WARNING: Do NOT Delete ANY Characters!

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  1. DoomMaze

    Yes I'm sure you would be so understanding if you deleted an alt character and your main got deleted. You then get told by SOE that there is no way to restore your character, even though SOE knew about this bug 2 months ago and it still hasn't been fixed. Even worse is the fact that there has been no warning about the bug at the character delete screen.

    Its not the end of the world I know...its only a game after all, but character restoration is such a basic function to protect players time investment, SOE have been developing MMOG for over a decade, its unbelievable (with their experience) that they don't have character restoration in their newest release.

    Anyway...it wasn't really my main point about how reassuring it was, its the fact that no mention has been made as to whether they intend to have character restoration at some point. Once they have that, it doesn't really matter too much whether they have definitely fixed the bug or not, if it still crops up once in a while they can just restore the character

    I'm not a SOE hater, I think the devs do a great job and they take a lot of s*** on these boards, so I don't particularly like adding to it, however I do think this whole situation is totally unacceptable imo
  2. PS2Freak

    no mention has been made as to whether they intend to have character restoration at some point.

    can developers please respond on this. ?? is it on roadmap at some point ?

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  3. RadOrangeJuice

    I second this ^^^
    I would love to hear what they're gonna do for the people who lost their characters..
  4. RadOrangeJuice

    what off the people who lost their character? I opt. for a character restore..
  5. Collateral

    I'm going to continue bumping this thread untill the issue is officially resolved. I'd also like some clarification on how SOE are planning on compensating effected customers. My patience is starting to wear thin.
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  6. Phrygen

    wow... i've deleted at least 100 characters...

    i'm lucky i guess
  7. Anti-Skub

    Bump for this thread. Do something about this SOE. It's your fault they lost all the time they invested in the game and it's your responsibility to fix it for them. If you can't restore their characters give them a years worth of premium for free and 30k SC on top of anything they had originally bought. If that was me that is a modest estimate of what my character is worth to me.
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  8. RadOrangeJuice

    bumping this to get a response.. please check out my other threads and try to support me get back my character..
  9. SheerTorcher

    Thanks for the warning! Just when I think "this is the most egregious oversight a running game could include and still make money" something tops it! I'll hold off on deleting a toon to try a new server.
  10. Tilen

  11. Phrygen

    for awhile i was just making characters, flying a mossie/reaver until it crashed, and then when i died i would just delete the character, make the charcter with the exact same name, and then relog in and fly again. This was before VR, and helped me learn to fly a bit, since i was so bad at it before. Then for awhile i would do "hardcore" runs, where i would use a character for as long as i could without dying, and then deleted it once i did, and see how many kills/points i got. Was fun for awhile.

    If you look up my character phrygen on players.planetside2 you will see there are like... 10 left over "phrygens" on "unkown worlds" that i have deleted.

    I used a few different names for it.
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  12. Oheck

    I deleted one character and luckily didn't have this issue. But I'm definitely behind those that are asking for not only their SC back, but the certs. Certs represent hours of gameplay invested to get them. And to a gamer that is quite important..that is our time invested in our characters. SC won't replace that.

    So there isn't any information left behind from a deleted character? No logs, data base information..nothing?
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  13. Collateral

    There actually hasn't been any confirmation on that what so ever, support seem to dance around the question and won't provide a straight answer. It's a frustrating situation to say the least.
  14. Arquin

    I read some reddit post on the link which led to this thread that you CAN get it back, but you have to go through a gazillion hoops with the customer support and it takes like 2 weeks of nagging.
  15. Tilen

    Wow. Just wow. In other words: WAT
  16. Phrygen

    so much judgement! :confused:
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  17. Sov21

    I was just thinking of deleting my BR 1 alts...glad I didn't
  18. Tilen

    I tend to judge things by facts presented. So do all of human kind. It's what makes us work.
  19. SokarGoldberg

    They keep track of everything that collitions on the server for their statistics but they dont do simple character backups? WTF!

    IF it is a known issue: Why don't they deactivate the Delete Character Button in the Ingame-Interface?
  20. Collateral

    That's the million dollar question right there!
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