Waterson TR: Now you know how it feels.

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  1. DiveXx

    Anyone wanna join Ceres? We got nearly same Faction Populations :D (VS around 29-32, TR around 34 and NC 36 :D)
  2. Naota

    I don't "hate" anyone. The thrust of my post is that NC and VS - as factions, not individuals - are sick of losing territory they fought tooth and nail over during the day to a graveyard shift four times the size of their own. If we have to team up to roll Indar every weekend to counteract this nonsense, that's what's going to happen.

    I don't blame the TR for being the faction of choice for this egregious, game-killing imbalance, but it simply shouldn't be possible at any time of day. SOE needs to take harsher measures or soon Waterson is going to become a one-faction server. As of this morning the 17% Vanu playing on it are warpgated on all three continents and facing 3-4 times our number in TR alone. We literally cannot play the game.
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  3. Paisty

    I play VS there and on Briggs, when I have a chance to play during the day.
  4. PhilDun

    I can't imagine the TR are having much fun either. They're basically lined up at the warpgate like homeless people in line for stew.
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  5. Daibar

    thank you, but i'd thank you even more if you only try to recruit TR or NC, not VS, we need the few people we have.
  6. TheShrapnelKing


    Perfect example (copy-pasted from somewhere else):

    Today I spawned into TI Alloys swarmed by several platoons of TR. They stupidly kept running around in front of the spawn building where we gunned them down (WHY DO PEOPLE DO THIS???) from within the shields, but there were close to 100 of them and only a squad of us. Just as they were about to cap it I switched to inflitrator, shot a TR outside one of the doors, cloaked, and ran TOWARDS, THROUGH and PAST a couple dozen TR who did not see me. A MAX then drop-podded down right in front of me as I was recharging my cloak. I put a round into his head, waited two more seconds for my cloak to completely recharge, then ran down the hill away from the point. The MAX still hadn't returned fire.

    There was a TR soldier running right in front of me who was completely oblivious to my existence, yet all his buddies up the hill by the spawn point knew I was there and fired a maelstrom of bullets in my general direction - they obviously didn't know what they were shooting at, and while they took me down to 50% health I did not die. They hit the guy running in front of me a couple times by accident though, so he turned around to face them (and thus me) right as my cloak wore off. It must have taken him a second to realize I was NC not TR, because I shot him in the head before he could even ADS.

    So now I had not cloak and could be seen clear as day, so I was shot at again by the swarms of TR behind me. I recharged my cloak behind a rock while they ran after me, then, as they rounded the rock, I shot one through the head, cloaked and ran. They began firing in various directions and swarming around the rock trying to figure out where I'd gone. My clock ran out again, they saw me, and ran after me while firing their weapons.

    So at this point I was nearing the bottom of the hill that TI Alloys sits on and was heading towards Ceres. I was hit a few times and had to cover behind another rock. I saw at this point that there were a couple Reavers and a Lib flying this way, and a couple Vanguards in defilade. The slope below TI Alloys was swarming with TR, I'd estimate a full platoon, but they'd run off on their manhunt (for one guy) without their armour support and were completely exposed on the hillside, and so what ensued could only be described as infantry farming at it's finest as shells just plummeted incessantly around them and cut them to pieces. I didn't even snipe them, I just watched the massacre as my cloak recharged and then ran to find the nearest medic.

    Not to mention throughout all of this they were yelling in chat for all to see. The list of topics was wide, including:
    -using /yell for their platoon chat, thus shouting off their tactical plans for all to hear
    - insults towards their leaders
    - leaders treating their subordinates like crap
    - immature frat boy topics (like hot celebrities, 'cool' and 'uncool' activities, calling each other ****; you know the kind of thing I mean)
    - taunting the NC
    - self-congratulatory, NC-trashing victory messages
    - taunts aimed at me as they chased after/tried to find me (quotes: "Come out come out you rebel scum we'll **** your face hahahaha!"; "No use hiding you sniping ***"; and my favourite: "You ******* suck you ******* cloaking *****; I bet you'll never stand a chance in a real fight with us")
    - and finally, rage after the Vanguards/aircraft showed up, aimed at everything from their own leaders to their tankers to their pilots to each other to the NC
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  7. DiveXx

    Well when the factions got (nearly) equal populations it's the most fun, when the Tr would have like 40-60% population it wouldn't be fun, look @waterson.
  8. Czuuk

  9. Czuuk

    Whoops. Wrong post reply. I have not made that point. Not even remotely. Waterson NC population is fine.
  10. Daibar

    i play on waterson, that's why i'm asking that we don't lose more VS.

    or..perhaps if most VS leave, the rest of us wont have to pay to be transfered, because the server will be shut down due to the imbalance.

    i'm just wondering why the GM/ Devs havent pulled their thumbs out and taken a look at that server.
  11. DiveXx

    What should they do against the imbalance?
  12. Spartan 117

    Prevent 4th empire players from switching between accounts without penalty would be a good start. Some have suggested 30 minute cooldown. Imo that is a slap on the wrist. Should be a 12 hour cooldown between switching factions. Tired of this 4th empire BS.
  13. PhilDun

    The suggestions you posted would just be annoyances.

    SoE needs to allow players to switch factions (from overpopulated --> underpopulated only). Provide these players with cert refunds for all their equipment.
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  14. Amphoric

    As TR I would love for this to happen. I didn't even know the numbers for pop were this bad on non prime time hours. Coming from Jaeger me and my buddies are pretty sad with TR on this server in general. It makes me wonder how some people are not dead yet from natural selection in real life from the crap they pull off in game.

    Kicked a guy out of my sundy since he was just spamming my gun and wasting ammo, he then tries to tank mine my sundy. Had to TK him like 3 times since it was the only sunderer at an AMP station providing infantry support and respawns and told him to stop being a little *****.
  15. Badname3073

  16. Revel

  17. Daibar

    offer a free transplant, so to speak.
    meaning: you get to keep your certs and xp, the weapons you had, you get the equivilant on the VS side.
    one way only tho and when the levels are about right, they should stop the transfers.

    meaning entire outfits would be able to switch.

    or have the new chars who select VS, be presented where they are needed with an option to change server.

    i live in europe but since my outfit plays on waterson, i game on waterson.
    i have a fine ping and no noticible lag.

    anything is better than what they seem to be doing now.. which seems to be nothing.
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  18. RonnieBoy

    I don't even think free full transfers to the other side will make much of a difference, as I'm sure a large portion of us TR are loyal to our faction and wouldn't switch anyway. I know I wouldn't switch. Even paid transfers wouldn't work either as I could see a mass exodus of VS players from the server leaving it in a worse position.

    If you banned EU players from the server, yes off-peak percentages would be more reasonable but then NC would become the behemoth during prime-time with them having stupid numbers compared to TR/VS

    Speaking as an EU player myself I would be severely annoyed if I couldn't play on the server anymore. The reason I play on Waterson, was way back at launch the EU servers were largely unplayable for me, due to severe lag and warping issues. It seemed like Prosieben were doing a piss poor job of running the servers. So I tested the ping of the East Coast servers, saw that my ping was ~80ms so I switched to Waterson. The difference in server performance was night and day so I stayed, got used to the people and the outfits here, and made it my main home even once the EU server performance was fixed. I'm digressing anyway.

    Looking at the graphs here, you can see that during 7am-8am GMT is the worst time period, as the overall server numbers are low, in the 400-500 range so the EU TR imbalance bumps the percentages to 50+%, but after that during off-peak it drops to the 40-50% range, which is still bad in terms of 1-faction on 1-faction but it does allow for 3 faction balance, as the TR can be out popped by VS and NC in that situation. I'm not adverse to loose alliances to break the TR strangle hold on continents when we have the numbers advantage, as long as those loose alliances don't continue into prime-time when NC has the 40+% population advantage. So we'd need 100 new VS and NC players from the EU (or late night NA players) who play between 7am-11am GMT (2am-6am EST) and that would solve the issue of the TR capping everything in the 2 or so hour period when they have over half the server population. Admittedly that doesn't solve the VS under-population issue.

    So I can see a couple of ways to fix the problem, some are more harsh than others.

    - Ban EU players and encourage more NA VS and TR to join the server to balance against the NC, who would have the largest faction by far. I'm obviously not in favour of this option.

    - Encourage new EU VS and NC to the server to balance the off-peak numbers. Lockout new TR players until the population is more balanced and allow free faction switch from the TR side. There would be some latency issues as not all EU internet is equal and there'll be people with poor pings trying to join the server as well, so maybe some kind of ping check before joining.
  19. Regis7575

    If you don't take it so seriously yourself why do you waste your time posting this
  20. vaxx