WARNING: Do NOT Delete ANY Characters!

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  1. hawken is better

    They supposedly fixed it a few GUs ago. It was in one of the patchnotes.
  2. Eudorus

    I deleted a character last week but I wasn't aware of this bug. My other characters are still intact so I guess it is fixed for sure. I'd go ateship crazy if I lost my main character after all the certifications and station cash I've invested in it. I'm curious of the op and others that lost their characters...did you get them back yet?
  3. Cowabunga



    Ninja-Necro - Well job sir.
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  4. Oreo202

    To be honest, this is a thread that should probably still exist. Just because something was in the patch notes does not mean it was fixed (IE, triple/double loading screen).
  5. Luighseach

    From what I have read on other thread they can't do that very well either...

    but hey I'm lucky I have no had any problems so far.
  6. Eudorus

    thank you Oreo. :)

    I didn't know that posting 10 hours after the last post was considered ninja necro. I also appreciate full page pics to get your point...er, I mean, opinion noticed.