Waterson Has Become a Nightmare As "Emerald"

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  1. Hatesphere

    so guko is more connected then the TR or NC?
  2. Captain Kid

    I just fight the NC. Problem solved. Expect alerts are obviously a waste of time which is a shame.
  3. Hatesphere

    you are afraid of the VS, got ya.
  4. Brahma2

    I feel like Waterson players can't handle any population. They were so much happier with their 100 players on the server at any one time that they used to have.

    Maybe you should all just quit? Would reduce the population down to acceptable levels for the few who remain.
  5. iller

    O.P. has a point that the Vanu pretend doesn't exist.

    We've known for years now that the game's incentives and mechanics have no penalty or even interaction of any kind at the most basic level when it comes to the population balance within a specific Hex. There USED to be a tactical tradeoff to this kind of approach before the ridiculous Lattice system was implemented. But now it's the absolute worst it's ever been and completely favors only one set of preferred social playstyles. <--- which by the way, is guaranteed to ensure your game loses population every month.

    Additionally, Malorn's planned resource changes at phases 2 & 3 would not have addressed this issue because the infantry swarms are not dependent on resources and there's an even greater over-arching issue of "Ambition for territory control" having no real lasting impact on the game to begin with. -Which also ensures that the TR & NC sacrifice nothing by endlessly deathmatching eachother while alerts go ignored. Players all over the industry are wary of this shortsightedness by SOE and are panning EQN now as well, comparing it to the utterly meaningless meta of Guildwars WvW, and PS2's meta remaining broken isn't helping that fact. Both systems are now over 2 years old and are so lowly regarded that people have been falling for the ArcheAge scam just to try something different for a while.
  6. miraculousmouse

    Judging by history it's growing a pair of balls. Don't be politically correct.
  7. Brad seven

    TIL that having 40% world population means that you're better performing

    But you're right, VS have majority of population 90% of the time on emerald. I see NC, and TR win 3 or four alerts every week while VS dominate the dozens of other alerts without so much as a struggle.
  8. Frostiken

    I always know when we're winning an alert because my chat stream is full of blue and red names yelling about every single ******* thing they can to blame why they're losing.

    Oh well, at least they can't ***** about the PPA anymore. What's going to be the excuse after that?
  9. Schizomatic

    It's really not unusual to see VS have 70% pop on a hex during an alert. I see lots and lots of my guys on the map, still, and then I step outside of the spawn room and there's just purple everywhere. You kill three every spawn and there's three more in the wire the second you respawn. It may not be a TOTAL overpop problem, but VS can certainly bring the horde out to a single hex at any moment. It's like a freggen' clown car.
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  10. Hatesphere

    the clown car is only so packed full since no one else wants to put pressure on the VS most of the time.
  11. Hatesphere

    the dark camo, wait for them to say its all the camo's fault you are kicking their but in the day time and night time cycle.
  12. Frostiken

    That thing is called organization.
  13. Captain Kid

    Afraid? It's a videogame. I play those for fun.
    Playing against the VS (as an infantry only player without a clan) is not fun.
  14. Hatesphere

    to me, this translates to " I am afraid to fight VS because my lone wolf K/DR wont be what I want it to be"
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  15. breeje

    play in small groups and use guerrilla tactics
    hit and run, go some ware else and repead
    if a lot of NC/TR players play this way then the VS will have no more fun in the game,
    it will only lead to frustration
  16. xDesideratus

    But don't you know that every VS troop is basically a terminator; Indestructable killing machines that traded their capacity to feel fear for a spandex unitard?

    VS only has a notable pop advantage very late night/early morning (What is it with all servers having tons of late-night VS?), but during the day it TR and NC trade overpop and it's generally even, or near to, on primetime. There's a really simple population graph that you can google, I'd do it for you but effort.

    A lot of the issue is directly because people don't want to fight VS; Most of the time continent populations are even enough that the numbers are a 0-sum deal, if you commit (for example) 20 troops to take a base, we need to commit a more-or-less equal number for defense. So it's a pretty 1:1 thing, but if you don't push us and are lax defending, then suddenly we have all these extra troops to jam right down your throat. The solution to the perceived issue is to push and defend VS equally, and especially at defensible bases and all major facilities. If anyone can ghostcap a biolab/amp station/tech plant, regardless of faction, then you really ****ed up.
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  17. Hatesphere

    I traded my sense of dignity in the old days, fear is a useful tool.
  18. Morpholine

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  19. Axehilt

    It's a 3-faction system, so of course it's the players' fault if two factions continuously screw each other over allowing a 3rd faction to consistently win.

    VS do not have over 50% population on Emerald, so whenever TR/NC stop playing bad, the VS lose.

    Just get your faction(s) to stop playing like 5 year olds. This game isn't going to reward them victory for free.
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  20. Juunro

    Dark camo IS mildly annoying at night, but really only on Hossin. Give the VS neon purple glowy bits, I say. ;)

    But no, in all seriousness most of the VS in this thread are right: just ******* fight them. Seriously. VS on average are rocking a 0.6 KDR. You'll kill dozens and dozens of them. If they are bombarding a spawn room, spawn at the next base up the line and flank them.

    As for Alerts, they are unfortunately meaningless. They reward you hardly anything; there is little incentive to get off of a continent where you are having a good series of fights to jump into an alert on another continent. Assuming the end was even slightly even (which most primetime alerts are) you are looking at usually about 3500 exp for winning an alert, since most of those the winner winds up with 35% control. I get that with no boosts in about 4 minutes of AP tanking.

    You will (because this happened the last time I brought this up) have people saying in response to this that the best score per hour they get is during Alerts and you should care about them; they are mathematically correct; bases are flipped slightly faster due high speed redeployment during alerts, getting you the base-cap exp and that tiny amount of extra exp at the end extra. But it's still an absolutely paltry reward and hardly worth the effort.

    Hell, taking bases in general is pretty meaningless with the exception of tech plants. There is a reason almost all the big fights on Esmir wind up being on the approach to or at Eisa. The point I am trying to get across here is that there isn't particularly any good reason to do the few objectives the game actually throws at you on a strategic scale and maybe you'd see more people giving a crap if there were.
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