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  1. HadesR

    But they shouldn't have equal value .. Ghost capping at 4am with 48% World pop should not reward the same points as a hard fought 50/50 battle during prime time ..

    It purposely plays into the hands of which ever faction is over pop'd at any given time ..

    How could you not see that coming .. Shocking :rolleyes:
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  2. Ransurian

    Waterson's NC held 76% of the Esamir population and a significant advantage over TR and VS in terms of overall world population last night. That's inexcusable. Empire-specific population caps should exist.
  3. Bingabong

    Yeah I think they tinker with this game far too much. Just let the players decide where to fight and get rid of the alerts and this stupid rubbish of an idea. All it is doing is seriously encouraging overpopulation. I think I've just about had enough on Woodman. It's just a waste of time trying to play TR. They need to introduce negative factors to being on the overpopulated side. Like for example an experience minus proportionate to the size of the overpopulation. To the point where you eventually get xp at little more than a trickle if your side has a significant advantage in numbers. Until they do something about the population imbalances (and other issues) they get no money from me. And there are other games coming out soon so I might just say goodbye to this broken piece of s**t of a game if nothing is done.
  4. Foster42

    Wow SOE.. (3x) 50% one hour boosts for getting to 2000 points? I would have expected something more for attaining that amount. WDS is a waste of time now...
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  5. Azanure

    The same dev team that took 6 months to realize that the game was unoptimized. :p
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  6. Flyaxl

    Why did I get 3 times the same reward for my 2000wds points im very disapointed as i read it was supposed to be more valuable what was in third crate (2000wds points) than in the first but i happen to get 3times +50% xp boost (1hour) in each of my crates...and all this wds made this a zerg fest and can be very unpleasant to play
  7. HadesR

    That wouldn't be the team that thinks 200 versus 12 should be as rewarding as 12 versus 12 would it ?
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  8. Kunstprodukt

    Ok im done with this game, 4X % Vs on Miller, i miss the 1 char per server system.
  9. BetaGuru

    I'm logging off in disappointment every night since WDS was implemented. The fights are garbage, nobody cares, everyone's just chasing selfish goals and they're not even having fun because the rewards are trash.

    What a misstep.
  10. JustARandomNobody

    Awful system. Good job at making every single problem with uber zerging, ghost capping and your terrible rendering stand out even more. Good work Sony. Raising the bar on failure!
  11. Kwyjibo

    WDS isn't fun atm. I wasted a 3-day xp boost this weekend because I just couldn't bring myself to play the game long enough to get my money's worth. The game is literally just massive zergs and ghost caps. I'm fairly new to PS2, but this this weekend was hands down the worth time I've had in this game. If I just started playing the game now, I'd probably walk away from it because I wouldn't know that it's usually better than this.

    I can't wait until WDS is over.
  12. Jaegerwolf

    Yea I'm sorry but the heavily imbalanced pops and having Vanu take a huge lead on Mattheson because none of them seem to have jobs that require sleep at night is just annoying. And now I'm understanding the personal rewards are garbage too?
  13. HealthcareReform

    My first tier reward at 200 WDS points was 3-1hr experience boosts.

    My second tier reward at 800 WDS points was 6 single use vehicle camo's.

    My third tier 2000 WDS points reward was the same as the first, 3-1hr exp boosts.

    It was my understanding that achieving the 3rd tier yielded the best prizes, this is not the case.

    As you can imagine I was disappointed.
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  14. vsae

    I just realized the the key issue with WDS is attacking is again more productive, i.e. you gain more points for capture than the defending. The defending reward values must be twice larger than attacking ones. Puff, the ghostcapping problem solved.

    I cant think of a reason the SOE keeps this philosophy of giving an advantages for attacking team. Bases are easy to take, and have a better reward for capturing, not to mention poor base design that allows to shell the spawn rooms directly.
  15. Weynard

    I'm glad that SOE decided to make this game more competitive, sadly, they have failed to foresee predictable player behaviour and the current balance issues.

    In their attempt to make the WDS point gain "consistent" throughout the day, they encourage playing during the off hours, as heavy fighting during prime time will lead to most commonly exchanged bases to yield almost no points. As activity decreases, less bases get taken and the core territories continue to accumulate DEF points. This leads to two problems which SOE were either unable to predict (which would be ludicrously sad) or ignoring when they decided this event was a good idea:

    a) During prime time, only core territories will be worth capturing, which, as we've all seen, leads to massive zergs deep into enemy territory with the sole purpose of capturing one valuable territory (like Ymir Bio) and then immediately leaving. This is also due to another problem I will go over later.

    b) During the off hours, the overpopulated faction (NC, as we've well established throughout this thread) will be left with massive territories at the end of prime time, which they will be able to defend throughout the early morning, leading to big defense point gains. The underpopulated factions will not be able to capture these high-value territories due to being, well, underpopulated. This encourages ghost-capping.

    Another issue is the focus on offense rather than defense, which further encourages zerging and ghost capping rather than balanced game play where some members of the faction are actually defending bases. Even if you were to defend a base, which is obviously not intended during this event due to the insultingly low WDS rewards, you would most likely be facing a zerg or a handful of people. And even if you manage to gather enough points for a supply roll, you're likely to get nothing worthy of note.

    To sum it up, WDS
    - encourages zerging
    - encourages ghost capping
    - rewards the overpopulated faction
    - punishes defense
    - encourages strategically unviable tactics (such as rushing a base you cannot hope to defend)
    - provides inconsistent rewards

    And now, let's have a look at the current results after only a few days of fighting: NC 35 %, VS 34 %, TR 31 %.

    Not only is the NC winning on most servers, but the TR is also losing decisively. Only on mIller does the TR have a slight lead, on 6 out of 8 servers are they more than 10k points behind the NC. This may well be a result of the commonly cited overpopulation of the NC, but I would like to point out an observation of my own.

    In the last balance pass, the TR got nerfed hard. The Prowler, after a brief period of usefulness, was yet again nerfed into insignificance and is, yet again, unable to compete with the Vanguard in almost every situation. I didn't understand it then, and I'm still mad about it now, TBH. The NC got buffed, and we're now seeing the outcome of people joining them. In my own opinion, the NC is now overpopulated because they have too many powerful toys like the Jackhammer Burst mode (really?), Scatmaxes that dominate CQC (and thus all of the important fights) without opposition, unkillable Vanguards with extremely high damage output and hard hitting firearms. The valid point can be made that NC is a CQC faction, but hey, all tower bases and all Amp Stations, tech Plants and Biolabs are essentially CQC battles, which is a massive bias towards the NC. Similarly, the Vanguard can easily dominate long range fights in open terrain and their bolt driver is on par with the other factions' sniper rifles.

    - WDS is ****, cancel the event
    - Nerf NC
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  16. Incentive Legend

    Finally unlocked all three tiers. All three where 3X one hour boosts. Thats 9 one hour boosts total. Pretty disappointed after hearing all these story's of people receiving gold PDW's.

    I was under the impression that each tier prize was something different, something we don't have or at least better then the previous prizes. What a scam.

    My motivation to play now has gone though until maybe next weeks wds. good luck to those still playing for wds prizes. hopefully luck is in your favor and you get a gold PDW.;) fights on my server are few at the moment as people just camp bases for wds points manly the bio labs, amp stations and tech plants.:( Essentially forcing factions to cap around bases to get to those behind them.
  17. Bungee


    I am aware that you didnt personally come up with the scoring system so dont take this as a personal attack.

    But SOE has screwed up on this one.. Again

    You state that the dev team didn't see any correlation between WDS scores and Population... However you seemed to have missed the idea that the WDS rewards system will radically alter the player behavior as well as altering the server population demographic.

    So as a TR player I cant possibly win this event...

    HOWEVER (and this is important) Do not alter the rules halfway through the event. All this will achieve is to annoy a bunch of your playerbase. You have done this for the last 2 WDS events and it just takes away from the credibility of the event.

    Then when the event is over (congrats NC BTW) consult with the community or hire a Psychologist or just read a book on game theory. You are looking to create a system that rewards participation as well as victory (People don't like loosing.. so they don't log on... so their side looses even more.. a classic feedback loop. You need to encourage the loosing side to remain engaged until the last day)
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  18. ncDieseL

    Strongly disagree. The current system cannot continue for 3 weeks. It either gets changed, or it gets cancelled.
  19. Bungee

    I can see why you are saying that.. but The last 2 times they have tried to change the score system mid event it has led to an auto win for another faction.. TR in the case of WDS 1 (because TB is a more popular you tuber) VS in the case of WDS 2 (because the population imbalance thing was badly calibrated)..


    DO you really think that they can come up with a better system 'on the fly'?
  20. ncDieseL

    I don't care who wins, it's meaningless. The game is broken in it's current form, nobody is enjoying this.
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