Waterson Has Become a Nightmare As "Emerald"

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  1. libbmaster

    This guy got it.

    Vanu goes where they need to go, pushes when they need to push, and comes back in force when they get routed.

    I can't say this enough. This is why the vanu are seen as unstoppable.

    They have the same pop as us, they just use it better.
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  2. Crowne

    Perhaps it would help if the game somehow had a more structured Alliance system?

    I'm not sure what an alliance system would look like.

    Maybe a bounty system? Those of high level can offer their excess certs for soldiers of their faction to focus on one particular faction. Really hate the VS? Throw 5k certs into the pot at the start of an alert for those who shoot only VS during that alert, or the next 30 minutes, or the next 15% territory... etc.

    Ex. I'll offer 10 certs to any player who kills Vanu level 100 Heavies this alert. (until I run out of certs). Let the hunting begin.

    Maybe not just a population bonus, but a real estate bonus? VS has 55% territory? Make them the tastiest targets. Double XP + 3 certs for every teabag.

    A certain faction won the last 3 alerts in a row? Earn patches by focusing your every bullet on them exclusively until their winning streak is broken.

    What other incentives can we suggest to motivate people to annihilate the most annoying faction of the moment? (whatever it may be at a given moment, though Vanu has earned my wrath for the foreseeable future.)
  3. ATRA_Wampa-One

    It's another FRAZ week and these are only part of AOD's problem I assure you.

    Other problems they have involve thinking that bringing 1 sunderer to a fight will be enough, not rushing a point in a group put instead trickling into crossfire zones to be slaughtered, thinking that snipers/vehicles can cap points, and the worst is not pealing off a few squads to squash a 1-2 squad back cap but instead waiting for someone else to take care of it while they get farmed and the re-secure never happens.
  4. zaspacer

    This is an SOE game. It launches less refined and more general audience, and then progressively is tuned relative to the personal tastes and playstyle preferences of the Designers in charge. A mixture of unaddressed Power Creep and tuning to Designer taste, will move it further and further away from general audience. This has brought you to where the game is today. Some will like it, some won't, but it's largely "working as intended".

    Historically, SOE will not deviate from a game's current course (unless maybe there is some unasked for corporate prompted overhaul like SWG or there is some mass, organized, unified outcry by players). You kinda have to find something you like in it, or quit... and maybe check back every few months to see what has changed and if you like anything then. Eventually it will hemorrhage enough players so that it either is maintained by a small team or it is just frozen as is or it is cancelled.

    Passive Certs (for non-Members at least) were removed. So that plan is no longer possible.

    Some players have spoken out against the removal for passive certs, but I didn't see any comment by SOE. Someone in charge at SOE thought the change was a good idea.
  5. IvanDrago

    OP, if you aren't willing to attempt to improve the situation, I don't know why you started this thread in the first place. You complain about a lack of ability, then reject any suggestions without offering ideas of your own. If you just want to whine, do it in yell like everyone else.
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  6. BaronVonVirtu

    Emerald Vanu are not white knights in this whatsoever.

    The TR and NC tend to be pretty stupid about the three faction concept and trying to stamp out the winner, but it's very much apparent when they do figure out the game. The problem develops when the VS start having world population increases at night without any apparent reason. Even 38% is enough world population at that time of the night to really tip the balance off. Using last night as an example, during an Esamir alert the VS had 55 more players than the NC, or 105 more than the TR. Assuming complete unity of purpose on both factions and base captures happening concurrently, the VS still have the population to at minimum stall smaller territories and force long engagements at major facilities. They would be grinded down in the long term, but the gift of redeploy still gives the VS what they're looking for, defensive fights.

    However, unity of purpose does not happen often because there's not much in the way of major platoon focus on TR or NC late at night that really know each other at all, there's a decent amount of folks fighting the VS, but TR and NC are still fighting each other a bit. The VS will then typically do one of a couple things.

    1) They will wrecking ball territory with overwhelming population one hex at a time with little to no VS presence anywhere else on the continent.
    2) Typical attempts by NC/TR to backcap territory will be redeployed on by rather high kdr players, whose only purpose at night is to continuously redeploy between defensive fights.
    3) Because unity of purpose is hard without firm late night leadership by the other two factions, the extra VS population will simply redeploy the other two factions into uselessness.

    Do you know what's most shameful of all of this? Seeing many of the competitive outfits (who obviously have alts on other factions) still playing VS when this happens. These tend to be those same folks in the endless redeploy cycle defending territory while the zerg is in wrecking ball mode. Having 2 squads worth of train conductors at late night is a pretty major force projector, especially when the faction already has population advantage.

    I made this mistake with GOKU in the early days because our altfits were still in the process of being set in stone, but I hope to avoid being part of whatever happens to be 38%+ world pop for anytime in the future.
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  7. AFK1

    Neither the TR or the NC has any reason to do that

    Why should the TR fight the VS max unit, when it can attack the NC instead? Why should the NC attack the VS max unit, when it can just farm the TR 143 waterguns all day?
  8. AFK1


    It's not my job to fix the situation

    The game isn't in this state due to the players - it's like this because of the developer. If the dev team did anything to even attempt to balance the VS max unit, or balance the populations somehow, then it wouldn't be a problem
  9. Juunro

    Because, at least in my personal opinion, frak those purple pricks in the butt.

    No seriously, I try to fight the VS fairly exclusively unless the TR is heading towards one of my precious tech plants.
  10. Negator

    You are a terrible person and terrible at this game. You should really hop in our TS one day, im really curious about how you come to these absolutely absurd conclusions.
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  11. Juunro

    I wasn't reading this, as I am insomnia posting at the moment, but how exactly is the VS max OP? I'm genuinely curious, how is it more OP then say, any of the other MAX units?

    I mean, I was playing tonight defending a biolab and the VS MAX crashed us with like 25 of them. They were dead, all of them, before they got to one of the points. We only had like 4 MAX's on defense. Hell, one idiot ran through a doorway with ZOE on directly into the path of like 5 engineer turrets. He died in 3ish seconds.
  12. Axehilt

    What kind of nonsense question is this? MAXes are balanced (purely in terms of being just as overpowered as each other between factions.)

    If anything, Mattocks significantly outperform Blueshift/Mercy. Max-DPS MAX weapons (Onslaught/Hacksaw/Nebula) are almost identical in KPH (one of the most balanced match-ups I've seen.)

    If anything, players should be avoiding the NC if we're talking about MAXes. Personally I see the highest KPH out of my own MAX weapons with Grinder+Slugs, and I imagine Mattock+Slugs will gradually show a similar or higher KPH too when I get more time in with em.

    If anything, players should be avoiding the TR if we're talking about tanks. Personally I see ~20% higher KPH, VKPH, and SPM with Prowler vs. the other tanks.

    Maybe you're just trying to ironically point out that players who are unwise enough to not fight the leader are also unwise enough not to understand game balance.
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  13. libbmaster

    He doesn't come to them. That's how.

    It is painfully clear that all the opinions OP has expressed in this thread have been crafted for the sake of generating conflict.

    Forumside needs to learn to report and stop replying.
  14. libbmaster

    Oh, so the Vanu weapons are the issue now?

    I quote you yourself.

    I don't care which of these you really believe. Just pick one, okay?
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  15. Huxer

    Personally I believe the second quote. And what's more I believe that Goku lending MLG platoons to TR from time to time is only exacerbating the issue by giving some faction statistics that are wildly inaccurate under normal conditions.
  16. Corezer

    hasn't connery lost like every server smash since ever?
  17. Corezer

    well I did say like sensitivity, implying there were other things =) Just trying to go one baby step at a time.
  18. AFK1

    Sure thing

    What's your TS info?
  19. StillMostlyClueless

    The VS have a few outfits who redeploy for resecures and are incredibly reluctant to attack, leaving that to the zerg if they have a choice. Have you ever seen DA or GOKU keep up an attack when it gets tough? No they bail and go somewhere they can win instead.

    The TR and NC don't really have outfits that do this, so the TR and NC lose a lot more. Mystery solved.
  20. AFK1

    The Vanu MAX unit is the main reason Vanu has higher population