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  1. Verviedi

    I'm regarded as a Waterson refugee on my new character, but at least my KDR is not messed up from when I was a noob.
  2. EliteEskimo

    I"m pretty sure I do get it, that being said...

    1. The other servers aren't' like Mattherson or Miller because the big outfits from PS1 settled primarily in Mattherson and Miller which served as the foundation needed to create the competitive base of players that you know today. Fun fact is a ton of major outfits from PS1 agreed before hand to settle on Mattherson before it was launched, and other than the 666 Devil Dogs NC group which decided to go over to Connery that is exactly what happened. I'm not as familiar with Miller's story, but I know they have a large number of competitive and coordinated outfits there as well (Particularly on the TR, which is part of the reason why Miller is the one and only Capital server for the TR)

    2.You don't think people on Mattherson hop on and laugh and shoot with their friends? Even in the most intense BWC operations there is laughing and fun going on while coordinated tactics and maneuvers are being executed. Fun and Shenanigans can be found easily among another powerful TR outfit which BWC is good friends with and is known as the 903rd outfit. They have fun and act derpy too, and I hope to one day experience and understand this fascination with legos they have (Although this may be forever an inside joke between them and NNG:D). You don't think Mattherson VS is having fun shouting GINYU FORCE RULES? Or the NC outfits shouting "FREEDOM!"? Make no mistake we are try hards on Mattherson, but we have a blast doing it and laughs and good times are to be had.

    3. "If you don't play on Mattherson, then you don't matter son" is part of the Mattherson Metagame, and it is so strong and powerful it has actually managed to make its way into the entity of forumside itself!:eek::cool::eek: I hope that one day you too ShrapnelKing will understand and become a part of it, but you are just a young pup among the wolf pack outfits on Mattherson and having just joined our awesome server you likely do not fully understand the metagame. I'd play with some NC outfits more often if I were you or even become a part of one so you can get the full experience of playing on Mattherson. VCO, TENC, and BAX are my personal recommendations for you to explore (I know GOON is very shenanigans prone, but past IGROWWEARYOFTHISWORLD I know little about them in PS2 other than some sort of merger they had at one point with GOKU)

    4. I actually do have respect for other outfits on other servers, and in fact I'm a big fan of the Freelancers Union on Miller . TIW on Waterson has some good/great tankers and who could forget PREY for having some of the best pilots in the game. I know NUC was easily one of the best of the best outfits until they disbanded to leave for WOT. While each server may have a diamond in the rough like FutureCrew is to Connery, or NUC was to Waterson on a server wide level there is just no comparison to Mattherson in the US. Mattherson has numerous competitive outfits on ALL 3 factions, and unlike other servers we have just not one, or two, but many competitive and coordinated outfits among the NC/VS/TR. Some of those outfits are record holders, and DA is currently the most competitive outfit in the Planetside 2 realm and they stay on Mattherson because no other server provides the challenge Mattherson offers. You get the idea;)

    In conclusion let me just put it to you this way, when you play in the most challenging atmosphere in Planetside 2, you succeed, and flourish in that atmosphere while having fun there is no better feeling one can get. So do the players of Mattherson think that Mattherson is awesome? Yes. Do we think our server is the hardest server to play on in the US? Yes. Do we have good reason to feel good about our server being awesome, being hi9hgly competitive, and being the hardmore server?... Yes:cool:
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  3. Paragon Exile

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  4. Epic High Five

    It's like watching Waterson tear itself apart for us so that we may better feast

    GOON is quite prone to shenanigans. We have very good stats despite our "take anybody who isn't a sh*tlord supreme and has mumble" policies and all that dumb stuff but mostly we're the HONK OPS outfit that loves butts and #SLUGLYFE and all the great gear that the NC gets. We have very little to offer the hyper competitive MLG segment of the population but we're more than happy to ram them with Reavers

    Mattherson is where being an infantry full-time is fun. Most anybody who's knocking it either a) spends all of their time in the sky on derpy servers where nobody pulls AA or b) is going off reputation. Is Mattherson a rough place to be a vehicle? Not if you're smart, but compared to other places hooooo-boy it's a world apart.

    That's pretty much what it comes down to: Mattherson is the infantry server. We dog on each other and rip on X or Y faction but when it comes down to it, Mattherson NC on a night when no leadership is on is still going to wipe the floor with most anybody else. We're the feudin' hillbilly server of Auraxis. We'll fuss and feud sure but y'all best stay out of this cuz this is FAMILY BUSINESS
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  5. TheShrapnelKing

    1. Precisely. Most people who play this game aren't old Planetside hands with never-ending rivalries to pursue, they're just your average FPS player who is drawn to the game by promises of battles larger than in any other game. TBH if I were a new player I'd be scared of your server - plus, since Connery would show up as having the most pop it's likely new players will gravitate there anyway.

    2. I'm not denying that, I'm saying most people don't put that kind of effort into playing a game.

    3. That phrase only exists because you guys thought it up and keep spouting it off every chance you get.

    I'm not an old Planetside hand, I am indeed just some modern FPS player. Your Metagame, your decade-old rivalries, it doesn't mean anything to me, I have no investment in it and I don't really care. I have a character on Mattherson for exactly three reasons:

    A) I don't like to play when my faction is overpopped, so having multiple servers to choose from helps with that
    B) You guys go on so much about how superior you are I absolutely had to hop in and prove I could hold my own
    C) Waterson was boring at the time and I needed somewhere more exciting; this problem has corrected itself in the past week as we've had some excellent fights lately

    4. So you admit your "If you're not on Mattherson you don't matter" phrase is false then?

    To give this an analogy, the constant barrage of messages from you guys going something like "Mattherson is better than your server and if you don't play on it you don't matter" is like Counterstrike players trying to deny there is any merit or enjoyment to Team Fortress 2 because TF2 is a more casual, laid-back game and takes less skill to play, and that Counterstrike is therefore a superior game (not saying they actually say this, just as an example). The Counterstrike players would think this way because they are competitive people and they get immense satisfaction from defeating each other and honing their skills to do so. As such they look down on a cartoony, extremely unrealistic game like TF2 that doesn't demand high skill level to play it enjoyably and is more forgiving to casual players. Because they don't get as much satisfaction from such a game, they irrationally assert it must be inferior - and fail to recognize how something that isn't as hardcore, doesn't take as much skill and isn't as serious is still a fun an enjoyable experience and can't be called inherently inferior.

    That is what you people act like regarding other servers.
  6. Epic High Five

    So both parties think they're right, therefore nothing can be concluded without something more quantitative being thrown into the mix? If a new player wants big fights first and foremost and you agree with that sentiment (I am with you fwiw) then you should be extreme pro-merger because that will create big fights and give new players a screen that doesn't say LOW LOW LOW LOW MEDIUM LOW

    I'm not an MLG-tier operator and I don't play in a fiercely competitive fashion so I dunno what you're on about with the cartoony whatever.

    If anything Mattherson has been the graveyard of long time rivalries. All the really fractious leaders haven't lasted.

    We act like we do because this is how other servers see us, and we think that's funny so we play along. Also, Mattherson literally is the premier infantry play server because it's been the #1 overall meta of the server since day 1.
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  7. TheShrapnelKing

    Irrelevant because a merge is not happening.

    Trust me, most people on Mattherson are competitive compared to most people on other servers.

    I didn't say anything about them being fractious did I?

    Wrong. If not for Mattherson players going on about how superior they are I would never have known much about the server. I didn't start anything, everything I say about Mattherson's attitude is a direct response to the gloating by its players. And I'm quite sure Eskimo and his armour platoon would disagree it's all about infantry.
  8. bowswer5

    I find it really intriguing how you came up with this example considering that Team Fortress 2 actually has a very high skill ceiling perhaps both yourself and the CS players mentioned do not realize. TF2 does have a solid competitive scene.

    That being said I think it actually helps your analogy because there's really no difference between the average player from Mattherson and the average player from Waterson much like how CS and TF2 are both highly skillful shooters. There are so many average players for farming a nice-looking facetious K/D ratio across every server. The only thing that sets Mattherson apart is a handful of its outfits; nothing else is really outstanding enough to warrant the amount of praise it gets on the forums.
  9. MorganM

    It's pretty sad... VS used to be very organized, tactical, strategic. Despite their numbers they would pull together and at least muster a good defense or offense somewhere. Seems like a lot of those players are gone now. See a lot of low BR VS now... I hope they catch on quick.

    I still love playing VS on Waterson but yeah they aren't what they were many months ago. There's still a handful of great VS players in outfits like ZAPS, Sunshine Delivery Service, and Air Razor but they don't seem to be organizing much anymore. I'm guessing there's just fewer of them on. VREV is dead and they were awesome. VDRS is still the ODAM of VS so not much happening there =P
  10. minhalexus

    I really don't know what people mean by going against VS is hard mode in Mattherson.

    I think TR on Mattherson has better individual players than VS. (overall)
    Although TR lacks extremely good outfits like DA and AC. They have SVO but they are just too small.

    Ever since DaPP came into the spotlight, VS just started looking so much weaker. (DaPP tag = weak)

    Although VS is probably the only outfit that can nearly fully control its population.
    VS can focus their entire population in one facility in which the alert is going on.
    Which is a good thing when it comes to alerts.

    Even though if VS have 33% world pop, they will have like 40% continent population in which the alert is happening.

    Any how, i would like it if NC finally lost its overpop.
    Buff the TR and VS a little?
  11. TheShrapnelKing

    I have to contest this. TF2 does indeed require a high level of teamwork in order to consistently pull off wins, but let's be honest, it's far easier for some random guy to pick up and play TF2 than it is CS. In CS, if you are not good, you will be absolutely and completely demolished.
  12. bowswer5

    "Let's be honest" that both games are focused on completely different FPS mechanics. This is the only explanation I can think of for your conclusion. TF2 is centered around class-based roles that become really obvious once you play. CS focuses on movement and recoil control but they're a lot more subtle to notice so new players won't realize how to move and shoot their gun correctly in CS before they realize how to use a TF2 Scout's double jump.

    However that doesn't necessarily mean one game is more difficult than another. First impression is the worst way to judge a game's skill curve. I've played enough on each to notice it takes a lot of practice to master the many mechanics in both TF2 and CS separately.
  13. Epic High Five

    If I were you I'd ask Eskimo what the #1 thing he's worried about killing him is. It ain't harassers.

    Also lol, merger is totally happening, don't be a denier the truth needs to be set free man

    All played up stereotypes aside, Mattherson is generally a very chill server to play on. Hating on people for pulling off a really great win of a base/alert/whatever and then spamming their happiness in yell chat shouldn't make you seethe. Hating other people being happy is a character flaw. It is not something to take personally. This is going to make you crazy because nobody is going to stop just because you don't like it.
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  14. Paragon Exile

    Every thread about Waterson are invariably dragged into a discussion about how Mattherson is better. Curious thing that is, it's almost as if they're mad.

    I've changed my mind, I don't want to be merged with Dramaterson, they're so toxic and filled with haters.
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  15. Epic High Five

    It's all ego over there man, why can't they just get along and be chill like Relaxertthon is?
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  16. TheShrapnelKing

    I believe its AV nests.

    No the merger is not.

    It's definitely NOT as chill, play elsewhere for once and see. People on Mattherson GLOAT unquantifiably more than other servers.
  17. TheShrapnelKing

    Difference is, we don't hate each other, mostly just you, and its your own damn fault for acting like elitists.
  18. Paragon Exile

    I 'dunno, maybe it's all their hyper-MLG outfits and professional-tier metagame. Waterson is known to be so full of life and competitive, unlike the dirty plebs on Snoreatterson.

    I'm really stretching the "-attherson" prefixes now.
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  19. Epic High Five

    Well if it's not even quantifiable then why are we worrying about it?

    I play all over the place. A lot of Mattherson has Connery alts because the pop is so much better later at night, so we're not just talking out of our ***** here.

    Other servers have less gloating but more whining, which is way worse. Had to summary execute someone who was badmouthing the Reaper the other day on Connery. Can't have a cancer like that spreading after all

    I like to think there's still a Plethorattherson of options left to toss out
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  20. Paragon Exile

    I'm not sure if you're serious.

    I hope you understand everything we say is in jest.
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