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  1. Huttser

    The Ordo Imperialis
    "For Imperator and Republic!"


    Who we are:

    The Ordo Imperialis is an outfit which draws upon a military inspired structure to provide organization, both in and out of battle. The legions within operate with the primary principals of shock trooper divisions for Terran Republic military. Supported by over ten years of organized gaming, the Ordo combines its standards with a strong sense of community across all platforms being one of the many key's to our success. With a significant player base already having joined us testing and helping the developers during the beta and other platforms, we are now seeking to expand our outfit further and we want you.

    Don't let our structure discourage you, our inspiration is founded upon a military structure, we are not a military realism outfit, we do not expect our members to refer to people as sir or ma'am, we recognize that we are all here to have fun, but we don't mind it either. We're friendly and accepting, but also like to get down to business when needed. We've found this the best way to remain an organized and efficient war machine with some time to kick back and relax and have some fun together.

    So, whether or not you are an avid tanker with a ****** out Prowler or a veteran helljumper ready to throw themselves out of a Galaxy at a moments notice, we have a place for you. We offer recruitment bonuses, expert training, effective leadership, an extensive awards system and progression throughout the Ordo community as a whole. Your rank stands universal and your achievements available for all platforms and games. On top of the numerous options for contribution and participation, the Ordo already supports other divisions and projects similar to the administrative avenues such as the Republic Education Administration to for those who are inclined to peruse and explore them.

    Of course we can't leave out those who wish to take a commanding and leadership role to which we are always looking for. These combat leaders and officers no matter their position or rank dedicate themselves to grasping the flag of our colors and leading the troops into battle and into glory. All it takes is dedication, confidence and experience. Our extensive education training available to interested individuals with regards to combat leadership will craft a finely tuned commander and leader. Support doesn't stop once a leader is in the field, the Ordo offers a large range of rewards and incentives for effective and consistent leadership in the face of the enemy.

    Where we are:

    We are currently based out of the US East server, Waterson.

    In short, we offer:

    ☩ Mature, organized game play.
    ☩ A friendly, welcoming community across multiple platforms.
    ☩Teamspeak communications,our own webpage and developers, forums, steam groups and more connected communities.
    ☩Standardized voice-communication protocol's so even in the heat of battle, everyone can hear exactly what they need.
    ☩ Extensive avenues for progression and promotion through both operational and non-operational experiences.
    ☩ Well developed training and drills both at a community and platform level to help you hone your skills.
    ☩ A well formulated array of achievable merits, rewards and accolades for members to display.
    ☩ Well organized structure, allowing specialization identity within the outfit

    How do I join?

    ☩ Be at least the age of 16 and/or act mature and professional.
    ☩ Posses the ability to join and listen to our primary communications server. (Teamspeak 3)
    ☩ Be willing to maintain the standards and principles of the Ordo Imperialis
    ☩ Be willing to listen and follow orders from senior personnel

    If you are still interested, and meet the above, feel free to apply here: Application
    Once completed a recruiter or officer will reply on your thread, once your application has been processed. In the meanwhile feel free to connect to our Teamspeak server, hang out and get to know us.

    Our TS3 is ts.ordoimperialis.com, feel free to come hang out! Remember being able to at least listen to TS3 is mandatory for membership.

    Rise above the rest, let nothing can stand in your way and join, The Ordo Imperialis.
  2. Kanika

    Just so it is known. We run open platoons almost every day. Anyone is welcome to join in our squad even if you are in another outfit or not in one at all. If you like what you see we will recruit you ingame.

    Also ingame points of contact are Huttser, Xoza and Firefox (myself)
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  3. Xoza

    Great Friday night Ops, keep up the work! Great to fight along side some of the members even I've not had the chance to meet yet...
  4. Kastrenzo

    So have you guys finally admitted that SL is dead.

    A little bird told me that you are blowing that popsicle stand like everyone else did months if not years ago
  5. Kellervo

    There was another Op tonight on Indar which was a great deal of fun. If you like the occasional casual jaunt, as well as more organized and widespread operations, we've been running them with regularity since launch.
  6. KuramaBingyi

    Bump for an excellent community, as a whole!
  7. amazingabyrd

    Looks really great just applied
  8. Kellervo

    Just took part in another op taking back Esamir. Had a ton of fun this morning / afternoon. :]
  9. Kastrenzo

    thir, I has account on waterson, can i apply? can I have murts too?
  10. Kanika

    Still active and looking for members.
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  11. RedOak

    Still rock solid and always on point :)
  12. KuramaBingyi

    Bump for great justice!
  13. KuramaBingyi

    Obligatory bump.
  14. KuramaBingyi

  15. KuramaBingyi

    The Ordo Imperialis is always open and looking for new members. We've got members actively online pretty much all day, every day. Squads are being advertised in the Warpgates, and we're always willing to take new and hopeful members out for a test run to see how we operate! If you're interested, look for our recruitment messages in each Warpgate or visit the main Ordo website!
  16. Huttser

    Updated. Still recruiting.
  17. Kanika

    Still recruiting!
  18. Xoza

    Huttser, update the post with the new logo please.

    Should be a larger version available on our forums if this isn't big enough.
  19. KuramaBingyi

    Bumping for the Ordo!
  20. KuramaBingyi