WARNING: Do NOT Delete ANY Characters!

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Collateral, Mar 29, 2013.

  1. Tungsten

    Im guessing no one got reimbursed with the new patch while we weren't looking?
  2. NightmareP69

    OH GOD! I deleated my TR on miler so i can play on the US servers while the EU ones are down. I hope i didnt lose my main VS character because of this. If i did I'll most likely quit PS2 forevet
  3. Naceo

    Well, the good news is that a fix for this is listed in the GU6 patch notes.

    Uhh... I don't blame anyone if they don't want to test it.
  4. Taemien

    Don't see why character restoration wouldn't be possible by SOE. I deleted an EQ character back in 2004 and was able to have it restored last year, 8 years later. Didn't think it would be possible but their customer service surprised me.
  5. toxs

    scary stuff
  6. Collateral

    My issue has been forwarded to a "support manager". That was three days ago, still waiting to hear anything. God forbid they should hurry..
  7. SgtScum

    I'm sure the overworked and understaffed support staff will read this comment and put your ticket ahead of everyone else's. :p
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  8. RadOrangeJuice

    My issue has not been forwarded to anybody.. read my thread know my story.. after +3 support tickets no help and satisfaction..

    I would love to have my character back, thank you..
  9. RadOrangeJuice

    I have already sent 2 more tickets requesting to connect me to higher up so that I can get the "bug" on the spot light. But got nothing out of it..
    My problem is that I played the game for free hence they can't get me compensation by returning SC, But I was about to spend cash for SC on the game before the Incident occurred. it looks like that won't be happening anytime soon though. Another problem I have is that I don't live in the states or U.S. I may say, but rather in the Philippines which is mile away..

    A character restore for me would be the only compensation I would like to see,I wouldn't even ask for "cert" compensation for the time my character spent Offline..
    if I did actually spent money on the character I would say "Keep the money Just give me back my character the way he was"

    Money comes and goes, But Time only goes one direction..

    If nothing is done about my situation like just restoring my character I believe the progress I made with the time I spent was just a waste, I'm marginally glad I hadn't spent any SC on the account before the incident.

    anyway thanks Collateral for suggesting that I send a ticket again..
  10. YeOldeSammich

    They wouldn't be as overworked if they actually took the damn time to DO THINGS THE PROPER WAY. They'd probably cut down the amount of tickets they get too if they just took the extra minute and did the extra step. In the long run people would be happy and more money would probably go their way.
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  11. SgtScum

    You have no clue about game design and implementation do you?
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  12. YeOldeSammich

    They don't do things properly the first time around. Why else are there so many problems every time a new patch rolls out?
  13. Lyrencropt

    Programming a game with millions of lines of code (such as PS2 or any modern large-scale game) isn't a matter of "do it once and do it right". There -will- be bugs, it's simply a matter of handling them as quickly and effectively as possible. You can argue that SOE does a bad job of this (and I'd agree with you there, they change far too many things that don't need changing) but it's not as simple as "taking that extra step".
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  14. Littleman

    I sincerely doubt customer support and the bug hunt teams are the same people. He was griping about customer support, not the developers of Planetside 2.
  15. SgtScum

    Ok, I'll take that as a no.
  16. xboxerdude

    An ounce of prevention is a pound of cure, but they are just amazed by twitter, ps2 is secondary. All hail the all knowing twitter
  17. YeOldeSammich

    Sure because you're some all knowing wizard -note sarcasm-
  18. RadOrangeJuice

    everything's fine for the people for weren't affected and never will be because of the supposed fix..

    BUT! what of us? the ones who lost our progress in the game because of the BUG??
    what those S.O.E. and the game DEV's have to say about that??
  19. Tungsten

    I think the motto is: dont talk about it and hope it goes away. Which to credit them might work.
  20. jrDetective

    Have they fixed this yet because i'm not sure if i'm using the right account or if this has happened to me.