Warning : game isn't dying, it's in a F.UCKlNG COMA

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  1. Johannes Kaiser

    I think the focus on outfits is good, but it would have been way better to take literally any other approach to this than "zerg or else".
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  2. TRspy007

    .......that's nowhere close to what I said. Did you even read anything before switching off your brain?
  3. JibbaJabba


    Can't speak much for the others but emerald is fine, typically has 3 continents open on primtime. 2 of the 3 at high and relatively even pop.

    And yeah spitties are already pulled off and replaced with something that sounds like a fantastic idea.

    Anhwhoo. Don't let the proverbial door smack you on the way out, Negative Nancy.
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  4. NotziMad

    (I know you guys may have a side conversation about prime time and so my quote may be irrelevant, but just in case :) )
  5. icufos

    All I know is on my steam list are maybe 100+ games and every evening I play Planetside 2.
    Why? Because it's unique and ******* brilliant.:D
    Love all the new ideas.
  6. Hoothers

  7. KingSnuggler

    Only engineers should have aux spitfires period but even now they are removing it , wasting peoples merits who bought it.
  8. Gutseen

    Thats EXACTLY whats gonna happen, and it is. RIGHT NOW
  9. BorgUK1of9

    What I wouldn't give for some new or changed maps, its so repetitive.
  10. Goodkat

    I just started again after years away. I brought two friends with me as well. One of them brought a new person. We are working on two more. The game is more fun than I remember it being and I am glad to be back. These are just anecdotes, but there they are.
  11. NotziMad

    wb :)

    This may seem ironic, actually it is ironic, so, ironically, there are quite a few things that have changed that you can really only notice after playing for a while, so it's possible that you'll notice these later.

    (for example, Esamir is worse than it was. Today, on Esamir, Southern warpgate ALWAYS wins because the NW and NE warpgates spend all their time in Mani biolab. That's the kind of thing you might not immediately notice.)

    Also, prime time is relatively healthy. I mean, as far as the game's health is concerned, its doing ok at prime time. This thread was focused specifically on the 20 other hours outside of prime time. So if you only play at prime time, you might not notice this kind of thing.
  12. BamaRage

    Lol, your a funny guy, guess you love the zergfit...lmao