WDS - Supply Cache Rewards List Thread

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by o.Solei.o, Feb 7, 2014.

  1. o.Solei.o

    Not seeing a thread for this yet. (Pardon me if I've somehow missed this.)

    I'd like to invite folks to tell us what you get from your WDS Supply Cache loot boxes, so the rest of us will have an idea as to what to expect. Screenies are nice but not mandatory, unless you get something really nice. (Player Studio gear, anything that is released in the infil update, anything that costs over 1000 SC, etc.)

    And to start us off on an illustrious note, I give you... the return of single-use camos!


    It's hard to see, but there's actually three of them it awarded.

    So what did you get?
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  2. Admiralty

    I havn't had the chance to play yet, but are single camos permanent? As in, you apply it to a single vehicle/weapon and you consume one and becomes a camo option for your specific choice permanently?
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  3. Azarga

    Lol, single use camos are back where (almost) nobody was expecting them.
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  4. Neodymius

    Presuming that they haven't changed how they work since they sold them (I bought a few back then), they can be applied to a camo slot once (eg one loadout of your infiltrator) and then they will stay on that slot until you remove or replace that camo, which will remove it permanently. The weapon camo that the OP got can be attached to any weapon in one loadout. Because he received 3, he can attach it to any 3 weapons, but will lose those uses when he removes them. I still have some single use camos on some of my loadouts that have been there since release.
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  5. kadney

    Are the rewards bound on a character or are the account wide?
  6. NinjaTurtle

    Per character.

    Which is good as it should hopefully cut 4th factioning a bit
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  7. Nitrobudyn

    Single use camos? That's... disapointing. I hope higher tier rewards are better.
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  8. TheScavenger101

    Still FREE stuff for playing the game without doing much extra work then you'd normally would :p Sometimes SOE = <3
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  9. Santondouah

    Do single camos get removed if you change the camo using the "change camo on all loadouts" feature ? the two features under character visual on the loadout selection screen.
  10. TheLastRyano

  11. Polskija

    I think cosmetics and vanity for playing promotes the f2p aspect of this game. I think many who don't invest SC are happy muppets at the moment. :)
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  12. Nintyuk

    Meh could be good.
  13. Hicksimus

    First Reward: 3x1 Hour Experience Boosts
    Bring on the Biofarms!
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  14. NoctD

    Tier 1: 3x1 Hour XP Boosts as well.
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  15. WyrdHarper

    They sold for 50 cents back in the day, but SOE removed them so we'd pay 10x as much for the same effect.
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  16. zdzieblarz

    Thanks! Was looking for a thread like this. Hope you can update the first post with a complete list, and this should be a sticky :)

    Got the 3x1hr boost @ 200 points.
    Overall a nice thing for ~1 hour of gameplay
  17. sustainedfire

    I received 3 single use TR digital camos.

    Most ugly!
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  18. o.Solei.o

    I was hoping to do just that, but it appears that I can no longer edit the first post. :/

    Running Tally


    3x 1hr XP Boost (3 reports + 1 report in-game)
    3x Single-Use Camo (2 reports, ES Urban Forest and ES Digital)

    Keep the reports coming!
  19. o.Solei.o

  20. dp_nox

    +1 for 3*1h XP Boost (Tier 1)


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