Watch out for abusers of this nasty glitch!

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  1. TheRealMetalstorm

    has been here since GU 0. also affects libs, gives them really rapid fire suppression.
    devs have swept this under the rug, best case scenario now would be widespread abuse followed by playerbase outcry on forums (like repair glitch). Only then will the devs actually do anything. Right now, it's conveniently kept quiet.
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  2. Prudentia

    hm... im just thinking of the unlimited gateshield defuser... or atleast a way in and out when ever you want with the harrasser :D
  3. W0rthy

    Wow really, so you think it's intended for a vanguard to have 16 second invulnerability shield? Armed with that a vanguard will win any MBT vs MBT engagement it finds itself in. Seems legit..

    Your self justification for exploiting this is pretty hardcore gotta say..

    Even rudimentary deductive logic would conclude that it's clearly unintended and a bug since by lack of forethought the utility cooldown is tied to the driver/pilot/player instead of to the vehicle instance.

    Would seem like solving the problem is pretty straight forward aswell. ^ Coding it might be a bit more tricky but atleast it's obvious what needs to happen.

    Thanks metalstorm for bringing it to peoples attention, those abusing it clearly had no intention of letting anyone know about something they have been exploiting since day one... OH SORRY i mean consider reasonable use of ingame mechanics. Amidoingitrite?

    Atleast now people can spot it and report it with video documentation for those doing it, till there's enough reports for it to get SOE's attention.
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  4. Morti

    Sure lets thin out planetsides already dying populace by banning anybody who has ever abused a bug.

    I know for a fact a bazillion TR on miller would be gone from shelling spawn rooms at "sweet spot" distance where shields don't render but infantry do.
  5. TheRealMetalstorm

    >planetside2 is dying
    >don't ban exploiters
    >i'm the bad guy for asking the community to watch out for exploiters

    while we're on it why don't we offer a 50% discount on aimbots so new people will find it easier to join the game
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  6. Morti

    comparing fixable bugs to aimbots is ******** and you should feel ******** having said that.

    the bugs exist because of soe's crap coding, and if they were to ban everybody who's been reported for "exploiting" a bug we'd be down hundreds of players easily.

    and this isn't 4chan, your green text doesnt make you cool
  7. Kaon1311

    If a games company grew some balls and banned people for cheating and exploiting bugs, that company would never lose my business, and im sure many here would feel the same.

    So they lose a few hundred players who have been cheating bug abusing etc, good riddance to them. There should be a name and shame board where people who have been proven to use cheats and banned should have their names in lights, not just crawl away to another game.

    If they did this, im sure they would gain more people back who have left and maybe even new players.

    Most people can put up with bugs and glitches etc, but throw cheaters and bug abusers (with bugs that have been in since launch) into the mix, and you can kiss the game goodbye.
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  8. Silver Fox

    Using your logic I could say that since the county hasn't gotten around to putting speed limit signs on my street, I have a free license to do 100 mph in my residential area, and if I get caught I shouldn't be held responsible. Amazing.

    Threads like this raise awareness of bugs and exploits, and will hopefully lead to these things being fixed. Why would you not want that?
  9. Morti

    I have no problem with SoE banning people who intentionally circumvent set barriers to exploit the game.

    Banning people who have accidentally discovered something that shouldn't exist within the game is terrible.

    How is SOE going to distinguish between these two types of people?
  10. Hoki

    GSD only works once every 8th usage anyways
  11. TheRealMetalstorm

    4chan isn't the origin of greentext. it's not even called greentext outside of 4chan. 4chan is a cesspit of horrible things that should not be mentioned. i am highly disappointed in you if the first thing you think of when you see what you call "green text" is 4chan. it's an excellent way to sarcastically put your point across, and it seems like it might have been rather effective. Succinct and to the point, it is truly worth every bit of worship that i give it. o lawd, praise be had

    where am I trying to be cool?

    anyway, let me get this straight:
    You don't want to ban exploiters because you are concerned about the size of the playerbase?

    Let me break it down for you.

    If you think that banning the exploiters will cause a significant impact on the playerbase in terms of player count, then naturally the fraction of players who are exploiting glitches must be rather significant. Are you telling me that you would prefer a game environment in which a large fraction of the playerbase freely abuses exploits without fear of the banhammer? Instead of a smaller community of clean, rule-abiding gamers?
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  12. Mechlord

  13. Prudentia

    with a full sundy you have 12 tries... ;)
  14. zombieslore

    Guys thanks a lot for shouting it out for the goddam vast majority, like for gos sake, i didn’t know about this and I can tell you that a good number of people didn’t know about this to, OP has made this worse then better by just saying that, like you’ve just said, HEY EVERYONE, HERES A COOL GLITCH THAT WILL PROBERBLY MAKE YOU WIN AGAINST MOST PEOPLE. Like don’t just put it on the furoms saying that, you’ve caused more harm then worse cause now a god chunk of people now about this and then it’s going to spread by wildfire.
  15. Loui5D

    Inb4 everyone reports good lib crews.
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  16. TheRealMetalstorm

    step 1: warn
    step 2: ban

    ta ta
  17. Delnar_Ersike

    That's the point. The more people start using it, the more SOE is pressured to fix it.

    Would you rather have a ton of people start using it for the next 5 days, then have it hotfixed by SOE, or have a small amount of players use it continuously for the next year?
  18. zombieslore

    You method of solving problems are flawed, solving this glitch is harder then you think, and at SOE current rate of solving things, then it'll be really slow (I.E the famous stiker ignoring terrain since striker lauch day), and since there is so many other more important glitches and bugs to fix then this. Your saying hey lets smoke more weed, and then the police will notice it more often and will go after the dealer, your causing more trouble by doing this.
    And fixing this bug is really hard as you got to make it put on planetside servers instead clientside but thats stupid as it'll cause major performance issues, it's hard to solve this problem without causing more problems.
  19. Being@RT

    ...if only we had some guarantee that SOE fixes it quickly.. :eek:
  20. Delnar_Ersike

    Your comparison doesn't make sense. This is a bug, a glitch, an unintended software operation, not a complicated societal issue; and for a bug, glitch, vulnerability, whatever you call it, this tactic is standard issue and has been pretty much ever since white hat hacking has existed (I'd say early 1990's, read the wiki page if you're interested).

    This also doesn't compare to the Striker-clips-through-terrain glitch, as well-meaning Striker users don't intentionally opt for their weapon to be like that. Abusers of this bug intentionally choose to play in an unfair manner. As a result, whereas the Striker bug might be high priority, this one is severe priority.

    What developer in their right mind would not do so? Once again, that's the point of all this: the more visibility a vulnerability gets, the more the software developer is pressured to fix it, by both existing and potential customers.
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