Warpgate rotation anounced in GU04?

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  1. shadowkhat

    why not stop doing stupid **** to help with the meta game and just add back cap locks... it was taken out because there was only one continent and the fights were actually fun you had to move through the bases.... now people just fight at select bases and ignore all others its BORING and why i haven'y loged on in a week or longer... the game is boring, zero reason to defend bases, 90% of people either farm the crown or one of two biolabs rashnu, allatum... the other two continents are there just for whatever faction wants to ghost cap so they have a resource pool when they zerg on indar. add back 1 hour cap locks.... make us move from base to base instead on sitting at one single base.
  2. XRIST0

    Yeah i love the canyons , warpgate rotation is good . Bit of scenery change is good for everybody .
  3. Beartornado

    That could be it. That being said, I've found myself always having a bountiful supply on resources during my time at the Northern warpgate. It was more of a struggle when we were on the Southeast warpgate.
  4. TeknoBug

    If TR gets suck canyon, prepare for warpgating and camping the Crown even MORE because of it.

    PS- I don't think VS on Matherson has ever been warpgated during the SE location and TR has been WG'd in the SW more often than even NC were when they were in SE.
  5. Morpholine

    I can only recall resources being an issue after both TR and NC (with their 80%+ combined population at the time, on Connery) had kept us near-warpgated for a while.

    Of course, I'm not an especially heavy user of resources in general, and the membership mitigates that effect further.
  6. Kwanza

    NOPE because they added a bridge to CFR almost completely negating the advantage of north gate D:
  7. Arreo

    Horray! I can use my grass camo!
  8. 01101010

    Silly people fighting on Indar. Why would you keep hamstringing yourselves. Get out and see the rest of the world.

    I look forward to being up in the Northwest on Amerish. :)
  9. RobotCriminal

    As a VS player just coming off the SE warpgate, I didn't really think it was as bad as made out to be (though I did miss our grass :p).

    The canyons actually seemed to give some advantage when I was playing a scythe and we were fighting in that area as it gave a lot of ways to duck in and out and dodge lock-on rockets.

    I will enjoy mixing it up however, and the north does have a big advantage in that the Indar grand canyon makes it a lot harder to get warpgated when you are capping (IE, from crater firing range to Alkali mining/Camp Connery or vice versa).
  10. Gaarthar

    how do you expect to see that , if prowler was nerfed in the same patch and 4th empire will move from TR anyway ?
    i do agree WG location is a major reason , though.
  11. Morpholine

    When I regularly log in to 17% global population in early prime-time, I don't give one rat's behind why people are moving, I only hope it's to my side of the equation.
  12. Farlion

    I really don't get the fuzz about the SE Warpgate. Why anyone would change factions over that is beyond me.
  13. Gaarthar

    i dont see how your coment has anything to do with seing or not seing if X is the cause.
  14. Cleaver

    This. Canyons are great cover when you're an ESF/Lib.
  15. Morpholine

    The guy you quoted was me.

    Edit: Nice edit.

    In response and for Connery in particular, if NC population (which rose about the same rate and timeframe as VS dropped) drops somewhat, we'll know at least a portion of the reason was the assigned warpgate position.

    It's true the TR changes muddy the waters some, but if any TR out there are really honest, the changes that have hit their tank (that were not also applied to almost all other splash damage sources) really are about as gentle as the 50 meter per second drop in the Saron projectile (i.e. minimal overall).
  16. Zeek

    SE is the funnest side to play from! North is a boring flat desert and I don't recall ever experiencing any fun major battles in the SW.
  17. Fligsnurt

    The VS have been WG'd down there a few times, only prior to the server merge when I have been online and definately not during primetime hours. And the TR get WG'd so much because both NC and VS focus the TR more often then the other. I think it may be due to a certain outfit on the TR or it could be because the TR sure love Tawrich, VS love Peris, and the NC love Allatum but who knows. lol
  18. Gaarthar

    was my bad. still your quote was out of topic
  19. RobotCriminal

    Hmm, just noticed the new bridge at Alkali/crater firing range. Can't say that was a bad idea since it was dumb as hell before not being able to cross those two hexes but it does negate some of the north advantage (that canyon was basically impassable previously).
  20. AmitPwnz

    I hate the new TR warpgate, it might be great for ESFs but it makes it hard for tanks and infantry because now it takes longer to get to places while the other warpgates' area is "wide open".