Waterson Has Become a Nightmare As "Emerald"

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  1. Posse

    Vonic played in NNG as VS originally, just saying. As for Harvester... well, blame BWC for being BWC.

    TIW is pretty good. CoOp on the other hand... if I can pull a 8 killstreak when fighting against a CoOp squad, well, I think that says more than enough about them.
  2. miraculousmouse

    Well I started this game as NC, and only made my vanu like a month ago. The average KDR i pull on my NC is similar to my vanu though, you can check people's daily/monthly kdr on stats.dasanfall .
  3. JediNinja

    See, you're confusing OP with you're preferred play style. If you like more damage per shot then you will do better then with other play styles making it appear to be better and making its downside appear to be less of a issue. TR weapons are the best to me as I love the high fire rates, but they are, in actuality, far from the best.

    And the NC weapons are not more accurate then the VS. Actually they are the hardest to control giving the higher recoil on their guns. The NC MIGHT have predictable recoil patterns, but the VS have almost NO recoil at all. If EVERY player was a veteran then maybe you're argument would have validity, but that is not the case, there are new players and those without the same skills as the higher levels. VS weapons allow anyone to have the accuracy of a veteran player and the problem only gets worse with actual veterans.
  4. CorporalClegg

    I honestly think this is 50% because lancer and ppa let coordination become OP as ****. Once they are netfed itll be more fair.
  5. TheShrapnelKing

    He must not have been called Vonic then, cuz "Vonic" is an NC char.
  6. breeje

    i feel so bad for u
    if SOE cant fix this for u the only outcome for u will be changing servers and start over
    do not worry to start over i do this from time to time except for my main character
    all u need is a couple of hours playtime to unlock your favorite weapon and attachments
    a couple more hours to upgrade the character
    all skins, helmets and weapons u bought will transfer to your new character
    ask your friends to come to

    think of this.
    how funny would it be, a server with only spandex
    i know this is not what u want but starting over can be more fun then sticking around and curse on the VS
  7. Posse

    I mean, he didn't switch from NC to VS to join DA, he was already in NNG as VS, and besides, he made his VS character less than 2 months into the game.
  8. Jackplays17

    Yes. this needs to stop. im tired of fighting only TR because VS A) Win EVERY fight or B) are MASSIVE ********
  9. Liberty

    I really wouldn't call it poaching other players from other factions (speaking as one of those who was poached) but basically, DA fostered an environment for high level infantry play, something that didn't exist on Mattherson TR or NC. (NC had BAX, but back then it was pretty much shotgun heavy + MAXes)

    TIW has some really great players at the top, but we (I) never really see them doing anything coordinated other than showing up at a fight together. (Nothing wrong with that, and they may do op type stuff that we don't see)

    CoOP are (more) objective focused but lack the higher end talent to hold off against numbers and lack the numbers to be the TR version of GOKU.
  10. TheShrapnelKing

    I honestly don't know - they don't SEEM to but then again the NC in general doesn't try that hard anyway. I haven't fought with more than a couple of them at a base at once though, except at the Bastion a couple days a ago: they brought in more than a squad, maybe two, and by god I don't know for sure if it's comparable but it felt like having DA on your side. Took 65:35 pop for your VS buddies to take B point and start the tick down, and 75:25 pop to get A point. Never seen the NC defend like that, ever.
  11. Yuukikun

    So people should not be allowed to be more skillful than you, because it's not fun for you to lose even though you are not ready to make any effort to improve yourself. Let's punish the players who actually play the objectives instead of the casual who prefer never having to use their brain cells when they play ''to have fun''.

    Games were created and used in the antic times to teach about defeat to youngsters, and force them to think so they could overcome obstacles (aka l2p). Nowadays, most of the uneducated populace only think of games as a way to run away from reality or to ''have fun''. It is quite funny (and sad) to think that people who had to write on leather and tablets knew more about how to play (or even design) a game than our current generation.

    Where you see a nightmare, i see a great opportunity to improve myself. What i see when NC and TR fight each other and get destroyed from behind by VS is a bunch of people who run away from obstacles, which shows that they probably play video games to run away from real life problems.
  12. NoctD

    Remember a time when the TR was vastly overpop on Waterson thanks to Total Biscuit and SOE's silliness? The VS/NC banded together and did make life hard for TR.

    When will the NC/TR on Emerald wake up, learn to set their differences aside, and man up to facing the VS threat?

    True - alliances aren't perfect, but TR/NC need to start focusing on the VS threat and not run away to fight amongst themselves.
  13. Paisty

    From the TR perspective the issues with "Emerald" are pretty straight forward when you log in. If you look at the squad list there are 6 squads of AOD and 5 squads of 382. Which leaves no reason to be in a squad at all.

    As for the OP factions, I have no idea whats OP at this point, trying to stomach playing on this server as TR, has me logging off within 30 minutes.
  14. Juunro

    Now now, let's be honest here: Nothing in this game even slightly requires the use of brain cells beyond "Flank" and "Know map layout", neither of which are hard.

    It requires coordination, sure, but coordination just requires people being willing to actually listen to a commander, which is a wholly different attribute. I mean, it's not like "We haven't been able to take this base in five minutes, redeploy to a less defended one!" is grand strategy here.
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  15. Hatesphere

    In my experience fighting them, TIW are a a pain in the butt,I rate them quite highly and have a lot of fun getting my *** kicked by them. They certainly can mess up a zerg attack.
  16. Juunro

    Yeah, I love running AP tank interference for those guys. There's been a couple of times where Klypto and I have tag-teamed entire armor columns, especially in SW Indar where a Vanguard can use the trees to block LOS from aircraft and LOS from enemy zergs pushing up roads taking maximum advantage of level 4 vehicle stealth, and there isn't anything in the game that two AP/Enfrocer flanking Vanguards can't kill in less then 3 seconds.
  17. Yuukikun

    VS don't listen to commanders, we just play the way we should, and accept the fact that we need to play as a team to win. It seems hard to understand for you though. Being able to recognize that helping your teammates will improve your chance of success takes more brain cells than the typical TR and NC can use it looks like.
  18. Runegrace

    This is actually the solution right here. As long as a single population doesn't get above 50% the other two could always keep them in check. What's missing is something in the game to incentivize smaller factions to go after the leader, rather than push on each other to their mutual failure. Get something like that in place, and this effect would auto-balance a server no matter what faction is the current big dog.
  19. Juunro

    Trollololol all you like, but having played on VS? All I see is "WHY WON'T OUR MEDICS DO ANYTHING?! DO WE EVEN HAVE ENGINEERS!? DROP SOME AMMO YOU BADS" and using recursion the average KDR of average players is the same across all factions. Do you guys have more top tier players? Sure. Not arguing that. But claiming to be grand strategists because of using replodyside every time you run into a fight you can't steamroll is asanine.

    Me personally? My SPM is as low as it is because I do crazy go nuts things like sit hull down in AP Vanguards guarding AMS units or Skyguards guarding AMS units. Maybe I don't get even one single kill for 15-20 minutes, but you know what I do? I prevent that PPA mag or that HE prowler from doing what it wants. I prevent those Banshee mossies from having an easy time of it. Hell, about a third of my deaths are directly related to following shield MAX's through doorways to keep them alive in a hail of bullets for as long as possible. I also drop ammo like a mofo and when I Recon I do things like pick off Lancer nests and engie turrets, then go for Medics.
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  20. Yuukikun

    Thank you for showing how much of a waste of time trying to have an intelligent conversation with you is. Taking the vocal minority in yell/regionchat as the norm, putting words in my mouth which i have never said (''But claiming to be grand strategists because of using replodyside every time you run into a fight you can't steamroll is asanine''). You even bring in SPM, which is completely irrelevant to the discussion, and then you call me the troll? Have a nice day sir.