Waterson Has Become a Nightmare As "Emerald"

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by AFK1, Oct 18, 2014.

  1. Praiseworthy Tunes

    Would this maybe help?

    I'm speaking of only adding some normal lattice link to create those three colored connections and nothing else. ;)

  2. Kylerr

    Say what you want about us (and I'm not saying we're a "top tier" outfit) but try finding good players on a faction where everyone has switched factions to join DA/AC/TIW, switched servers, or switched games. All I have to say is at least we're trying to solve a problem rather than whining on forumside.
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  3. Axehilt

    Are you seriously proposing that once a faction controls one tech plant they can immediately go capture all the other tech plants?

    And you think this would improve the game?
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  4. Dramaticus

    The TR and NC don't oppress themselves! Be the boot that smashes their throat, join the Vanu Sovereignty today!
  5. Nody

    Actually if this (and the gazillion and one other threads) is anything to go by they actually do oppress themselves...
  6. Aeflic

    How many QQ threads will we have for the NC and TR? This has got to be the last...

    How can you guys get better if you never want a challenge? You have to lose to get better. Playing against a bad TR player as a bad NC player doesnt really get you anywhere.

    VS are just as bad as TR or even the NC, especially since AA came out. When you solo and dont support something dont expect to be able to do much. Me and my outfit really have no issues fighting the VS, its fun and challenging.

    I do not understand these posts anymore. How many of you have actually talked to a better player and wanted to get better? SO many of them will help you. Coming here and wasting everyones time to QQ and not get good is pointless. Buck up and get back out there. If you need some help pm me, its not bad at all to fight the VS and done properly with the right people you can win and have fun even if its 50/50.
  7. Aeflic

    Hang in there bud!
  8. Cyanstorm

    ^^ that^^ it's undeniable that the VS is easy mode, especially for the better players, since they already had the cream of the crop going back to Matherson. What's undeniably pathetic though is how many decent/good players have deserted the TR to join (beg?) the ranks of DA/AC, now their reasons may vary from ( and I have heard several excuses) " oh the vs are more organized" to " well I feel much more comfortable with the vs weapons" ( I crap you not) deep down they don't want to admit a simple truth: they are looking for an easy way out, and to "shine" (pad) their stats against the hordes of TR nooblets. A good player will always be good regardless of the environment he is in but the fact remains that it's a heck of a lot easier to slaughter hordes of noooblets than to go against well seasoned opponents.
  9. Dramaticus

    who doesnt want to join AC and just farm the peasants with decimators in peace
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  10. Rift23

    GOKU wasn't the only outfit who switched to help TR, nor did they do it for just a day. It went on for weeks with the VS outfits doing OPs on Friday night to try to give the TR (the NC are beyond hope) some idea of how to be effective as well as to balanace out the underpopped faction. This points out the real issue: most VS outfits coordinate with each other as they did to set the TR ops up.
  11. Negator


    pm me in game for pw @ negator
  12. Huxer

    I held split peak for hours last night killing any VS that tried to get inside until it started to get late and Negator sniped me. I was VS, on Waterson, now I am TR on Emerald. It really isn't fun not having friends, it's hard to make friends when I tell them where I came from. There is no TR leadership, and I hesitate to say that because when I do another BR 30 will start to try to take the reigns and run his platoon into a group of 96+ defenders at the bastion using only galaxies...exactly like last night. Sadly, at least for me, it's just easier to make an impact as a lone wolf as the commands I hear spamming in each platoon as generally suicidal.

    I totally get that it sounds like I am begin arrogant or not a good team players and I can't help that that is the way I come off here but I stand firm in my decision. I'll play on the TR side cause, it makes the game a little more balanced I think but I don't really enjoy it.
  13. tf2hero

    i remember when ODAM and NUC were the face of waterson TR
  14. Imij

    I really help CoOp succeeds. I honestly hope you guys get a solid roster together and start making a push for recognition. TR desperately needs it. Time to start building new top tier players :)

    Start scrimming and what not with AC/DA/TIW if you haven't been already. You'll get there quick. You can pick up a lot with a few weeks of getting **** stomped.

    Anyways, best of luck to CoOp. I look forward to some good fights. If I ever get around to staying logged in for more than an hour at a time that is.
  15. NoctD

    What's a server smash? ;)

    Seriously 99% of the players out there don't care for competitive gameplay. And if a bunch of casuals can be more coordinated than your server smash TR on Emerald can muster up, it says all the more just how TERRIBLE the overall TR as a faction is on the server. Cause even having the elites in the rank can't save the clueless Emerald TR from utter defeat.

    Ok I'm exaggerating a little - but seriously, the few times the TR organize on Emerald, they can get something going. The rest of the time, they're just hiding away and if you try to play the objective as TR, expect to get smashed by the VS and even NC.
  16. Kylerr

    Appreciate it. So far we've only been scrimming ourselves for PAL test matches, but eventually I'm sure we'll do more. Currently our roster is far from "bad", though. And although we might not be up there with AC or DA or TIW, we always put up a good fight against 'em.
  17. DQCraze

    Actually I have had some good experiences lately with TR. I see the squad play has improved.
  18. miraculousmouse

    You guys are doing pretty well. Y no Farmer's League?
  19. Pardus

    A comment stuck with me a few days back during one of the alerts when the TR came in during the last quarter or so and pushed their way to winning. The comments were not: "How dare they!" "Stupid noobs!" "L2P" "Hacks!" or "Nerf them".


    It was simple surprise. The most common line was: "Wait!? They're actually working as a group?"
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  20. bubbleawsome

    I'll weigh in as a dumb NC brute from Emerald. I'll admit, I don't do outfits. It's not my thing, I don't play that seriously. I spend most of my time as a heavy or medic. In both classes I help as many people as I can, but I'm playing to have fun. Vanu on the other hand seems pretty hardcore. It's awe-inspiring/terrifying to see an organized group of ~50 vanu come over your wall and take everything. I've been in a force of over 48 vs about 20 vanu. They had one magrider, one stealth flash, two MAX'es, a couple heavys, LA, and infiltrators; and tons of medic. They were organized (probably voice chat) and won hands down.

    Now, I say they one fair and square, and did very well. However, it's a bit annoying to be playing for fun then have a group of hardcore warriors beat you up. I can't change it, and I'll deal with it, but it's not the most fun I could be having.

    I do dislike the magrider though. I can never hit them reliably.