Warpgate Rotation in GU07?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Arbite, Apr 18, 2013.

  1. Arbite

    I was under the impression, apparently wrongly, that the warp gates were going to be rotated with each Game Update? What happened to that? Because I'm still down in the butt crack of Indar as TR and that's what I was most looking forward to in this game update.
  2. ShopTrain

    I was just gonna look for a thread on this. But yeah, I thought we were gonna change warpgates. I personally dislike the Northern Warpgate because it's easy to get warpgates by both factions, bad scenery, and too bases to defend.
    I wanna go back to the original Vanu warpgate. :(
  3. Teegeeack

    I want SE again :(
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  4. Pikachu

    Original wargates were the best. :)
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  5. razgriz417

    O wow, completely forgot about that, yea I thought we swapped WGs every month?
  6. AnotherNoob

    They didn't this update though.
  7. ShopTrain

    I thought the NC didn't like their original warpgate. I didn't mind the SE Warpgate, I thought it was easier to defend. I always found it fun to fly through all those cliffs too.
  8. Arbite

    I hope we get some word on why this didn't happen and when we can expect it to change.
  9. Zakuak

    Original WG for one last switch then keep em there please :D
  10. Ganelon

    They didn't do it for GU6 either. Probably want TR to stick in the worst warpgates as our population didn't tank as much as it did with VS and NC.
  11. blzbug

    "Best" and "Worst" Indar warpgates depend alot on your faction population.
    On Helios, TR is lowpop; typically 25%. The North and SouthEast warpgates are ok. The SouthWest WG is horrible. There are no infantry resources around the gate. Unless you own Allatum, your infantry income is +22. Useless. With Allatum, you are up to +50. But Allatum is near the center and is always under contention by all 3 empires. Very hard to hold as a low pop empire. On Helios, NC is in the SW corner. Not a problem for them; they usually sit at 38% pop.
  12. ShopTrain

    I honestly believe that they forgot, with all the stuff the Update included. Or they are probably saving it for a patch.
  13. Arbite

    So you think the warpgate position is a direct ploy to affect population numbers? "VS need the most help, so let's keep them in what is considered to be the best warp gate." sort of thing? That's an interesting idea, but a little underhanded manipulation.
  14. Scorch Draken

    Well this is disappointing, I was expecting to have a new warpgate, I get on, and it's still the one we had for two months
  15. Gary

    Apparently they forgot to rotate the warpgates meaning VS keep the best warpgate on Indar (most populated continent) whilst getting reskinned to what is easily a huge advantage and getting buffs to all of the weapons with the removal of increased damage drop off along with buffed magriders... Clearly they are not attempting to buff up the VS population..
  16. P4NJ

    Looks like another two weeks of getting camped by Vanu AA MAXes here on Ceres.
  17. TintaBux

    Its easier to get warpgated in the SE wapgate, Northern one is easier to expand and own most of Indar.
  18. Arbite

    Comon, RadarX. Be a fella and give us a little insight.