Waterson Has Become a Nightmare As "Emerald"

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  1. AFK1

    Emerald will be empty of human life in 2 years, if nothing is done to fix this

    The NC and the TR are quitting left and right, the ones who stay are mostly changing to VS, or going to a different server. This is exactly what I would do; if I didn't raid, I would have plenty of time to just farm the certs on a Vanu character, and play the auto-win game. Since I can't do that, I'm stuck on the NC, where we just bully the TR all day, because no one wants to even bother fighting the Vanu. That said, eventually the population will get so low on the NC and the TR, that the Vanu will have no one left to fight

    That's when the Vanu quit the game as well, leaving the server completely dead
  2. AFK1

    These responses are often the correct answer to a lot of complaints in this game, but not in this case

    I am not some random clueless lone wolf player who runs around playing the game like it's Halo. There are 2 outfits that I usually play with on the NC (depending who is online), and we've done all of this and more. When the people I prefer to play with aren't online, I'll play with whatever intelligent platoons are up and running at the time, and again, we've done every "tactic" imaginable

    The VS simply has higher population in 90% of the battles. The server population overall hardly matters, the issue is in the Vanu immediately swarming anything they want to take or defend, and the NC and TR don't have enough competent forces to match the Vanu numbers

    This is why I used the term "nightmare" - it's a horrible experience that we simply have no control over. I can't change my nightmares, I am stuck in them; similarly, I can't change the NC/TR experience on Emerald, and we are all just stuck in it. So invariably, most of the NC and TR just fight each other. A lot of the good players and outfits have quit the game, left the server, or changed to VS, which compounds the issue

    If I still played my TR character, I would not even bother logging into this game, because you just choose between getting farmed by 3:1 ratio battles by the Vanu, or getting farmed by shotgun maxes and invulnerable vanguards in any blue hex
  3. thenewbie

    If you want to have fun in large fights as NC on Emerald, then join a PHX squad, they have really organized platoons (most of the time) and are generally really fun people to hang with.
  4. Axehilt

    Did you miss the very obvious point where NC/TR players could fix this today if they stopped playing like 5 year olds? That was kinda the point of the whole post.

    Population balance is actually reasonably fine still (can't speak for 3-6am EST when I've heard VS pop does spike). So it's really all about TR/NC players choosing not to be terrible.

    If they play badly, they will lose. That's how games work.
  5. AFK1

    Read everything I've written in this thread
  6. IvanDrago

    I get tired of AOD being the "face" of the TR, making us all look useless. One of our 8-10 man Leverage squads can hold a point against two or three times our numbers and take the base with little difficulty. Its harder if TIW, DA, or AC show up but of course it is. CoOp (Co0p?) isn't that bad either, I'm sure someone has noticed them once in a while.

    VS isn't anything special if you actually step up and fight them instead of running like the pack of cowards that NC is. Hell, most of them are as bad as AOD.
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  7. AFK1

    Why would the NC "set up and fight" the VS, when it's ten times easier to just redeploy the platoon, and fight the TR?

    People are always going to take the bath of least resistance
  8. Juunro

    Friggan this. Most of the VS are absolutely awful. Just shoot them. If one of the small outfits that isn't shows up? Spam conc grenades and then shoot them.
  9. AFK1

    Most of the TR and NC are terrible as well; just like most games, the majority of the players are useless. So with roughly even overall skill across the factions, the battles are determined by population, and equipment. The VS has higher population, and better equipment
  10. CannonFodder213

    People always call the winning faction OP. I was playing my TR character and we managed to win two continents, during the fights I kept seeing people talking in /yell chat saying TR is OP and needs to be nerfed. The comments were coming from both NC and VS players ._.
  11. Juunro

    I'm not so sure. I know for a fact that compared to the NC ones, the VS carbines are, with the exception of the Serpent, generally garbage. Their default sniper and ES sniper rifle are also pretty bad.

    They get far and away the easiest to use and best default LMG; it is telling when most VS heavies, even the ones in the 90+ ranks, are using the damn things. There are competative LMG's with it, but they require large cert investments. The PPA is pretty unbalanced on live, but is getting nerfed. We'll see if its enough; I think the main problem with it wasn't what it did, but what it was mounted on. The ability to go up sheer cliffs to get places to spam it over intervening terrain like walls around bases that are specifically designed to stop armor from doing that is the real problem, imo, with the PPA.
  12. IvanDrago

    Because if you would take that platoon and deploy it against the VS in a manner that amounted to more than setting a waypoint, you could actually be useful instead of being a pointless, complaining liability for your faction. Learn how to set up in the four or five different buildings that this game uses over and over, and actually MAKE IT HARD FOR THE VS. Maybe even have people take out the sunderers, as if that is some sort of foreign concept to this game. Less than a squad can completely screw a zerg platoon if they know what they are doing.

    If that all sounds too hard for you to do, congratulations, you are quite literally part of the problem, and directly contributing to the impotence of your faction.
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  13. Juunro

    The problem then becomes that the TR doesn't really want to fight the VS either: consistently, almost every time, I see enough people coming off the TR front to stop the VS during Alerts, the TR throws all its pop into one or two battles against the NC and then pushes straight for our warpgate, allowing small VS squads to ghost-cap to victory.

    It got to the point for a while there after the merger that the NC command chat on Emerald was taking bets on how long it would be before the TR handed the VS the alert.
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  14. IvanDrago

    That would be AOD being AOD, probably.
  15. ViperMkII

    This is true, emerald NC have a serious lack of command. And when command is active, it is populated by Wisdomcube and the occasional 4th faction troll. Personally, the outfit/platoon side of the game is dead to me because of the lack of proper command.
  16. Stellus

    I have a (silly) theory. In the later days of PS1, the VS were ALWAYS outpopped. I recall at the tail end of PS1's glory days, VS consistently had 20-28% population, every day I logged in. So we competed by making sure our resources were exactly where we needed them. The CR5's were forced to cooperate in order to put up a decent fight.

    When PS2 rolled out, a number of those VS CRs carried these methods and tactics to Matherson (and subsequently Emerald). Now that the VS have equal footing in numbers, not only do we have great "awareness", we have the troops to boot.

    I have been playing since PS1 beta, and I have always seen Vanu be the smarter of the three factions.

  17. AFK1

    Well I play this game to have fun. It's an FPS, I don't log into Planetside as a simulator of running for political office, and convincing an entire server of people that I'm the right man for the job, and that they should listen to me. 10 times out of 10, I'm going to take the fun route instead, and just go farm the TR
  18. ViperMkII

    The so-called pro players flock to VS because VS = easy mode, after which the whole pro player clique mentality has swelled the number of them on VS.

    And yes, VS are easy-mode, a great many TR and VS can attest to that with the KDR of their VS alts.
  19. Posse

    The only thing that proves is that VS players on Emerald are, on average, better than NC/TR players (not to mention the top players of Emerald VS are FAR better than the top of NC/TR)
  20. TheShrapnelKing

    Only if you count the people you poached for your team whose main chars are technically on other factions, like how Harvester is TR and Vonic is NC.

    Though...well, actually, I've never fought them so I don't know. Are you implying TIW and CoOp are **** or something?