WDS: The Battle Begins

Discussion in 'Official News and Announcements' started by Luperza, Feb 7, 2014.

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  1. MickeySerendipity

    Come on, we all saw it coming a mile off. It's the exact same situation as facility alerts, but without the need to defend anything.
    TE would've loved this.
  2. AirSteps

    I enjoy capturing and defending bases to gain WDS points, whether points for personal rewards or empire points. WDS is a really good approach to a META game. But, there is one issue i noticed after one night and 1000 personal points: ALERTS and WDS do not match.

    It is 2 am on Miller and NC pushes to Saurva and Dahaka ( both are 100 points worth and there is no defence). At the same time, the Alert runs on Amerish. None of the NCs care about it, because everybody wants his personal rewards. TR can easily win the Alert, but looses important WDS points.

    Make Alerts not random anymore. They should income, when specific territories have a high value for WDS. For example, on Indar two biolabs have a value of 80 WDS points. It makes sense, that the Alert, alarms the players and motivates them to capture these biolabs. Therefore, compare the situation of all biolabs to each other. If they are similar, the Alert is going to be on all three continents, else the Alert is going to be only on Indar.

    I hope you get my point, sorry for my bad english skills, I am German. Besides, i am not sure if this suggestion fits in this thread, please replace it if it does not.
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  3. ncDieseL

    OR, just alerts give WDS points, enough to make it worth while playing the alert.

    I know what you mean, there was a Bio Lab alert on Miller last night, and it didn't make sense to go for the Bio Labs worth 30 WDS points when there was an amp station sitting there worth 100.
  4. Serafine

    I play NC for fun and because I finally wanted to have the Pheonix. In fact, I don't care for alerts at all, I'm playing NC when I'm in the mood. Don't worry you'll will see me be playing VS as well.

    Btw interestingly NC population was about to consolidate at a level slightly above the others (even during alerts), WDS screwed that up completely and made the gameplay at Ceres A LOT worse.
    If we didn't got this WDS mess populations on Ceres would have been fairly even by now.
  5. Tragachinos

    Yeah, WDS makes usual faction switching even worse, at least for first couple of days. People are just rushing to get free stuff from supply caches and they do so with the faction that offers quicker and less painful way to grind those points, in this case - NC. But once they will unlock those 2000 WDS points rewards on their NC characters, they will start to unlock rewards on other faction characters and the population will even out. At least it's what I hope will happen.
  6. ncDieseL

    WDS Ladies and Gentlemen:-

    3 factions, 3 continents. Each faction is taking turns to Zerg/Ghost cap each continent, and then switch to the next.

    All I ask now is, when does it end?
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  7. Shiaari

    I think it's time for a Vanu Space Rave.

  8. Matixzun

    I've got a question, Was the lying about the rewards being progressive, random and not getting something you already have intentional, or a misunderstanding?
  9. Wargrim

    The thread title needs to be changed:

    "WDS - The battle just ended, lets go and ghostcap!"

    I have only one request: End this madness before it does more damage.
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  10. inorite

    As of the time I'm posting the VS have 40%+ pop on all continents on Mattherson. And because of this I've canceled my sub. I'm not gonna pay to have my **** pushed in for a month straight for some 1hour xp boosts and single use camos.
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  11. BeefySleet

    I play TR on Mattherson too. I just set an alert on my calendar to remind me to cancel my sub next month (3 month recurring) because of this terrible population issue, and how Mattherson TR are constantly below 30% pop and can't win anything anymore. Not fun to play, and certainly not worth paying for. I'd cancel right this second if SOE's policy wasn't to completely steal the 500SC/month they give you for a sub. Gonna get my next allotment, and cancel. Done with paying to lose.
  12. Tehrawk

    I really regret paying for a months sub. If I had of known that three quarters of the time was going to be wasted on this mess, I would have just waited a couple of weeks. Is there any chance of getting a refund? This really is not what I signed up for.
  13. ncDieseL

    How long ago did you buy it? If it was less than 7 days ago you should be able to get a refund. Put in a ticket anyway, at the very least it will help make some noise.
  14. Tehrawk

    It was 11 days ago. I will make a ticket anyways though.
  15. Ransurian

    TR on my server controlled a staggering 3% of the territory on Indar. That isn't a typo -- they literally controlled only 3% for about 20 minutes before finally managing to stage a miserable, half-hearted zerg rush at Indar Waste Treatment / Camp Connery after NC had mostly left.

    That's the kind of **** that pisses me off.
  16. DeeX

    Is there any reason to have more than 2k points?
  17. Ransurian

    Not really, no. Is it even possible to farm more than 2k per week?
  18. BetaGuru

    I really appreciate that SOE is trying to pump some life into the game, but this was a seriously boneheaded move. the fights have been terrible. Wandering zergs capping bases with 80% pop all over the place. Nobody caring about alerts, which in themselves used to be terrible and now are just ignored.

    How they didn't see this coming baffles me.
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  19. Killuminati C

    This. I'm sure SOE is coming from a good place with this event and honestly most of the pop problems are due to the player base wanting to use any advantage they can as a crutch. That said, the type of "fights" that seem to develop from the WDS are really detrimental to overall gameplay for everyone.
  20. eBlaise

    I have to agree, most of the issues so far seem to be people problems, and not inherent design flaws in the WDS.
    From what i've experienced on Waterson, mostly what i see is that the increasing facility value as a carrot on the stick is working just too well. Huge zergs are forming to try and go for these larger scoring bases, and most of the time they can get them uncontested, or with only minor resistance (usually from the 3rd empire also wanting in on the spoils). and as a result of forward outpost being held for less time than the bases more in warpgate proximity, these zergs usually push on until they hit the warpgate, then when there's nothing left that's deemed worth of conquering the majority jumps continents, where a similar thing was done by another empire, and try to harvest the score from there. This results in boring "fights" most of the time.
    Also ppl are always waiting around bases until it's fully capped (even it the zone population is like 98%-2%), to collect their personal rewards (this incentive ofc goes away when someone has already collected the tier3 reward for the week), this results in less efficient attacks/counterattacks, and slows down the whole gameflow.

    I'd suggest lowering the score values for capturing for the next iteration, tho i fear that would result in far more defensive play and less risks taken as everyone would treasure the already owned territories over pushing out, and that'd be just as stale as the current result.
    Also something needs to be done about the personal rewards as it just slows down the warmachine, and because of it, lots of people value their personal contribution scores over the empire's overall success.
    I'll not touch on the issue of server populations, partly because I can't come up with a solution that'd balance out population (the best i can see is the continental lattice, as that'd create one large front line across continents, and not 3 separate front lines for the 3 continents)
    And scoring during low server population times should be lowered, it'd seem justified that the empire who had the upper hand at the end of the night should reap the benefits of an overnight score, but with the zone values scaling up the longer they're held, the score gained during these times are unproportionately high compared to score gained during prime time (even with the relatively high score values for the act of capturing). And gives an early bird reward to the faction that can muster up a large enough force to harvest these high value bases at the start of the day.
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