Waterson Has Become a Nightmare As "Emerald"

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  1. Schizomatic

    Wisdomcube? Even the TR mourned a little today when we had to blow up his Sunderer on Indar. He was rollin' with his homies on the guns, so I imagine it was a cert pinata, too. We pour one out for you, Wisdomcube. Respect.
  2. AFK1

    Try reading the post that you took that quote from...

    If you read it, you would clearly see that the problem is the Vanu always having higher population in every battle
  3. Borsty

    Seems Vanu has mastered the art of redeployside best then.
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  4. Negator

    Average player k/d is around.8, an outfit with between a 1.5 or 2 will do just fine taking bases at 50/50 pop. I can make up things about DA/AC too because 'i saw it this one time'. Generally speaking, if we arent running ops we're dorking around, which we're entitled to do, and during ops 50/50 is a common occurrence. I assure you GOKU had no issue with 50/50s during our last two server smashs, or on live really.

    I'm not crying about redeploying, im making the implied statement that attacking is hard and the vast majority of mlgfits will look for a redeploy before putting together an attack (like yourself), but bag on people that actually do it. DA ops are aggressive. DA off ops is redeployside looking for a fight.

    It makes me sad that you cant understand that leading with actions is better than thinking 5 people watching your stream constitutes any kind of community improvement, especially when those 5 people are almost always going to be folks in your circle of friends. Platoons need to be managed, numbers need to be managed. Even if you took 48 great players who all can read the map, there HAS to be some crosstalk to decide which 12 are going to which 12-24 fight otherwise you end up with overpop.

    When you lead platoons, you have the opportunity to answer questions, to explain your actions, to assist and guide (something you even say on your stream, you cannot do), and sometimes with enough competent players you are just ensuring overpop doesnt happen and everyone gets a good fight. Please, leave the soapbox. Streaming and setting a personal example are good things, but dont think the height of 'leading' involves basic training style milsim ******ation and players that cant understand anything more than that. 90% of the playerbase will never reach your level or anything close, so while expecting that 10% to strive for personal improvement is great, organizing the other 90% via public platoons is vital for ensuring fun fights across our faction's fronts (which is what you were complaining about in /yell just 2 days ago)

    If you were really open minded, we wouldn't be having this conversation
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  5. Yuukikun

    Just as i called it, you ain't gonna prove it with actions will you. Calling me close minded when you're the one who just repeats the same crap without trying to see for yourself and running away when someone asks for a proof.
  6. Negator

    did you read anything i posted yuuk? I literally disproved all your made up gibberish. that means you either say 'ok negator, youre right' or you provide contradicting evidence. My actions are my daily platoons. Action is not flipping on twitch and pretending youre some kind of savior to the rest of PS2.

    Ill be able to lead ops again in 2 weeks. Tues/thurs at 9EST
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  7. robo

    GOTR frequently takes bases with less than 50% population, we did so only a few days ago where TR had us warpgated on Esamir. We pushed out to Stillwater, Grey Heron, and Apex Genetics - we took all three bases with a population disadvantage, usually around 40-60 but in one particularly amusing case, 37-63. That's not to say we had that disadvantage the entire fight, but we certainly didn't overpop those fights at any point past the initial attack. We held against superior numbers and won, and we do so on a regular basis.

    We also frequently defend bases where we have a population disadvantage, because that's fun for us. I'm sure I can dig up some footage, we have people that stream.

    I can't speak for other outfits, but I can speak for mine. We give credit where it's due, we don't engage in the /yell taunting that many other outfits do, or at least not on the level that they do, and if one of our members does, they usually get instantly jumped on by the rest of the outfit in TS or in outfit chat, because we don't operate that way. That's not our bag, man.

    What you do need to remember is that GOTR recruits many, many new players, and we have a very active roster. It's entirely possible that you've seen GOTR members at a base that VS is losing with even populations or even with an overpop. It's possible that you'll see an organized GOTR ops squad at such a base. Characterizing that loss as a base that GOTR lost seems unfair - the VS lost the base. If I see three DA members at a base and we lose it, I don't blame DA for the loss - but I also don't give those three DA the sole victory if we win, just like I don't give my own squad if we're part of a larger force.

    If there are significant numbers of GOTR members taunting in /yell, specifically, I'd love to know about it so I can deal with it.

    And we'd be glad to have you run with us if you have any want. Other DA members certainly have, as recently as last week.
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  8. Zica96

    Yeah your'e right, but we TR are so used to being attacked, flanked, and out right dominated by both factions, and yet still we ALMOST always get the alerts when working together and not being zerged by you both :). Now just the Vanu seem to be zeging, so what? We win when we work together no matter the size of the magnificent zerg.
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  9. Axehilt

    Which is the direct result of NC/TR playing like 5 year olds.

    3-faction strategy isn't rocket surgery: always attack the leader.

    If NC/TR did that, it would literally be mathematically impossible for the VS to have higher pop in every battle. I explained why earlier in the thread.
  10. OminousZ

    OK...so what do you propose? Can't ***** about the PPA anymore....so what now? You want SOE to nerf all of us? I'd like to truly know how you would change the VS from so called "dominating" Tell you what...look what goes on in the NC warpgate and then blame yourselves...
  11. Yuukikun

    Glad you actually gave an intelligent reply without feeling the need to say that i'm full of **** for example. I'd be happy to visit you guys during ops sometime in the near future. It probably can't be this week because it's exam week for me.
  12. Yuukikun

    but it's the VS' faultttttttttttttttttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :eek:
  13. Daithmn

    Us Vanu follow commands directions and coordinate as best we can during alerts. We allocate resources and platoons to locations as they are needed. We have less health,less damaging weaponry,equipment,and even less effective armor. Note that many battles we engage in are where we are outpoped but because we communicate and use tactics we still pull off victories. TR and NC should focus less on complaining on what we do and focus on their strategies and work as a whole not just mindless zergs and infantry farms. I notice that the squads and platoons I have played with on Vanu have been much more mature and organized than when I played on NC or Terran. Command is lacking in the other factions and thats why they have been having a hard time against us. They have the tools to beat us in every category and yet they do not utilize them. We as Vanu do not have the raw man power or hard hitting equipment to win every engagement or alert but we win many because we strategize. We will pull back and redeploy and abandon HEX's to take on key points during alerts. We also keep a presence on other continents in prep for later alerts.
  14. Schizomatic

    We are the Collective. We are the Swarm. You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile.
  15. Corezer

    The problem is there aren't many good TR outfits, and that's a worldwide thing.

    NC and VS both have a couple good ones, I think as far as the east coast is concerned VS has the upper hand there, but at least the NC can hold ground. The TR just has a hole left by NUC when they left, like em or hate em they were good, I always had fun fighting them on waterson.

    Now there's just that outfit made by some guys I don't remember merging with SVO.... that was a mistake on SVO's part imo, crap isn't good for you, don't eat it. I think it was DD12 yall merged with... I mean they aren't AOD bad, but yall could've done better. even if they merged with something higher quality, you can't expect 1 outfit to handle the world.

    AOD guys need to be trained is what it comes down to, there are actually a few outstanding members, even if the diamonds are hard to spot through all the rough, but they need to start polishing their fellow members on some basic things like setting mouse sensitivity etc, most of em are like bots, set to easy mode.
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  16. Tankn00b

    Someone doesn't remember how NC would regularly have 40% server pop on Waterson the last several months prior to the merge and steamrolling all the alerts with grossly overpopped zergs, while TR would always be behind and VS was so small they weren't even worth mentioning. You are now experiencing what TR and VS experienced back then.

    That said, things were way better the first couple months after the merge when all 3 factions were more-or-less neck-and-neck. Things aren't nearly as good now that the dust has settled.
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  17. orbital

    I know this is from the front page, I read most of the thread I swear....

    So glad the above wasn't from a member of GOKU, that would be embarrassing. I want to hear more from Negator and other VS about this.
    As a proud Matty TR [LOC] I remember when Buzzcut took TE offline and we became underpopped at all times up to the Waterson merge. Now I feel it just depends on the time of day but generally TR is still on the defense most of the time. We will notably win alerts with even world pop, or slightly under because we organized to get to the alert continent.

    I guess I appreciate the help from GOKU / FURR-ZAHH, but please do your best to not patronize the old timer TR, GOKU's help may just be because of simple numbers - when you're on TR, you're not fighting GOKU and vice versa. But I will gladly admit that the extra pop boost has helped, I mean AOD can't do it alone :)

    I'll also say that being in a tiny outfit myself, rolling a bunch of tanks and air to a location, with coordination is also not an option and I will gladly leave that to AOD, BWC, 532nd, AJA, etc.
    The tiny outfits are usually home to the better players who are the counter to AC and DA thus end up being those aggressive leaders fighting to the point instead of standing in spawnrooms and camping in tanks.
    But it's not all AC and DA, I groan equally loud when NC's Iron Wolves, PotP, Jackie Chan or Planet Express Crew shows up (and curse when it's Always Chafing - does AC roll a TR alt-fit?). That being said, we just don't have as many great players with the time in the game as VS does on Emerald, so it makes VS look OP, but they're not as a whole and I appreciate the challenge and know how to redeploy out when it gets too frustrating.
  18. orbital

    However, as a follow-up. When I visit my alts on Emerald, I get more revives and ammo when playing VS. I get fewer revives as NC and it's true, on TR we'll take a point or a gen room with tactical superiority then the entire gang will go back to the spawn room and it gets overrun, so frustrating.

    but you could chalk that up to there just being generally more of every kind of VS since they have more pop and NC tend to derp around more than average. TR are cautious and retreat. It's just kind of fascinating that certain personality traits gravitate uniformly towards factions based on color, dress-code and music on the character creation screen.

    we will always have the glorious TR foot-zerg!

    I will also say about my observations on the "elite" AC and DA, you rarely see AC play support class, because that's what pubs-noobs are for, AC just sweep rooms in lock-step with their Orion wielding HAs, while DA tends to kill you with anything (except air) and you are very likely to get a revive from them because of the desire to get all ribbons / directives / shiny stuff. Their comms work well and they rush (AC) or surround (DA) pretty well, you also rarely see them alone, following that example, it's pretty easy to have similar success with any small squad with moderate talent. Easier said than done though, because these two outfits have consolidated most of the VS talent, where on TR at least, this talent is spread around lots of small outfits. This is also why TR would rather fight NC on Emerald, the match up is a little bit more even, because yeah, I might need to "get good" but, there's only so much I can do against an entire squad of "already good".
    I would also rather fight or hang out with Zaps, they seem like more fun.

    that's my observation at least.

    Yuuki, I didn't know DA and AC cross-pollinated, do you have a separate alt for each?
  19. NoctD

    No it ain't so. Plenty of organized/good TR outfits on Connery and there's good TR on Briggs too. I know it cause we had them visiting Connery when their server was crapping out massively.

    Its just a massive lack of good TR on Emerald, but its NOT a worldwide thing.
  20. Hatesphere

    sorry but VS have the same HP as everyone else. their weapons are pretty much at TR damage/DPS tier (bar a few like the corvus which is still a great weapon) and the mag has the same armor as the prowler.