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  1. where ta gonster :DD

    it was very satisfying to see the NC smash Xelas Biolab out of their hands during the biolab alert on Amerish earlier. Alert ended with NC having Ikanam/Xelas and tr having Onatha.

    Oh, adn what outfit might that be? inb4ODAM
  2. SinMachine

    Watterson VS are... very, very good in organization
    What they lack in numbers they make up in teamwork
    Underpopped all the time they still kick both TR and NC behinds all day
    If they going to get more numbers, we will never be able to leave our WGs
  3. Mr_Giggles

    If I could transfer my Vanu to waterson I would do it in a heartbeat. Connery VS seem to be worse than Connery NC. Last Sunday on Amerish they had 54% of the population and less than 20% of the map and dropping. I don't know where the hell that population was but they obviously didn't give a lot of damns about being cut off.
  4. BraSS

    Im not in an outfit, but anytime I log in on my VS waterson toon and find a fight, I get squad invite pretty much right away and the platoon leaders are always on the ball.
  5. Wallonthefloor

    I do a pretty good job helping Waterson Vanu solo-ing most of the time and with my scythe.
  6. hawken is better

    Lol, no. NUC.
  7. LT_Latency

    Often NC and TR let VS take land because they are to busy pounding the crap out of each other. We win enough they letting the VS win is not a big deal. They have low population and no one wants them all to quit.

    The team that wins, Is the team that is not getting gang banged by the other 2 at the end of the alert 90% of the time. There is no master strategy
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  8. The Funk

    Indeed you have a strong outfit, but one outfit does not a faction make. There are good outfits on all sides that can regularly win single battles against odds vs. the other two. But we are speaking of faction wide performance here. The VS consistently win more alerts and cap more continents than their numbers suggest they should and they've been doing it over the span of months. This is no coincidence.

    And I don't see how saying "well you win because us TR and NC always focus on each other" makes us look any smarter.
  9. AtheistPeace

    Ya, most of the time NC and TR focus almost all forces against each other and when that happens VS go on a ghost cap spree and take just about all our land
  10. Luighseach

    They do during Alerts with a 33/33/33 on a continent and look what happens.

    I can't speak for TR but NC command has its moments where we actually accomplish something.

    However, the other 99% of the time is spent bickering about how bad everyone else is and why everyone else in command is a noob. I admit that sometimes command chat gets to me and makes me never want to work with them again. And rarely I may even take a shot at someone on command but usually in a motivating way even though they take it badly.

    To say the NC on Waterson is dysfunctional is an understatement. I miss Jaeger.
  11. Slyguy65

    Waht...no seriously watt?

    Sorry to tell you but uh, the VS and NC are the ones who work together...a good amount of them still have it in their heads from pre-merged waterson that they are still the "underdogs". Old habits die hard, VS and NC still think they are under popped...while true for VS, NC on the other hand actually out pops and evenly pops TR, seems the VS needs to wake up and realize they are being used by NC. And NC need to grow a pair and stop offering hand outs for help when their fight against TR is already even.
  12. starlinvf

    From the NC perspective, VS is still considered a serious threat.... its just that the TR pose a much, much bigger one. VS doesn't have the population needed to press against the TR zerg. NC realize this, and if left unchecked, the TR will steam roll through the map (and vice versa).

    This is even more apparent post-lattice, now that ghost cap teams can't cover nearly as much ground as they used to. You'll see 4 very clear battle lines drawn on Indar as a result. Crossroads watch tower, Scarred Mesa Skydock, Quartz Ridge, and Howling Pass Check Point. Every Alert on Indar usually boils down to how easily these 4 places can be taken.

    Crossroads is the new Crown, most often contested by the 2 southern warp gates. Fights there can be abandoned and resumed pretty frequently, as the surrounding areas are not very hard to push up through. Scarred Mesa is fairly easy to recover from Tawrich, but much harder to assault from the West due to the bridge. Because of that huge divide, very little fighting actually takes place here (that and Xeno tech is much closer). But the real headaches are Howling pass and Quartz Ridge.... These bases act flood gates separating the north and south potions of the map. Any force capable of pushing past these bases will usually steam roll their way into the next major facility.

    That is why the northern gate usually has the hardest time during a full pop lock. Southern forces will usually stymie themselves somewhere in the middle territories, but the Northern forces have 2 points where they can realistically push deep toward the other warp gates. Once that line is crossed, the concerned empire panics and will usually throw the zerg at it to stop them from advancing. If they fail to do that, they simply get overrun and then have to recommit the "entire" empire to deal with it.
  13. starlinvf

    Its mostly because any dorkwad with a 100 certs and an inflated sense of self-worth can get on Command channel. But you have to remember that the server pop spread was primarily controlled by Large Outfits right at launch. As a result, many outfits intentionally maneuvered themselves either around, or directly at the servers where rival outfits were located. From what I've heard of Jaeger, it was mostly filled with smaller outfits with no major influence over a zerg force.
  14. Spartan 117

    I can't speak for the populations during evening/primetime but I play in the early morning. Almost every day I log on TR is sitting between 45-52+% pop. Our outfit engages TR at every opportunity. I don't mind losing territory or even losing a alert to the VS just as long as the TR doesn't win. When TR outpops both the other factions by almost double population you have no other option then to allocate all resources towards TR territory.

    That aside, I haven't forgotten the first 1-2 months that followed release where NC was warpgated in SE corner of Indar by the TR daily with all the TB fanatics & what have you. Endless platoons of Prowler/Mossies just waiting for anything to leave the warpgate. I have had nothing but good experiences with Vanu players. I've had several message me with compliments whereas I've been personally harassed by numerous players from the Terran Republic to the point where I have about a dozen people on my ignore list.
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  15. Accuser

    I hope you were there for the last Alert of double exp weekend. It was "Capture Esamir Bio Labs". We'd just (narrowly) resecured Ymir after the VS captured all three points there and took the SCU down. That left each empire with one Lab.

    Then we made one last push for Mani Bio Lab, which the NC had camped for the entire match.
    We were on track to cap it with just minutes to spare in the alert, when VS start showing up to try to save the NC's Bio Lab (which the VS weren't connected to). We capped it with about 2 minutes left on the Alert timer, and then broke out the fireworks. It was easily the sweetest of Alert victories, having defeated the NC and their VS lapdogs.
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  16. Ghosty11

    No no TR doesn't ghost cap. Every victory for them is a tactical victory empty base or not. ;)
  17. Total_Overkill

    ... an empty base is about the only thing Waterson TR could claim a tactical victory on ^_^
  18. Ghosty11

    An alert where you had a 40+% continent population (NC and VS were split around 28-30% each), and you won virtually in the last minute of the alert. Bravo.

    The VS realized that the best that we or the NC could hope for was a draw on that alert, with the TR's 40+% continent pop. You nearly capped Mani before the VS almost took Ymir, but abandoned it to save Ymir. I laughed at the TR yells of their greatness as they hit us with 4 times our numbers and retook Ymir. I would imagine that every single TR on Esamir was a Ymir at that point.

    TR won the alert because the NC got greedy when you left Mani, and sent their troops to Andvari, because as soon as TR cleaned the VS out of Ymir, TR hit Mani in force, by the time the VS were cleaning out the last NC out of Andvari the TR had a solid hold on Mani.

    Our only option to get a draw in that alert was to help the NC at Mani, as attacking Ymir at that point would have been pointless.
  19. Ghosty11

    LOL I've been in many battles where VS has beaten NUC. The funny thing is that I guess they do win eventually cause after we beat them back from a base they just go find more TR to help them take it. When the numbers hit 3:1 or better TR takes the base.
  20. Jaeger TR player

    I read this entire thread. I see alot of either:

    1) self imposed victims, or
    2) egotistical bragging

    The only bit of truth that I found, that is honest and realistic is the bit I quote below...