WARNING: Do NOT Delete ANY Characters!

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  1. Goretzu

    Certainly would be a horrible thing to have happen.
  2. Poacher

    Happened to me to. Meh......still had my SC purchased stuff so I just started over......kinda like Prestige in COD. It is fun starting over with a lot of good weapons at level 1. Having fun spanking >level 50's with a lowbie toon. I don't have time to grind out all the certs for everything so I always use SC to buy weapons and use certs to upgrade them. I can understand the frustration, but starting over for me renewed my interest. I am no COD fan but perhaps SOE should consider special purchasable armor aesthetics/decals for topped out toons that want to start over at level 1.
  3. TSR AlexS Customer Service

    Hey guys! I have added this to my report and I will make sure I escalate your feedback to the appropriate team. I promise to keep you posted.
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  4. Bape

    Weird i deleted my vs and my extra nc and my main isn't deleted thank god I guess ill be sure no to delete my TR one :).
  5. RadarX

    Folks to clarify and update this thread, what a very few people have experienced is a rare (and nasty) bug. I just got an update a few minutes ago and we believe the issue has been identified and should be resolved in the next update.
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  6. Eyeklops

    It would be much nicer if SOE could just say "don't worry we have a backup, you won't lose much...."
    HINT: That should be a goal, even after this bug is thought to be fixed.
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  7. Tungsten

    Does that mean that the people who have had their characters deleted will receive compensation other than SC refunds? To clarify i am asking if characters will be reinstated or certs will be refunded.

    Because i actually thought the deletion process was fixed when the delete button was taken down. But apparently not. So has anything changed at all? Trying to downplay this certainly does not make me feel better.
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  8. MangoPunch

    What about the people who already lost their characters? Will they be getting them back or are they pretty much screwed?
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  9. Collateral

    So for those of us that have experienced this bug, can we expect some form of compensation? I've gathered from SOE support that a character restoration is out of the question, so other than refunding SC is there any plans to compensate effected customers?
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  10. Tungsten

    This is a quote from TSR JESSE on January 20th on the other thread about the same issue.
  11. Erik

    Really? That sucks. I've probably deleted 15 characters at least as I hop around to different factions and servers with out any hick ups.
  12. GTGD

    How did this game launch without any way to restore a character? How did this game go 5 months without a way to restore a character?
  13. Josh Developer

    Specifically on the deletion issue: we identified what we think is the cause of this issue and have put a fix in that should ensure that you only delete the character intended. Should go live next week with GU06.
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  14. Twitch760

    A character restore should be a very easy process of going to the last backup made. Kinda worries me if I lost my character to a simple DB corruption I'd probably go ape **** nuts.
  15. GTGD

    A better question is how does it even work? Do they even save character information on their servers?
  16. Rogueghost

    I feel very lucky, I deleted over 4 alts since launch and my mine is still safe and sound.
  17. DoomMaze

    tbh its not very reassuring to hear that you have only identified what you "think" is the problem? If you haven't got it right some unlucky people are going to have their characters deleted without knowing the bug exists and also without knowing that you cant restore their character.

    That's the thing that I find jaw dropping unbelievable, with all the years of MMOG experience that SOE have, character restoration wasn't included in the design of PS2 from the start. I mean, lets face it, backing up stuff isn't exactly rocket science, most MMOG have that ability. Trying to weave it into a finished product might be difficult, but it should already be there!!

    Perhaps you could give us an idea when you will have the ability to restore characters?
  18. fractalmoe

    You obviously have never worked in customer service before. Give it a rest. You under commit and over deliver. You never say you're 100% certain you fixed the problem until you actually see the proof of it, which won't happen until the game update. Hate to defend SOE because they're a giant corporation but this mob mentality has to end.
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  19. AltF4Fun

    Well,this thread is not about me,and no one really cares in here.Rather for you to post something useful,you just post things about how stupid other people are in here.I just want to know that my data is save.If youre some kind of blind team SOE member who trusts them blindly,good for you.I just wanted to point out how easy it is to transfer data from server to server for example with cPanel Remote Backup.All these options to transfer data have not more than 5 steps usually.I never claimed the problem they seem to have with the backups is easy for them to fix.
  20. PS2Freak

    some words on character restoration, will it be added to PS2 as option in case of cases @Devs ?

    time invested [ character progression ] must be backuped in database somehow somewhere. for case of cases