Waterson Has Become a Nightmare As "Emerald"

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  1. Schizomatic

    The VS don't become dominant until about 9 PM onwards, you're right. My schedule is screwed, so I end up playing past midnight, but past that point we shove the VS around like they're chew toys. There's about that 9-12 PM window where VS just runs amok.
  2. Axehilt

    Think of Planetside 2 as a boardgame. Each player gets 33 "population" pieces to attack or defend their bases.

    Game 1: Vance vs. Little Timmy vs. Little Nicky (aka 5 year olds are terrible at boardgames.)
    • Vance has a slight lead.
    • Timmy uses 20 pieces to attack Nicky.
      • Because he's 5 years old he rationalizes that Vance has the lead so he must be too strong to fight.
    • Nicky uses 20 pieces to defend
    • They use their other 13 pieces (26 total) to attack Vance
    • Vance demolishes them. How could he not? They're 5 year olds playing like 5 year olds.
      • He easily trounces their 26 pieces with his 33, and battles are so one-sided that they don't even come down to die rolls.
    • Vance easily wins the game.
    Game 2: Vance vs. Terrance vs. Nathan (aka 7 year olds are smart enough to play boardgames well.)
    • Vance has a slight lead.
    • Terrance commits 30 pieces against Vance and 3.
      • Because he's 7 he understands that attacking Vance is the obvious move.
    • Nathan does the same.
    • Vance, facing 60 pieces, loses a lot of ground.
    • A new leader emerges.
    • All players smartly array against the new leader, because they all want to win.
    • The result is a close back-and-forth game where each battle is tightly-balanced.
    So basically in 2 years when the average age of NC/TR players increases, we should expect them to stop making the mistakes of a 5 year old.
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  3. patricio_z

    In two years PS2 will be a ghost town, keep blaming the players...
  4. Alarox

    The VS are annoying but they're not gamebreaking. Get over it. This is absurd.
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  5. ajma

    Not really, the respone is "fight Vanu".
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  6. Pirbi

    I absolutely hate all the whining about VS. Sure they are spam masters and redeploy their entire faction to any fight. But the reason for that ability to redeploy isn't any tactical superiority. It's simple math. If two factions avoid fighting them, then duh they will have apparent pop to use at will. If TR over extend into NC territory then TR are basically telling VS to run the map. Same when NC do it to TR. I've deliberatly tried to help TR win an alert only to see them throw it away by failing to deploy to the VS front in favor of pushing already small NC territory. So nc can navel gaze all they want and I know they are the kings of projection, but you have another whole faction that derps as bad as they do. The good news, Waterson NC got the pop advantage and fights got boring. Winning every alert got boring. Fighting old waterson TR and NUC was more fun. Even ZOE made things interesting. So no, I'm happy we have this VS opponent.
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  7. phaelah

    It's come to my attention that anyone on this forum who complains about Emerald VS is from Waterson.
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  8. RachelGomez

    Lol no sorry. that NC high damage low rate of fire thing is actually what makes them so awesome.

    With an NC using a Gauss Saw, I need only last 3 bullets before the enemy takes cover, and they are basically screwed. There is almost no way to recover from that if you put the pressure on unless they are either an amazing player or have an amazing position.

    I play another shooter that has a similar situation. The most OP SMG in that game is OP because of the number of shots to kill, not its TTK, which is identical to most other SMGs that don't perform as well next to it.

    The same principle applies here, higher damage per bullet means you need to land less shots, so if you are even halfway accurate, the other player is screwed even if they grab cover. Either you are going to kill them or someone else is going to clean up the remnants.

    And I laugh at the accuracy thing, NC weapons are super amazing accurate.. most of the guns on the NC side have extremely predictable recoil patterns that may as well not exist. I have a hell of a time compensating for recoil on VS but on NC it's so easy it may as well not even be there.

    GG though.
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  9. Hatesphere

    I'm from waterson, I and a few of my mates switched to TR simply to fight the VS. keep generalizing though ;)
  10. phaelah

    I'm Mattherson NC two years strong what you got.
  11. Hatesphere

    I was VS all the way from Jaeger since beta, not sure what you think I "should have". or is this an NC hard mode post?
  12. xDesideratus

    #WatersonWasntReady #JusticeForBCP #NerfZOE #BringBackTheMcRib
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  13. Frostiken

  14. phaelah

    Kind of, Pretty much you deal with what you deal with. Such is life.
  15. Hasteras

    these asinine "VS Emerald" whine threads should just start getting an automatic lack
  16. EGuardian1

    No one on the NC right now is willing to take the time to assume a proper 'leadership' role faction wise. We're a loosely knit state of warring tribes with different goals in mind. Not to mention most of our outfits are either small, or supermassive.The few 'medium' sized outfits I see are the ones who actually do have the numbers/skill/awareness to put up a good fight.
  17. Jump Jets

    You are all FOOLS. The VS as a faction are not OP.
    It a combination of factors that lead to this.

    First and foremost.
    It's their desire to Zerg and Spam the (aim? why just get close weapons) and the ability to get the Mag in Place no other tank can.
    These elite player's don't really want a challenge, they just want to sit in a MAG or Harrasser and spam weapons at doorways hoping to kill or hit something they cant' even see, all the while ************ on TS.

    The second part of it is the "unlimited" resource's. This is the reason lots of players stay away from fighting the VS lately.
    This is across the board, but effectively helps the one's with the most AOE spammy weapons. The VS.

    Ex. The Usual Zerg of Vs Mag's spawn camping with PPA's. You can try to leave the spawn but you will die to PPA spam on the otherside of the door.
    So 3 options left.
    1. Spawn Room Hero
    2. Redeploy to next base and set up AV (most likely will already have some Mag's there too) the ones who don't like to spawn camp but don't have any other fights to go to as VS
    3. Redeploy to a completely different fight.

    Ok so I don't like to be a Spawn Room Hero, and I don't want to be Yellow (even though there's yellow on my Camo) <-- genius.
    So I grab a small group of people to respawn with AV at the next base. We get setup and focus fire down some Mag's. Now it takes a little longer then if it was another faction MBT because of the Evasiveness (cool faction trait im ok with it np).
    So we manage to thin the Zerg or at least we think we did. But we really didn't do anything because by the time we take out the 2nd or 3rd Mag the first one is back already.
    So now after doing this a few (hundred) times, most people will see that situation and just not even bother to try.

    The problem doesn't lie within a Faction, it's the players that choose that faction who don't want a challenge, combined with the endless resource system which allows them to Spam Tanks with Spam weapons, which in turn then disheartens those who are fighting them, and makes them find a different fight.
    You fight hard using the proper tactics, and you still feel like you did absolutely nothing.

    To me leave the weapons alone (except nerf ppa sound) and fix the damn broken resource system.
  18. libbmaster

    Jesse Ventura accurately describes emerald's NC and TR.

    Then, he goes on to explain what we could become if we actually tried.

  19. Liberty

    I think we just have different perspectives.

    *edit* Pretty sure there should be an E in there somewhere, but that might not be the only thing you missed. If you look closely you can see a group shot of GOKU partying with satan in that one building.

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  20. ronjahn

    Do we really need a new one of these threads every half hour?

    What do you propose can be done about it?

    We get it, the Emerald VS sneaks into your bedroom at night.

    Just grow a pair. I was fighting VS all morning today and I made it out alive.
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