waterson imbalance

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Raichu, Dec 20, 2012.

  1. Raichu

    Does anyone think the faction population on waterson is ridiculous
  2. Rendezvous

    I log on every day just to see a 50% TR population compared to a 20-25% NC population.
  3. Dkamanus

    I think the real problem isn't that TR can actually sustain their 2000 players MAX pop almost every time of the day, but that VS and NC can't do the same as them at ANY time of the day. I'm NC, and I do see it a lot, and people say this is Angry Joes and Total Biscuits fault. I totally disagree.

    The amount of population on NC and VS hasn't ever I think, reached the 2000 players that are allowed in the server, while TR has. The percentages give out the illusion that they are always imbalanced towards us, but in reality, we don't have the muscle necessary to fill the ranks in NC and VS in full.

    Something about THAT must be done.
  4. Rendezvous

    I doubt SOE will do much about that.
    Totalbiscuit and RoosterTeeth are both YouTubers that are popular. As long as they keep giving this game publicity, SOE will keep getting money.

    Popular YouTubers in TR --> SOE gives TR advantage --> Followers of the YouTubers are happy with the game --> TR pays money because their faction is the better one --> SOE makes $$$ and keeps TR on the upper hand.
  5. Dkamanus

    As I said, the real problem is that VS and NC aren't as popular. TR is actually getting those 2000 players albeit we are not. The only reasonable solution to this would be add a Hard limiter on population on the servers. And I doubt SOE would do such a thing, hence the need to make those internet celebrities run for NC and VS. They want to even out the problem that TB and AJ help brought up thanks to a design oversight imo.
  6. Daedrick

    There was another topic about this issue created this morning, but Im glad you made another, the more topics the better chances the devs will wake up.

    Im NC on waterson and I never play other than prime time because of that.
  7. WNxPlatinum

    it's really only during the day, there is a large contingent of EU TR players that play on Waterson during the day when when few US players are on.. At night it's more balanced, TR still has a slight overall lead, but you will see NC and VS run nights when they are the populous faction.

    I can say we see a total balance much less often on Waterson.
  8. Dkamanus

    We try. Me and my guys try to go against those odds, but sometimes is just dishearting. A huge battle would be 2 grand armies clashing against each other, like it sometimes happens on Indar (god damn those VS, they only pull out vehicles ;P). 40 minutes combat on an epic scale is awesome. What is not awesome is to be ROFLstomped in a continent where 1 faction has 2 soldiers for 2 soldiers of each faction.

    AND I HATE GOING TO A CONTINENT WHERE I HAVE THE POPULATION CAP. Why would I go to a continent where WE are ROFLstomping people? There's no fun in that.
  9. Warlyik

    I find prime time unplayable on Waterson because of the inevitable Air Zergs from both TR and VS. I'd rather play earlier or later in the day, when I'm not getting constantly hit by some Liberator up in the stratosphere.

    Air Zergs really ruin the game. Far worse than Tank Zergs.
  10. Abomination713

    Just yesterday, the population at peek hours was...

    -------NC VN TR
    In ---| 33 33 33 -%
    Es -| 25 25 50 -%
    Am | 11 12 77 -%
  11. Raichu

    Its ridiculousness really