WDS: New Rules. New Scoring. New Rewards.

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  1. Luperza Community Manager

    By: Margaret "Luperza" Krohn

    After the first World Domination Preseason, we took all of your feedback and made some major changes to the rules, scoring and rewards. Today, we're happy to announce the start of PlanetSide 2 World Domination Preseason 2 on Friday, February 7th, 2014 at 12:00 AM PT!! Check out the changes below and prepare for war, Auraxians!

    Scoring & Rule Adjustments
    • Disabled Difficulty and Top Dog multipliers. This means scores will be far more consistent and predictable throughout the day, and contributions have equal value regardless of time of day or continent population.
    • The time between hold points being awarded to the empire has been reduced to 30 minutes (from 60).
    • Point values for capture, defense and hold now increase the longer a region is held and resets when the region is captured.
      • The value increases occur every 30 minutes the facility is held.
      • Max value is attained after the facility has been held for 6 hours. After 6 hours, hold scores will still be awarded every thirty minutes, but the values will not increase any further.
      • There’s now a “time held’ field in the region info panel which records how long your empire has held a particular facility.
      • Point values still differ based on outpost type. It is configured such that overall value of a Large Outpost is twice that of a Small Outpost, and a Major Facility is twice that of a large outpost. Major facilities are worth significantly more points to capture, hold and actively defend.
    • Defending a region now awards WDS points.
      • The defend value is shown instead of the capture value on the region info panel if your empire owns the region.
      • Defend value is lower than capture value due to frequency of captures compared to defenses. Overall these values are calibrated to be roughly equal in total contribution to empire score, with captures being slightly higher.
    • Hold value remains as an empire-only scoring mechanism and comprises roughly two thirds of an empire’s total score.
    The purpose of these adjustments is to provide more value to holding and defending territory and more value to taking territory that has been held for a long time. This also opens up a lot more strategic options for players wishing to maximize their personal contribution, the point earning of their empire, or those trying to set back another empire.

    Outpost Scoring Values
    Values listed are Starting Value / MaxValue after 6 hours.

    Small Outpost
    • Capture 3/25
    • Defend / Hold 2/8
    Large Outpost
    • Capture 6/50
    • Defend / Hold 4/16
    Major Facility
    • Capture 12/100
    • Defend / Hold 8/32

    Warpgate Balance
    By removing difficulty, we have also removed population adjustment, and we want to explain why we have not replaced it as population was a big concern for players. We have been collecting scoring data over the last several weeks using these updated scoring rules so as to create a baseline and calibrate the scoring values. It was also used to calibrate any population adjustments if required. Across all servers and factions, the data showed no significant skew as a result of population. However, it did show a very significant skew based on warpgate position across empires and servers. So at this time, we do not have a population adjustment and we're instead focused on balancing out the only significant source of scoring bias supported by our data.

    We have used this calibration data to create three sets of warpgate positions such that each set of warpgates has close to the same point earning power per day. There are six permutations of these positions between the three empires, and over the course of the season each of those permutations will be active for a week.
    • Each position is set such that the sum of all point earnings across all continents for the empire with that position through normal non-WDS play is roughly equal to the other positions.
    • The positions will rotate through each permutation automatically at the start of each week. (Weeks start Friday at 12AM.)
    • This rotation does not require downtime and players will receive several warnings prior to a rotation. Players in the warpgate during the rotation will be taken to the respawn screen.
    • Only the warpgates are being rotated; territories owned at the time of the rotation will be unaffected.

    Server-Specific Rewards
    • Weekly and Season reward distribution will now be dependent on the individual server’s WDS scores
      • Ex: If TR had the highest score on Connery, but VS had the highest score worldwide, TR on Connery would still receive the weekly reward.
    • Worldwide scores will still be tracked and displayed on the website, but will no longer have rewards tied to them.
    • Each player of the winning empire for the week will receive a 3 Day Experience Boost
    • Each player of the winning empire for the season will receive an exclusive decal and the temporary title of “Dominator” (which lasts until a new season winner is crowned)
    • Both the Weekly and Season Scores and Rewards will be displayed on the [Tab] Screen.

    Weekly Personal Rewards and Contribution
    • Players now earn contribution points by participating in the defense or capture of a base
    • The amount of contribution points a player receives is equal to the amounts of WDS points their empire receives (i.e. the points that are displayed on the map region panel).
    • The total amount of contribution points a player earns during a week will qualify the player for weekly personal rewards
    • There are 3 tiers of weekly personal rewards
      • [IMG] Tier 1 is awarded at 200 contribution points
      • [IMG] Tier 2 is awarded at 800 contribution points
      • [IMG] Tier 3 is awarded at 2000 contribution points
    • Each contribution tier rewards the player with a Supply Cache, which contains one of many items (ex: camos, boosts, weapons, etc)
    • Higher tier Supply Caches will both contain more valuable items and have a higher chance of having a more valuable item in them
    • Each personal reward will be distributed immediately after meeting the qualification
    • Players can earn multiple weekly personal rewards provided they meet the qualifications of each one
    • Player contribution progress will be displayed on the [Tab] Screen.

    Originally posted: https://www.planetside2.com/news/wds-new-rules-new-scoring-new-rewards
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  2. NevarxTR

    Do the supply caches have SC items?
    And i'm sure we all know who is going to win... the overpopped NC.
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  3. Ash87

    Will the supply caches possibly possess some items that are recruiter items?

    Also will the supply cache be randomized for each person getting one, according to what they already have, or will I run a chance of getting a supply cache that contains things I already own?

    Edit: Good changes though to the WDS, looking forward to it, I think I will apply my 7 day boost starting Friday :)
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  4. Luperza Community Manager

    Yes, SC items may show up in these Supply Caches as I stated - camos, etc. ;)

    Recruiter items are exclusive, so no.

    Supply Caches should only grant you items that you do not have yet.
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  5. Ash87

    Okay, I knew question 1 was probably a no, but it begged asking

    Awesome either way though. TY for the quick response Luperza :)
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  6. Snipe-yo-face-yall

    Nice! This sounds like a lot of fun! Could we get helmets and vehicle weapons too?
  7. NevarxTR

    Oh... My... Gosh...
    I love you SOE...
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  8. Bortasz

    Can you explain this?

    Also what is true?
    I get 200 contribution points, and can hold them to buy bigger tier reward, ore spend them on tier 1 reward.
    I get 200 contribution points and get tier 1 reward I have to collect 600 more to get tier 2 reward.
  9. Snipe-yo-face-yall

    No, Players can earn multiple weekly personal rewards provided they meet the qualifications of each one

    I think that means that you can get all three with the same points.
  10. o.Solei.o

    Personal loot chests for participation?

    I think this might just get my on-the-fence F2P friends back into this game!
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  11. Morti

    Oh my god you guys got the personal contribution thing just right

    I was completely not excited before reading that.
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  12. Bortasz

    I was wondering does I have chance to win let's say 2 tier 3 rewards.
  13. P149U3

    Recon Camo Lumifiber Armor Max FTW
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  14. Luperza Community Manager

    Possibly, yes. ;)

    I think you are confused. You don't collect and save anything. You just play, gain WDS Points. Once you hit a tier, you attain that Supply Cache.

    You can get three tiers worth of Supply Caches per week if you meet each checkpoint, which means you have a chance of getting one of each tier - three rewards.

    Nope. You can get one reward of each tier, not multiples of one type of tier.
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  15. MrMurdok


    Can't wait for NC to overpop zerg everything during prime time, for TR to ghost cap all the territory in the middle of the night and for VS to capture it back during the day, up until primetime. Rinse and repeat.
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  16. Luperza Community Manager

    As stated, we have already run a few "under the radar" tests to see if our new algorithm works and it seems to. Population fluctuation hasn't been a major issue with our test runs. :)
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  17. NevarxTR

    You're awesome Luperza! :D
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  18. o.Solei.o

    Very nice!! So does that mean they are somewhat randomized?
  19. Luperza Community Manager

    Yep! Also, the higher the tier of the Supply Cache, the higher the chance it will give you a better reward. :D
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  20. Sandpants

    Some things I don't understand.

    Max Capture Contribution when the bonus resets on a capture. So you cap a base and it resets, going to base value, why have a maximum? Or does it award the conquerors the cap points multiplied by the 6 hour enemy hold bonus? In which case, there is more incentive to NOT capture within the first 6 hours, cos you get higher points if you wait out.

    Then you award people MORE stuff in parallel with certs gain... In a game with 1 time purchases. That can't be good. There is no in-out of stuff. There is just going in. There are already people who have nothing to spend certs on.
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