. EmmettLBrown

  14. Luperza Community Manager

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